From the Forum – DCRA Third Party Inspection and Support a 4-Way Stop Sign

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DCRA Third Party Inspection:

“We just finished a basement renovation and we need to get the third party inspectors at DCRA inspect the work. Apparently, Pepco needs some paperwork before they can come and close off our electric box.

We’ve been calling and calling DCRA, leaving voicemails, but have not be successful in getting in touch with a real, live person who can help us with the final inspection.

Anyone have any experience getting a third party inspection from DCRA? Any advice you have is really appreciated!”

Petition for 4-way stops at 13th and Quincy & Quincy and Kansas:

“Neighbors, we need your help!

Your neighbors on Quincy Street NW are petitioning for *two* 4-way stop signs at these intersections:

1. 13th & Quincy,
2. Kansas & Quincy

We currently have 2-way stops on the Quincy side of each intersection, which means that cars can still speed down 13th and Kansas street without yielding to pedestrians or drivers who are trying to safely cross these intersections. This is the exception to all other safety precautions taken in the neighborhood.

For the safety of all of the people who live in the area it is important to consider a 4-way stop to eliminate more accidents with pedestrians or motor vehicle operators. Two new sets of stop signs would go a long way in the safety of everybody in the area.

Please check out our online petition and feel free to voice your opinion on the matter as well.”

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  • I hope they put in these stop signs. I cross here everyday and cars do not stop for people in the crosswalks at all. It seems very dangerous at night.

    • epric002

      + a bazillion. me too. ditto. it’s also hard to be driving E/W on Qunicy b/c you have to creep out into 13th or Kansas in order to see oncoming traffic. these stop signs are needed.

    • binpetworth

      +1. Wasn’t there also a hit-and-run at this intersection a few years back? If I recall correctly, it was a very serious one (person in coma for weeks).

      • Yep, a motorcyclist from a few blocks south on 13th was hit by gangmembers driving a stolen car and dragged almost a full block. He survived, and we are thankful. Thanks to the actions of neighbors, passengers who fled the car were held and led the police to the culprits.

    • I don’t think I can count the number of accidents I’ve seen, heard, witnessed at those two intersections. Do people need to die before DC learns that the safety of our neighbors is more important than commuting speed?

  • There should be a speed camera at 13th & Spring – it’s at the bottom of a hill and cars going S/B on 13th just blaze through the intersection.

  • Not certain about 3rd party inspectors, but we had to get DCRA to do an inspection for our basement apartment and we basically hired a ‘fixer’ who used to work at DCRA who helped us – he got all the paperwork done and set up the inspection and had everything done within a week. It wasnt cheap, but it was kinda awesome to just let him do everything… Happy to share the details if you need.

    • Yeah, sorry – DCRA is not eager to help anybody make anything work. I used Mr. Permit – but even then, DCRA mucked up the process. But this is an election year – so maybe you can get an aspiring mayor to intervene and make the govt. work as it is supposed to.

    • They are expensive because they just pay the inspection staff off! That money is marked up and passed along to you as part of the service. If you have the know how and savvy to do it, bribe the right people yourself. Although that may be harder not having your foot in the door like somebody (ex-DCRA) who palms money for a living.

    • I may need a similar service for permitting. Perhaps you could forward his name?


  • +1 I live on Quincy, and I see many pedestrians who seem to assume that Quincy & Kansas is a 4-way stop.

    Of course, half the drivers seem to think it’s a 4-way stop too, so adding a stop sign there wouldn’t slow down traffic too terribly much. And it’s not like Kansas is a major thoroughfare, so the pain for drivers would be minimal.

    • jim_ed

      This is an issue on Kansas all the way up at Ingraham as well. Due to the angle its difficult to see traffic behind parked cars and people come flying down Kansas at unsafe speeds. Stop signs at both locations would be a welcome addition.

  • And while they’re at it make Taylor and 7tha 4 way. I live right near the corner and every single day there are near misses and a-holes honking their horns at people who stop because they assume there is a stop sign or people who are rightfully pissed that others from Taylor aren’t obeying the 2 way stop. It makes no sense that this is set up like it is.

  • Katielu – I would love to hear the details and the guy’s contact if you have it. Did he help you get a C of O for your basement? Thanks!

  • DCRA does their own inspections, which are free, if you want a 3rd party inspection you have to pay and DCRA has little to do with the process of finding one.

    Assuming you pulled permits and you want a free inspection, there is a number you can call and then you put some codes in to indicate what kind of inspection you need after plugging in your permit number. These inspections have longer lead times and they give a cable guy sized window and sometimes don’t show.

    If you didn’t pull a permit and now need something from Pepco that requires you to have had a permit you are going to need to apply for and get a permit retroactively, it may take a while.

    I feel like I should mention that calling DCRA (aside from the aforementioned automated inspection thing) is about as effective as prayer, you need to go down in person.

  • The intersections referenced above are in desperate need of a stop sign as other have said… I live within sight of both of them. If I am home during the day, it is a constant source of squeezing breaks, horns and usually some yelling by pedestrians. I have witnessed too many “close calls” to count. It is so dangerous. Quincy leads directly to the metro so foot traffic is very high. People walking with kids, walking dogs or elderly people are in real,danger trying to cross here. I agree on the speed cameras as well! People fly along this two block stretch to try to beat the light at the three way intersection of Spring/13th/Kansas. Mark my words, if this is not fixed, somebody will be hurt. I’m not sure why DC continues to ignore this issue. Thanks for drawing attention to this issue. I hope this helps.

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