Good Deal or Not? “UNBELIEVABLE ROOFDECK” edition

2119 Flagler Place Northwest

This unit is located at 2119 Flagler Place, Northwest:


The Listing says:

“Fantastic 2-level PH w/ high ceilings, exposed brick & great light, marble Kitchen & Baths, good closets & UNBELIEVABLE ROOFDECK. Quiet street but close to it all in Ledroit, Bloomingdale & hotspots along 1st Street, steps to restaurants, coffee shops & new development – great neighborhood! PKG AVAIL FOR $30K! Taxes/SF estimated & photos of similar unit”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $669,900 ($238 monthly fee.)

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  • I’m confused as to why it’s called a penthouse. Is there a basement apartment or something? If so, I guess that’s one way to attract a buyer …

  • Are those Juliet balconies? Those things are terrifying, even on the second floor. I looked at a 13th floor unit in a building in Navy Yard that had a Juliet balcony (with no little ledge). Even with the door closed it scared me.

    • How is a juliet balcony any more terrifying than a normal balcony? Either way, they have a rail that is about waist high.

      • Juliet balconies generally have no floor/ledge on the bottom, unlike a regular balcony. Even though the possibility of falling off one is virtually nonexistent, having a door open to a railing with a 6-8 inch gap at the bottom is psychologically scary.

      • I don’t know if I find Juliet balconies terrifying per se — I’ve never been in the same room as one — but this was the first time I’ve seen a photo of one from the inside. Somehow it activates my fear of heights in a way that a regular balcony doesn’t.

    • Even though the kitchen has kind of an awkward layout for cooking, it’s great for entertaining and parties, because people always seem to congregate in the kitchen anyway. That said, there is a lot of wasted space above those cabinets. A real missed opportunity to provide more storage for the homeowner.

  • justinbc

    I completely believe that the roofdeck is like almost any other I’ve seen in DC.

    • Well, it does have a view (far view) of the Washington Monument and Capitol. I don’t think every other roofdeck in DC has that.

      Seems overpriced mostly for where it is. It does look decently renovated though. And normally I like the two level deal, but the living room is a little tight on this one for my liking.

  • I think it’s really pretty, but the layout of the kitchen would be annoying. Aren’t the refrigerator and stove supposed to be in a triangle?

    • Yeah, that is weird. You’d have to walk around the island to go between the fridge and the stove. And looking at that again makes me realize how terrible that layout is putting the kitchen in the middle and making both the dining and living areas tiny on each end. I think it just isn’t enough space for both and the kitchen should be in the back with a much larger living area, sacrificing that dining space.

      • justinbc

        It says “photos of similar unit”. So perhaps the actual kitchen in the one for sale is different?

        • Let’s hope so. This setup would be inconvenient even for someone like me who rarely uses the stove, let alone for someone who likes to cook.

        • Justinbc, you may be on to something. There’s another condo on redfin just down the street from this (158 BRYANT St ) that has almost identical pics. I wonder what this place actually looks like? I hate it when they do that!

  • Overall, I like it. But one of my biggest construction pet peeves is when a kitchen is designed without any consideration of the way people actually use a kitchen. The fridge on the other side of the island from the stove and the microwave? Dislike.

  • It’s also just weird that the kitchen is smack in the middle. Why not have it in the back of the house with the dining space in the middle?

    • I actually liked the kitchen in the middle, giving you a designated living and eating space. The fridge across the room from the stove is a bit of a downer, however.

  • This is a pop-up across the street from me. Note that they didn’t show a street view — because pop-ups are an obvious eyesore and this one’s no exception. They did do the front in brick same rebuild the turret, but the side and back are vinyl siding and it’s still incongruous and ostentatious.

    That said, I’ve kept an eye on its progress and it definitely looked like they were taking their time and doing a lot of things right — I’m no construction expert though.

    One very weird layout note: this condo is the top two floors, obviously, but counter to what I’d expect, the bedrooms are on the lower of the two levels and the living areas are on the top floor. It means the roof deck is closer to the other entertaining spaces, but it’s weird to walk up three floors (past the bedrooms floor) to get to the living room.

    • Also, if this is what condo conversions sell for around here (700k inc parking but not including condo fees) I might have some motivation to convert my house too.

    • I have a condo with a similar layout (bedrooms on 3rd floor and living room/kitchen on 4th floor) and while it seems odd at first to walk past the 3rd floor to get to the main entrance, it’s actually great, because the unit below us has the normal layout with bedrooms on the 2nd floor and living on the 1st, so we rarely hear each other and we can have a loud party, scream at football on the TV, or walk around in heels without worrying that we’re bothering our downstairs neighbors, because we ARE the downstairs neighbors (our bedrooms).

  • no one has addressed the price? Am I crazy to think this is wayyyyyy overpriced? le sigh…probably.

    • Why is it overpriced? It’s walking distance to metro, renovated, and a decent size. I think it’s about right.

      • justinbc

        I think it’s slightly overpriced for a renovated property in this neighborhood ($476/sqft + the condo fee), although not by a terrible amount.

      • redfin lists this at $558/sq ft. Have prices really shot up that much in this area? I would think that this should be closer to $400/sq ft.

      • As the other thread has examined, definitions of “walking distance” vary, but 10 blocks (or maybe 11?) to the Metro does not strike me as “walking distance.”

        • agreed, I didn’t want to go down that road though…I used to live at RI and North Cap and it is a haul to walk to the metro, 15+ min in either direction for someone with little legs like me (I used metro every day for work so that got old in the winter, and the G8 wasnt consistent at night)

  • I toured this place a while back (the one pictured, not I guess the one that is really for sale). Really pretty renovation on the inside (though previous posters are right about the kitchen layout). Price seems a bit high, but considering that a house around the corner went for over a million, maybe not insane.

  • The pictures are from the Bryant Street condo by the same builder, which has been on the market for months. The roof deck does have a decent view. It also has that unit’s and the lower unit’s HVAC units

    The pop up looks ridiculous on the street. There is no reason, except perhaps greed, that this house could not have been enlarged in a manner that was more respectful of the architectural charm of that block.

    BTW – DC Water will be doing major tunnel construction nearby for the next couple of years. Looking for a good deal, buy an entire row home on the street for less than the condo.

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