Good Deal or Not? “Interior is 1400 square feet!!!” edition

1740 L Street Northeast

This house is located at 1740 L Street, Northeast:


The Listing says:

“Prime location with all the bells and whistles. Home offers everything, beautiful 20 ft/ 2 story addition with main level family room. Features include wood floors throughout, marbled granite, custom cabinets, 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths, parking for 2 cars and deck. All conveniently located to shops, dining and public transportation. Interior is 1400 square feet!!!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $525,000.

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  • “Prime location”?

  • Think it is over price by atleast 50K. Plus I hate those plastic looking hardwood floors.
    Anyone have anysuggestions on dog friendly hardwood floors that will hold up well? My current home I have solid oak wood floors, but I’ll be having to pick out floors for the new home and which will probably be an engineered type. Any recommendations?

    • justinbc

      You don’t have to nix hardwood. Just go with a harder wood like maple or hickory and use an aluminum oxide oil finish. It won’t be 100% resistant, but it will be pretty close. You can also get little rubber things to go on the end of your dog’s nails to prevent them even further from scratching.

    • I remember looking at a property a couple doors down about 3 years ago that was listed at 200k….

      • Yeah, that was the case when my wife and I bought a similarly sized place very close-by 3 years ago. Nearly every flipped home around there has been going for $400k or more. But even with that kind of price increase, $550 is steep. No doubt it will sell though.

    • I agree about the “plastic looking” hardwood… I think it’s just a lot of coats of polycrylic. That said, it’s what I have in my house and they are incredibly durable and low maintenance. I can spill anything, leave water or mud on the floors, spill paint… it doesn’t matter! It all comes right off and it’s thanks to the 30+ shiny coats of polycrylic on top of the oak. So, there is a silver lining!

    • houseintherear

      My brazilian cherry has done really well with a few resident dogs and cats. It doesn’t seem to dent like lots of wood that I’ve seen. But it does scratch rather easily with sharper items like pebbles that get caugh under a chair and then moved, or when I left a bent paper clip on the floor and my dog walked on it. The scratches came out quickly when I brewed strong english breakfast tea and mopped over them.

    • For what it’s worth… when I was having the oak flooring in my house refinished, I think one of the finish choices was something heavy-duty called “Street Shoe” (or Street something). I didn’t opt for that, but maybe if you have a dog it would help preserve the floor?

  • I find it a little odd they put the kitchen in the middle rather than putting it in the back. Personally I prefer having the kitchen in the back because I like having easy access to the backyard for outdoor entertaining (of which I do a lot).
    Also if they get that price, wow things are officially nuts. But I HIGHLY doubt it.

    • i cant imagine them getting the asking based on the location

      the flip looks decent, nothing special but still not overly cheezy or cheap looking
      but there is no way this part of the neighborhood is going for this much yet

  • Who says there’s no affordable housing in DC? You can get your very own 1400 square foot slice of DC in the up-and-stabby neighborhood of Carver Langston for only half a mil.

  • justinbc

    This is really overpriced. It seems like someone read our “walkable” conversation the other day and decided to use the phrase “conveniently located” instead. Although technically it is near shops (CVS), dining (Denny’s), and transportation (bus).

  • It was only a matter of time before the house prices jumped on the other side of Bladensburg and Benning.

    First it was near H Street. Then jumped across 15th street to Kingman Park. Then across Florida Ave to Trinidad. This was always going to happen in Carver-Langston.

    • I concur. Esp with the new apts they put up by cvs

      … but so soon though?

    • This trend will continue for sometime. Which I think is great because this area will probably have more younger families than anywhere in the city. I think all the new families will make it solid, and then when all the new apartments that bring the density in few years, this will be an amaizing pocket to live around.

  • I don’t know the area well, but the reno looks like it came out of the Home Depot bargain bin. And what’s up with the kitchen back splash? Did they just give up when starting to grout? It’s awful.

  • It looks like the flipper turned much needed living space on the first floor into a “bedroom.” Other ridiculous details: The towel ring above the toilet where there’s room for a full towel bar. The cheap and ugly shower handles. The “walk in” closet that’s too narrow to hang clothes in. And the “breakfast bar” that’s not deep enough for stools.

    • The breakfast bar is almost useless, it is really just a half-wall. Why cut corners there? What did they save like $200? The stove refrigerator / placement is just bad.

      • I was going to write the same thing regarding the fridge and stove. It might just be the angle, but it looks like you couldn’t have the stove and fridge open at the same time, which will be a constant irritant.

        More importantly, because the fridge and stove jut out so far, it looks like you’d have a hard time getting to the cabinets and drawers between them.

  • With the geography of the natural buffer (nowhere to go north, northeast, and east) of Mt Olivet, the Arboretum, Langston golf course, and the Anacostia…….it’s really inevitable that this entire region is gentrified. Does it take 3, 5, or 10 more years??? Do you want to live in the house for that long until it is completely safe? Interesting call but not for me. Some of the housing stock is so cheap/poor quality that it needs to be razed and rebuilt.

    • I’m guessing once push-comes-to-shove, developers will buy blocks of this poor housing stock and build either mid-rise or high-rise apartments. I can’t imagine this happening anytime soon unless the influx of new residents dramatically skyrockets.

    • Bought in C/L almost three years ago for $200K. House was bigger than this and had a basement/bigger lot and was completely redone. Sold last year for close to $400K and moved the eff outta there. Not sure how much has changed in the past year, but when I was living there I’d say it was at least 5 years out from being considered “safer.” Probably more in reality. And no, I did not want to live in a non-safe area for that long, hence why I sold after two years.

    • The question is when and how do Hechinger Mall and RFK get redeveloped, right? If the street cars are a success and you get popular new developments then it seems like this area could really take off.

  • I live nearby and this is an absolute pipe dream. NO chance this goes for asking, even as crazy as things are in the market. Still plenty of better properties for less south of Benning Road.

  • brookland_rez

    Seems a bit high for Carver/Langston. I mean the neighborhood is improving but no way this is worth that much.

  • I think it is overpriced but what do I know.

    There was a flip job in my neighborhood close to Potomac Avenue metro that sold for something like $779,000 which was a about $10,000 over asking and I thought asking was crazy. It was one of those flip jobs whey they maxed out the full footprint of the building (nothing left to upgrade to help get some equity) so the new owners may have to stay for awhile to break even.

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