Good Deal or Not? “Nice patio area in backyard” edition (reader request)

73 Tuckerman Street Northwest

This house is located at 73 Tuckerman Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“A beautiful Cameron renovation. Open floor plan. All new. Hardwood floors. Granite counter top. Stainless steel appliances. Double crown molding. Designer baths. Skylight. Lots of natural light. Nice patio area in backyard.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $419,900.

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  • Lots of taxes due on this property. No pictures of back patio.

  • Excessive use of camera tricks to make the house look bigger than it actually is.

  • Strikes me as slightly high for the neighborhood (other houses on the block have gone for ~$350K recently), but appears to be in very good condition. I would want a home inspection on a house of that age, though, and would want to verify the quality of the renovations first-hand, as this is obviously a massive flip (Zillow shows this house as having been sold for $141K last September.)

    Transit note – this is a little less than a mile from the Takoma metro station, but parts of the walk are rather desolate, unlit, pitch-dark at night, and in my honest opinion not super-comfortable for walking home from the metro late at night.

  • Nice enough on the inside, but talk about your lack of curb appeal. Aggressively ugly from the outside.

  • justinbc

    It’s only 1,148 square foot according to Redfin (although there looks to be conflicting info on that), so while it might seem inexpensive for 4 bedrooms at first those bedrooms must be mighty small. No idea about property values in this area, but in terms of appeal it at least looks slightly better than “generic flip”. I wouldn’t guess deal so much as reasonable, with a big buyer beware sticker.

    • Maybe the 1148 doesn’t include the basement. From the picture it appears that the 4th bedroom is located in the basement too. Seems like an okay deal.

      • I know identically-constructed houses on this block. The states square footage of 1148 definitely does not include the basement.

  • I would look at the roof. The satellite photo on google shows what appears to be an EXTERIOR duct system!

  • If the backyard patio is worth mentioning in the listing, why no photos of it?

  • I live on the block and submitted this one. Just curious what people think. There are a few blocks of homes like this in the area and none have been sold for over $400k recently and possibly ever. This is also the first house to be painted and the first to have a glass front door. They were leaving the lights on at night and you could see right through the house. That lead to some local buzz. An older renovation a block away was listed at $400k a couple weeks ago and went under contract after 5 days. The market for houses in this price range is pretty limited. It’s a 15-20 minute walk to the Metro and the only frequent bus service is the K2 during rush hour. I feel safe walking. They did use some camera tricks in the bedrooms but otherwise it looks about right.

  • I’ve no idea about it’s dealness, but does the kitchen look weird to other people? Usually kitchens get an island or peninsula when they are opened up. Without one this kitchen looks kinda naked to me.

  • Just crying for a pop-up!

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