From the Forum – Expensive Sliding gate quote?? and Found a Parrot Drone in Eckington


Sliding gate quote?? $5650!?!?!

“We recently got a quote for building a sliding gate (abt 14ft) and section of fence (where the gate would slide along (abt 26th.) The gate & fence would be 6ft solid cedar red fence with lattice top, steel frame, v-track with foundation for the track. I got a quote of $5650?? Seems a bit high???”

Found a Parrot Drone in Eckington:

“Near first and R. I’m having a hard time convincing the wife we should keep it – so please let me know the model number and I’ll let you know where to come pick it up.”

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  • So it is like a little remote-controlled hover craft that takes pictures? Seriously – I clicked on that link and unwilling to spend more than 30 seconds trying to figure it out – still have no idea what it does!

    But I do have an inventor friend who has a very cool little helicopter that can set down on water, take pictures and fly off.

    • gotryit

      Live streaming video while flying.

      • aren’t they illegal here? pretty sure there was a dude who was flying a little drone around and when it got mentioned int eh blogs or listserves, the FAA or someone clarified that no, they aren’t allowed, they violate the DC airspace

  • We just got two estimates for a metal security gate on an alley; one was double the other. Long Fence was the lower one so I recommend a call to them.

  • epric002

    fencing is insanley expensive. it was cheaper for us to get new windows than to fence our tiny backyard, so that ugly chain link fence is there to stay.

    • Basic fencing is not rocket science, but it’s lot of hard work. Well within the DIY skill set with some pretty simple supplies. If you aren’t going for a super high end look you can get pre-made panels at HD/Lowes or pretty much any lumber yard. The hard part is honestly just making sure the posts are spaced properly and level and the post holes are deep enough. You could probably get a handyman to do just the gate since it can be a little tricky. If you are going too tall or not replacing and old fence you will need a permit.

      • epric002

        we watched a neighbor do a really nice job replacing his chain link with wood by re-using the same fence posts. i think my husband is going to steal his idea and try it on our yard this spring 🙂

  • Not sure if the gate the OP is getting estimates for is a powered one, but it seems like every time the topic of powered roll-up gates come up, people think highly of Pooner and Songs — they’re expensive, but people seem to find that their product lasts better.
    Me, I’m not quite ready to go for an $8K-$9K gate, but if I were, I’d definitely want to get an estimate from them.
    There are numerous threads — see search results at:

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