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  • Shout out to Obama

  • I slept most of the day and ABC 7 is reporting more snow on the way tonight. I hope D.C. residents don’t get into altercations over shoveled parking spaces by removing trash cans and cones.

    • You mean by placing trash cans or cones, right? This isn’t Boston or Chicago. We don’t do that here.

      • You must be new here. Folks place any and all types of stuff to mark “their” parking spot all the time.

        • Lived in DC proper and owned a car here for 20 years. You? I’ve seen it once or twice and seen people on PoPville and elsewhere advocate for it, but those who advocated for it generally came from somewhere else, usually Boston or Chicago. So no, it’s not a thing here. Oh, and I grew up in South Boston, where it really is a thing (you’ll get your window smashed if you move a space-saving item) so I know the difference.

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