How the Codmother Deals with “Bad” Yelp Reviews

1334 U Street, NW

@mcbyrne tweets us the photo above on Saturday afternoon:

“Ha ha @Yelp reviews coming to life.”

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  • Spring and Sprout in Glover park did the same thing. You’d think the response would be, to, you know, try to make the food better.

    • I think if they felt the review was in any way accurate they would address is appropriately . For instance if they had received more than one complaint on the Guacamole. Sometimes (not always) Yelp reviewers are just Deuschebags. They choose rather than let it get to them to have fun with it. The one problem I can see with it is encouraging bad yelp reviews as people just try to make the sign.

    • justinbc

      This was in response to some idiot who had confused their mushy peas with guacamole. The food at Codmother is perfect for what it’s trying to be.

  • The “guacamole” is really a side of mushy peas served with the fish & chips, which is the perfect meal when it’s late at night and you’ve had 4-5 PBR+rail bourbon combos. It’s a relic of the bar’s early days (~2011) when it was trying to brand itself as a British punk rock pub. IIRC, it used to confuse a lot of customers (then again, did anyone ever wonder why the heck you’d serve guacamole with fried fish and fries?)

    • guac sounds way better to me than mushy peas, regardless of what it’s being eaten with.

      • sounds or tastes? have you ever head mushy peas?

        • I am not the OP of that comment, but I would agree that guac would be better than mushy peas regardless of the situation. I have had them (at the Brixton) and did not care for them at all, but I also generally do not like peas and happen to love everything avocado. Different strokes for different folks.

  • I find Yelp reviews to be not be very useful. I get the sense that Yelp is a vehicle for passive-aggressive ninnies who didn’t get everything they wanted just the way they wanted it or had a miscommunication with the waiter. Also, looking at hotel and apartment reviews, I have found so many claims of bedbugs, etc. that I suspect that there is some often tale enlargement going on.

  • the place is great – good prices – good vibe – great bartender- so sad that a guy is so dumb ( or drunk ) that the cannot distinguish what he is eating.
    Rumor is that the upstairs has a new owner and is changing away from a sports bar.

  • Clever indeed .

  • Which is why I always read the actual yelp reviews instead of looking at peoples star ratings.

    My favorites are the “Went on a Saturday night without reservations and had to wait 2+ hours for a table – 1 star but the food was great…..”

  • I think it’s poor form to mock your customers. Especially since, if you read some of the other Yelp reviews, a lot of people are apparently unfamiliar with mushy peas. And people who don’t know what the restaurant serves aren’t going to get the joke anyway (I didn’t know it was a fish-and-chips pub and never would have guessed the reference was to mushy peas).

    • I think it’s a growing trend for restaurants to embrace the ridiculous of yelp rather than run from it. Look at Toki Underground, they don’t shame people who write poor reviews or send bad tweets, all they do is re-tweet them. That’s usually enough to magnify the stupidity enough to diffuse any damage that might be done by the review.

    • Disagree. I am perfectly fine with my neighborhood joint heckling clueless Yelp reviewers who stumble in, don’t inform themselves of what they’re eating, and then proceed to trash the place online. More businesses need to grow a backbone and call out some of these hack “Elites”. The customer isn’t always right; sometimes the customer is an entitled jackass who deserves public ridicule.

  • For its anniversary Cantina Marina had a sign made of some of their more amusing Yelp reviews. The title on the sign is something like, “10 Years of P**sing People Off”

  • “…(I didn’t know it was a fish-and-chips pub and never would have guessed the reference was to mushy peas)… ” The place is called ‘Cod Mother’ Did you think they were known for their Tacos?

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