Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle (reader request)

1321 Rhode Island Ave, Nw

This rental is located at 1321 Rhode Island Ave, NW:


The listing says:

“THIS IS AN AMAZING LOCATION! WALK TO EVERYTHING YOU COULD NEED! Beautiful, newly renovated, extremely spacious 1BR/1BA English Basement in the HEART of Logan Circle! W/D in the unit! Enjoy high ceilings and plenty of light. New floors, new walls, new kitchen, new bathroom! Be the first to enjoy this spectacular and spacious apartment.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $2,050/Mo.

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  • Is that teeny tiny little room with the fireplace the one bedroom? Yeesh. Location is great, and it’s possible you’ll get that price. But I don’t think I would consider it a “good deal” for the renter.

    • looks to me like the bedroom is the room with the bay windows and the fireplace is the living room. seems to me like a pretty good price given the location, size and that it’s newly renovated.

      • If the bedroom is the room with the bay windows, does that mean that you enter the unit via the bedroom? Or is there a hallway?
        A floor plan would be helpful here.

  • cheap finishes and a bit toooo close to 14th Street (as in – how many basement apartments do know that are THIS close to 14th?)….but perhaps you can use Urban Essentials’ extensive collection of outdoor furniture as your own!

  • That space is terribly laid out. The “living room” is laughably small and the kitchen has tons of wasted space. Who designed that place? (Also, the finishes are really cheap.)

  • i just moved into an english basement ~100ft away from this place in Dec, and pay much much less. Then again, my place is smaller. still i think this is maybe 100-200 overpriced, depending on who lives upstairs

  • Totally arbitrary, but i would never pay more than $2k to live in a basement no matter how large, where it was located, and how nice the finishes were.

  • It looks like you enter through the rounded room, which I guess is the bedroom since it has a door into the rest of the unit… and then the little space with the fireplace is on your left after you exit the bedroom, so that’s the living area, which flows into the kitchen. I can’t tell what the archway leads to though… maybe to the bathroom?

  • Shop around. That is overpriced. I pay $600 more (which includes all utilities) for a much larger one bedroom that is on the second floor and I have private outdoor space and a much more updated kitchen. And I’m about 2 blocks from the Dupont Metro.

    Man, I rented a much nicer English basement in that ‘hood 7 years ago for $900 month. Living in a basement is atrocious. And for 2K/mo? No. Way.

  • Rooms look small given the square footage. Rental units usually don’t have extravagant “finishes” unless someone renovated the space first and lived in it during a major renovation of the main house–have seen a few places like that around there, but not many and not in a long time. The rounded room looks like it gets decent light for a basement. Too close to RI? That’s a very nice block and the setback probably makes it more desirable than some nearby places. Smaller, but better organized square footage can be had for less around there.

  • $2,050 for a basement? Oh, heck no. Also, that fireplace situation is hilarious. The brick covered yard- not so hilarious.

  • This is right next to a dumpster, and a furniture shop that attracts people who like to sleep on their outdoor furniture.

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