House of the Day


Here’s the cool old Georgetown house from 26th and P St, NW. From Black Georgetown Remembered:

“Former site of the good Samaritan Hall (Briggs Hall) at 1514 26th Street. This building was used by the black community until the 1940s as a place of worship and meetinghouse. It is now a private residence.”


Check out the old stone on the side:


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  • I once looked at an apartment in that house. You would always be able to find anything you dropped on the floor, it sloped so steeply that anything would slide to one side of the room (also good for doing Achilles stretches!). I also liked the 3rd floor door to nowhere, which had no lock. I had visions of my guests walking out that door, looking down, and then plunging 30 feet a la the Roadrunner.

  • When was it built?

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