From the Forum – Buying in North Michigan Park? and Putting up a Garden Shed & Up grading Fence/Gate

Buying in North Michigan Park?

“We are considering buying a home in North Michigan Park. It is about .7 miles from the Ft. Totten metro & .9 to the new development (walking distance during nice weather & daylight.) It is not far from the Mcdonalds & Faith United Church of Christ off of South Dakota.

The area generally appears to be middle class families. The homes & yards seem overall well cared for but, it is harder to tell in the winter. No broken down cars around or junk pilled high in any of the neighbors yards. I looked at the crime reports and over all it seems reasonably safe.

Just looking for feed back on the area. Is the neighborhood fairly active and family friendly? A good mix of ethnic and economic backgrounds? Schools? How are the parks & rec centers?

I would think with the Fort Totten Development more restaurants might be coming in to the area. As well as other services?”

Putting up a Garden Shed & Up grading Fence/Gate:

“If I am reading the DC building rules correctly I can apply for a “pocket Permit” on-line if I am fixing/upgrading a existing fence. It is currently 5ft high chain-link and on the property line with the neighbors. I would like to add a wood privacy fence over the existing fence. And build a rolling gate across the parking pad/space off the alley. We would like to do this our selves to save some money. Any feed back on if I need a new building plan or permit if there is already a fence there? Does it matter if I have to use new posts vs the current ones? (Not sure if I can use the current posts with out taking down the chainlink or needing to be in the neighbors yard. So, I might need to had need posts.)

Also, is there a size of garden sheds one can put on a single family home lot with out needing a permit? I can’t seem to find the specifics. Please share a link if you have one.”

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  • You need a regular permit for the fence. You can “replace in kind” with a postcard permit, but since you are changing materials you need a new permit. You also need a regular permit for the gate and the shed. You can get the permits yourself, and do all the work yourself as well. The folks at the DCRA Homeowners Center are helpful. Talk to them.

  • I live near North. Michigan Park (2 blocks from the border) and we love the neighborhood. I am a stay at home mom, so I hang out in the neighborhood a lot. The neighbors are mostly older and mostly African-American, but getting more diverse by the day. It’s a middle/ upper-middle class neighborhood, except for the apartment buildings. People keep up their yards and homes. They are friendly. The North Michigan Park Recreation center has a great playground, and is a center of activity. We’ve loved it. Hope you join us.

  • It’s a great neighborhood… lots of development to come in the near future – about 20 min. walk to Brookland (12th St), close to Takoma Park, Silver Spring, etc. My wife and I moved there in 2009 and we love it, but it’s quiet – so if you want bars, etc. next door, then it’s not there ( at least yet). If you have kids, check out brookland_kids at yahoogroups

  • We moved to north michigan park last year and so far we love it. Agree with previous commenters that the neighborhood is mostly older middle class African-Americans, but that it is changing. Lots of new amenities coming with Monroe st marketplace and renovations at Turkey thicket rec center, particularly the new playground. Hoping for more and more families with kids so hope you make the move!

  • “Mostly older middle class African-American families but that’s changing” <–read that, again, and reflect on what you've said.

  • We moved to North Michigan Park back in 2004. It’s a beautiful and quiet neighborhood, very friendly people, good size yards, plenty of on-street parking, safe, within a walking distance to the metro, both Brookland and Fort Totten, and to the new development in Brookland ( approx. 25 minutes). The yards are always well maintained and clean. Middle/upper class; majority of elderly couples; recently very popular with young families with kids and dogs.

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