From the Forum – Maid/Cleaning Services recommendations? Rehoming Dozer and Podiatrist Recs

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Maid/Cleaning Services recommendations?

“We recently moved to a condo in Penn Quarter/Chinatown & are looking for a reliable, pet-friendly cleaning service. Due to federal employment sensitivities, we would prefer a service that is duly tax-paying & immigration law abiding. We would probably want service no more than once a month, possibly every 3 weeks. I see discussions on here from a couple of years ago that recommend Let’s Clean Services, Upper Crust Maids, The Green Mop, A&G, and “Filipino House Cleaning Services.”

Rehoming my dog:

“I’m looking for a new home for Dozer.

He is:

3 years old, 60lbs, healthy, neutered and up to date on shots.
has been my dog since he was a puppy.
Is a high energy dog, very active and athletic
Has lived with a child a dog and a cat.
Likes to snuggle with everyone.
Has been through professional leash training, sit stay etc. but needs reminded of this often.

An experienced dog owner may be best, prospective owners will be vetted.

For more info please contact

Bunion surgery:

“I am researching bunion surgery/podiatrists in DC. I am leaning toward Dr. Beiser, and have seen Dr. Osterman, but I am open to other suggestions. Has anyone had successful surgery in DC that is willing to share their story? Thanks!”

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  • Did anybody vett Dozer’s current owner before giving them a dog?

    If the dog is perfect as the description states then why get rid of it?

    • I don’t know the OP, but sometimes people’s circumstances (finances, living situation, work/personal/family obligations) do change in ways that are our of their control and that make it no longer ideal for dog ownership. It doesn’t necessarily mean the owner was or is an unfit dog owner.

      • People trying to rehome a dog for the reasons described above usually state them in the ad.
        “An experienced dog owner may be best” makes me think “This dog is too much for me, and I just can’t handle it any more.”

        • If someone is having financial difficulties, or at a point of personal crisis such as illness of a family member, would they really “usually state this in an ad”? The owner clearly cares about Dozer, and cares enough to post on PoP.. Questioning the owner’s ‘fitness” and motives is hardly a good way to steer the Dozer to a home that’s a good fit for him.

    • The original posting doesn’t say Dozer is perfect. Says he’s high energy and that his training didn’t really take. Jesus, people. It’s a dog, and a person who’s trying to do right by him. Rather than casting aspersions why not nod approvingly as the owner realizes he/she can’t give the dog the best life? What, you’d rather the dog be kept in a crate 23/7 instead of being given a chance at a more suitable home?

  • Dr. Ravick at Capital Podiatry Associates has been fantastic. Turns out I didn’t need bunion surgery but orthotics and a stretching regimen. In fact, I saw him today and and am very satisfied. His office is at 1145 19th Street NW, Suite 409, Washington, DC 20036 and can be reached at (202) 223-0500. Good luck!

  • Dozer is super adorable (there is a pic if you click the forum link). Did you originally adopt Dozer from a shelter or rescue? If so, most of them have you sign an adoption contract that stipulate you must return the dog to them if for any reason you cannot keep him.
    If that’s not the case, I would highly encourage you to contact a reputable rescue and see if they can help you screen applicants. Many rescues will courtesy post dogs on their facebook page or websites who need to be rehomed and help with the process. There are many locally including City Dogs, Lucky Dogs, Homeward Trails…can anyone think of others? There have been too many cases of dogs falling into the wrong hands when the owner tries to rehome themselves- even when they have the best of intentions 🙁

  • I use Maids in Black for biweekly cleaning, and I’m happy with them. They show up when they’re supposed to and they do a good job getting the house clean. Their prices seem on the high side to me, but I think they are comparable to other services. You could probably get a lower price by hiring a sole practitioner type, but I like the convenience of web scheduling and credit card payment. As far as pet friendliness goes, all I can say is they always smile kindly while my terrified cats bolt for a place to hide from the strangers with a vacuum cleaner. I can’t vouch for their tax and immigration status though, so you’ll need to check on that yourself.

    • +1 on Maids in Black! We use them at my house once a month (and previously at our condo), and they do really good work. The online system is nice and you just tell them what you need done – if it’s just a regular cleaning, move out, you need the inside of the fridge or oven cleaned out, etc… We’ve got a dog, and we normally take him to the park, or day care, just to get him out of the way – but they’ve been fine with him if he’s around (they even clean his dog bed!). You might spend a little more than if you hired a solo person, but I think the pricing is fair for the service they provide and the convenience of online scheduling.

  • Dr Osterman is great!

    • I didn’t need surgery or have serious issues, but I’ve been to Dr. Osterman for a few things and he’s been great!

  • Whenever I think of people rehoming their dogs I wonder if they would do that to a kid they adopted then I realize some people do. Good luck Dozer hopefully you’ll find your forever home and your next set of parents won’t give you up.

    As for a cleaning service, I use Maid to Clean. They’re reliable, bonded insured etc.

    • Horrifying series of articles about people “rehoming” adopted kids:

    • Honest, why are you talking about kids? Did I miss a post somewhere? I see one about a dog… but that’s not the same thing, and surely no sane person would suggest that it is.

      • No, but I have to say I’ve wondered the same thing… whether people who cavalierly “rehome” their pets (we don’t know if that’s the case with Dozer, but take a look at the Craigslist pet section for examples) are cavalier with regard to their children as well.

        • I still don’t see the connection. Dogs =/= children. It truly is that simple. I would euthanize my dog with my own two hands if it meant keeping my child safe. And I really love my dog… for a dog. (Most people I’ve known who’ve had to give up a pet did it FOR their children (child’s allergies, nippy pet, etc))

  • Dr. Beiser is great as is Dr. Cooper from the Georgetown Foot and Ankle Center

    • I second the recommendation for Dr. Beiser. He did my foot surgery (for a neuroma) a few years ago and he was great. His office staff is also really good and appointments are on time…this is important, because you”ll be there a lot.

  • Dr. Schwartz at Sibel, Firestone & Schwartz on K Street is awesome. I’ve seen her quite frequently over the past year and she’s wonderful.

  • Please, please, please talk to a professional animal rescue group for help in rehoming Dozer. Don’t go it alone, unless you personally know the individual/family who wants to take him. Too many things can go wrong. And by all means, do not use Craigslist. (Even though CL prohibits exchange of animals, it still happens quite often).

    If you really must, you can surrender Dozer to the Washington Humane Society or possibly the Washington Animal Rescue League- the former takes all animals, the latter is more selective. While you will lose control over who can adopt Dozer next, both organizations will screen potential applicants. Neither shelter will euthanize due to space or time restrictions- but that will be a discussion if the animal is people-aggressive or has severe medical problems. A dog that is good with other dogs, kids, and cats will find a new home in no time.

    I hope Dozer finds a great home!

  • My girl Milagro Sorto is the BEST house cleaner. Give her a hollar at (301) 793-6290

    • “Your girl”? Have you seen/read “The Help”? Although I imagine that the woman that cleans your house appreciates your recommendation, it’s hard for me to imagine (possibly my own limitation) that she would like to be thought of as “Your girl”. If you think I’m being picky, ask yourself how your supervisor refers to and introduces you. If Ms Sorto is actually a minor, and actually does belong to you in some capacity, then I apologize for my assumptions and my comment.

  • It is important to consult with a cleaning company before you hire them. Ask questions, find out what they will do and inquire about their hiring practices. After all, they will be going through your home or office and you want to feel comfortable with them.

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