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  • That paint job could have gone so wrong, but instead went so right! Kudos to the owners of that house for choosing those gutsy colors that look great.

  • Bold decision with the paint, but it looks great!

  • Whoa, I love that.

  • That looks so fantastic. I deeply deeply wish our city streets featured building after building covered in a broad range of different colors and hues, versus the intensely drab and boring blocks defined by the colors of masonry and concrete and such, as well as “tastefully” painted homes every once in a while.

    A drive coursing up or down 14th Street NW would be an entirely different and awesome experience.

  • The color combination seems a bit garish to me, but I seem to be in the minority on this thread.

  • i live on this block and there are MUCH better houses to feature than this one – the base color is great but the trim just ruined it, but the colors are the least of this houses’ problems. Let’s talk about the front door: the owners wanted to widen the front door but the old, Victorian, beautifully crafted brick eye brow above the front door wasn’t made for something wider, so instead of CENTERING the new/wider door, they just removed bricks from ONLY THE LEFT SIDE, which included a great ribbon piece – so the door is no longer centered above the brow – AND the hinges on the outside door are on the opposite side as the inside door – what shotty construction with no regard for curb appeal. PoP could have done better, how disappointing.

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