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  • Nooooooooooooo! The last four months were the best four months.

  • I am so glad to no longer live in an area where they have this. Such a pain having to move from one side of the street to the other twice a week. The streets were never that ‘dirty’ . Why not just once a month?

    • Ha. If they went to once a month I guarantee there would be people saying that the streets are too dirty, why not move to once a week. I mean they’d save money but our city would be dirtier.

    • If you live on a street without sweeping chances are you live in a very residential area and there may not be that much need. For anybody living near a commercial zone or along a bus line, or even with corner stores, there absolutely is a need once a week. We have a bodega a couple of blocks up from us, and during these 4 months little trash dunes form at the base of retaining walls and in driveways. I’m picking up street trash twice a week from around our property.

    • My street is so litterbug-plagued that even a day after one side of the street has been swept, there’s already a new crop of bottles, cans, snack wrappers, etc. Very dispiriting.

    • I wish we had street sweeping in my neighborhood! I’m so tired of shuffling through trash every day on my walk home and am tired of picking up trash from our front yard. It’s one of the main reasons I’ll be moving out my neighborhood soon.

  • do they ever tow? or just issue a ticket?

    • Oh yes, they tow. And if you’re lucky, they tow you to one of the other neighborhood streets.

      $30 ticket for being on the wrong side of the street
      $100 (around there) for the courtesy tow

    • i was out of town for work and forgot to give my car key to my neighbor to move it once. i got “courtesy towed” to a metered spot on another block. $100 for the tow, $30 for the initial ticket and subsequent $35 tickets till i figured out what the hell had happened.

      contested it and tickets were upheld. not sure how they can ticket me for not paying a meter they towed me to- but DC gov is DC gov. because our “state” income tax isnt already one of the highest in the country and all…

      needless to say i do not find the towing very courteous. they dont always tow- kind of when they feel like it, or when im out of town 😛

      • The same flippin’ thing happened to me!!

        And it shall be renamed the “Discourteous Tow”…

      • My worst tow was from my private apartment parking lot because my landlord hadn’t sent me an updated tag for my rearview mirror. I had left town for the weekend and came home to a $350 fee to get my car from the tow company.

        • My worst tow is from VA….from my PRIVATE townhouse in front of my house for having an expired inspection sticker (looked like 1 month (it was February and the tag said January, but it was actually only ~2 weeks). I still believe the townhouse company was getting kick backs from the towers

      • Same thing happened to my GF. They towed her to a metered spot on Georgia Ave, even though there were plenty of available un-metered spots nearby on the side streets. She was very upset (she thought the car had been stolen).
        $30 fine my ass! More often than not, you will be towed.

  • I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was ever any evidence of sweeping! I find it depressing to move my car right back onto the same matted leaves and trash that never seems to go anywhere.

    • This is so true. I have lived on my block for nine years and I can count the number of times we’ve been swept on one hand. But God forbid you leave your car in the “sweeping zone” on Wednesday morning. The Traffic Enforcement buzzards are out in force, while sweepers are nowhere to be seen. It’s a total scam.

  • As annoying as I find it to move my car back and forth, I’m happy street sweeping is coming back. In the past couple of weeks I’ve really noticed how dirty the streets have gotten. I live in a high volume area so it’s much needed right now!

  • I too hate the resumption of street cleaning and wish it was like it was up until a few years back when only PoPvillers and others in the know waited until DDOT announced street cleaning would resume and then only ticket after a week or two grace period. It is still worth not having to pay $200 for an off-street parking spot in Dupont each month.

  • Dang it. This will make it all the harder for me to keep my Maryland-registered SUV in car-storage on my street, 24/7, 365 days a year. What does a girl gotta do?

  • How do I get my street swept when there is no regular street sweeping on it?

  • Any idea what a resident is supposed to do if they are out of town on the days they have street sweeping? There’s nowhere to go in my neighborhood where sweeping doesn’t take place. I guess I can only take six day vacations forevermore.

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