Good Deal or Not? “Builders come in like wrecking balls” edition (reader request)


This house is located at 931 7th Street, NE:


The Listing says:

“Builders come in like wrecking balls, walls fall before asking what the house might want. A softer-touch held this soul intact, in fact, a partnership with her, blending classic and new, lightning’s flash is quick & easy, but renovation requires meditation for thunder to strike a quieter chord, in a deeper melody, not so pop, chart’s top forever. Think Carly S, not Miley C. Less Kanya, more B. I. G.”

Ed. Note: This was requested by two separate readers because of the prose.

You can see more photos here

In my humble opinion, actually looks really good despite the ridiculous description.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $768,500.

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  • Really nice. We just redid our house, and have many of the same fixtures/tile/colors, so maybe I’m biased. 🙂

    I love those attic rooms, wish we had that.

    • You clearly have great taste! Really love the kitchen and baths in this house.

      • Thanks!! 🙂

        We also left walls up. 1920s rowhouse and open concept is usually not a happy marriage.

        Re: attic space, I’ve been in some earlier vintage rowhouses that have attics you can stand right up in, complete with tiny access staircase. when I was a kid I would have loved a room like that.

    • Same! Kitchen is the same color scheme/finishes as ours and the bathrooms look similar too.
      How did they do the attic room? It doesn’t look like there is a popup, but maybe it’s just not evident from the picture.

      • I think the attic “room” has ceilings that are about 5′ tall at most. It’s more like a very well done storage area, or the half-floor in “Being John Malkovich.” The Lilliput chairs and table make it seem bigger than it really is.

  • The listing agent was written up in Washingtonian last year for his, um, “colorful” descriptions in MRIS. I’ll just leave it at that. The house is very cute though. Not sure if the staging is a distraction or an enhancement though, but I like it. Then again I already have a mortgage and don’t need another one.

    • I’m surprised this one is considered noteworthy; it’s one of the least crazy descriptions I’ve seen from him.

  • Very good deal. They can rent out that basement unit if they wanted to as well for at least $1600 in that area. Not only is it a good deal, but they have maintained that house very well.

  • Very tastefully done. Love all the colors in the room. Since we live on the same street, we have seen the house being flipped and how. Looks like someone will really enjoy the colors and the space.

  • I really love it. The description is ridiculous but it’s a great looking place.

  • Priced for a bidding war so difficult to judge it’s deal-ness without seeing the final price.

  • THANK YOU X1000 to the flipper who left the walls in downstairs!!
    I have to say those are mostly not colors I would choose (most are too much on the cool side), but they are colors I could live with. And paint is cheap. Love the kitchen.

  • Wow, a house with actual rooms! It almost looks weird since I’m not used to seeing that in listings anymore.

  • Anyone know who the contractor was on this project? We have a similar layout and I love this kitchen.

    • I’d love to know as well. This is very similar to what I’d like to have done to my place – keeping radiators, original trim, and most interior walls, but add AC, bathrooms, finish basement, and some other modern touches. It’s a shame that they weren’t able to preserve the original floors here.

      • That is very easy to do. I met with a GC and my layout is just like this except for the kitchen. I kept the individual rooms, but I expanded the entryways (width&height) which made it seemed more open and spacicous, yet keeping the indivual rooms. All the duct work for my A/C was ran in the dining room with the vents cut out about the entry between dining/living room. I also kept the radiator heating.
        Though I like how it came out, my other home currently being done is open floor plan which suits my lifestyle better.

    • Just a guess but maybe WSD. They’ve done a lot of houses around Petworth painted that color and with a similar red door.

  • I know they do not convey, but those are ugly chairs in the dining room.

  • Looks great (check out street view to see what it used to look like…). The only downside I can see is being attached to a big building and not another home. Anyone have thoughts on that?

    • The building next to it is usually quiet. In the three years that I have lived on the block, I may have heard music from that building only once. Otherwise no issues.

  • This place is fantastic. The realtor’s description is pathetic. Is this some lame attempt at prose poetry? Self-humiliating marketing strategy so people watch out for his latest verbal diarrhea?


    • While I haven’t seen any actual studies on this, I’d venture to guess that the realtor’s blurb makes little-to-no difference in the end. It’s all about the $/location.

  • I saw it come on Redfin this morning and I absolutely adore it. We are in the middle of renovating our house a block away and this is the style we’re shooting for.

  • Really nice renovation. I like how it doesn’t have an “open floor plan” for the living room and dining room. I also like that instead of turning the attic into a cathedral ceiling for the bedroom (which a lot of flips seem to do), they made it a finished space, albeit one with low ceilings. Presumably you’d still use it for storage, but at least it’d be easier to move around in it than in an unfinished attic. And you wouldn’t have the difficulty of heating/cooling a cathedral-ceilinged bedroom.

  • The only thing I _don’t_ like about this flip is that it looks like the master bathroom has just one sink, whereas the non-master bathroom has two. My guess is that they had limited space to work with.

  • This realtor is obviously a nutcase, but I’m always drawn to his listings and they always sell high and quickly. I think some are more capable than others of understanding his descriptions. If you get it you get it.

  • I heard this guy doesn’t do his own open houses because of a weekend volunteer gig at Humane Society.

  • I like his descriptions. They’re entertaining and poetic. He’s a good writer and original, two qualities that are not appreciated in this town.

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