Good Deal or Not? “multi level condo” edition

26 Q Street Northeast

This condo is located at 26 Q Street, Northeast:


The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated multi level condo is ready to move in! Spacious, open floor plan, state of the art appliances, new fixtures, hardwood flooring throughout, 2 master suites and MORE! A must see!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $569,000 ($245 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: The other 3 bed/3 bath in this building is going for $679,000 ($245 monthly fee.)

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  • justinbc

    Is it just me or are the photos of both units the exact same? It’s a nice looking renovation, that sink doesn’t seem to fit the scale of the kitchen though. Looks like you could barely fit a pot in there.

    • Putting a sink that small in a kitchen with clearly enough counter space is a travesty.

    • I am pretty sure all of the pictures for both units are of the more expensive “penthouse.” I have to believe that one floor in the 569k unit is the basement level, which is not reflected in the pictures.

  • looks kinda cheapy for the pop ups. I wouldnt go for it but i guess for a 3br the price is right

    • I wouldn’t want to live in something that ostensibly cheap (pop-up construction) if I were spending $600-700k on a condo, but good point about this being a 3BR. Although, I think that you can still score a solid house in Eckington in that range.

      • For $700K, yea, you could probably get a renovated house. For $569K, no- just a teardown or a condo, those are your choices.

        This is, if anything, a little underpriced.

  • Wow. We toured this place when we were looking to buy a year and a half ago. I hope they spent half of the reno budget on structural support, because the entire back of the house was sagging and looked in danger of falling off at any moment.

  • I see a lot of houses being converted to condos. Aren’t there some major risks with this? If just one of the units stops paying their monthly fee then the delinquency rate may be too high for many lenders. If the flip and popup wasn’t done correctly then the cost of the repairs can’t be spread out across the many owners. What are other people’s experiences?

    • I own one and you make a lot of good points that we considered. The other side is you can sort of share the costs of upkeep. If your price range is $500k-$600k in this city, condos like this are an attractive option. I can definitely see the appeal of buying a house further east (or North) for that price, but we were willing to put up with the issues you identify in order to be closer to the action. Bottom line is the city needs to build more housing at this price point so row-house condo conversions aren’t your only options. I would have loved to buy a 3 bedroom condo in a high rise, but that’s not an option. I feel like I’m the only person in the world though who feels that way, given that I’ve never come across new or recent buildings that want to make that an option. Almost all new construction is apartments, and those that are condos are mainly 1 BR, with a few 2BR sprinkled in there for abusrd prices per sq foot. I think the logic used to go that if you wanted 3 br and had enough money to put roots down, you bought a house. But I’ll never be able to afford a house for $800k- so in a lot of neighborhoods that will never be an option for me.

      • justinbc

        You still find 3 BR homes in Brookland for your 500-600 range quite a bit. I thought this one was particularly cute:
        I’m not sure what part of the city’s “action” you’re wanting to be close to, but that’s not a bad area and seems to be developing a good bit. There are even some near Capitol Hill, and in Columbia Heights in that price range (and obviously Bloomingdale / Truxton / etc areas that are less expensive).

        • that house looks cool and I think Brookland is great- it just wasn’t the move we decided to make at the time- to each his own. Another point to keep in mind: these condo conversions are typically about 1400 – 1800 sq feet so they’re often about the same size as a small house.

          I will quibble with one of your points though- I don’t think you’ll see a renovated house in bloomingdale for less than $600K- these condo conversions are the only game in town for that price point, unless you want to renovate. Even in truxton circle that’s a stretch.

      • To each their own, I guess. I personally dislike living in large apartment complexes / high-rises. Having dogs, I like to be able to leave my house in seconds (walking down one flight of stairs) rather than having to wait for an elevator. You bring up a good point about potential delinquency, but the cost of overall maintenance is somewhat subsidized by your neighbor (as opposed to owning the entire house). We too decided that location trumped many of the potential downfalls of sharing a condo association with just 1 or 2 people.

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