Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill (reader request)

115 12th Street, SE

This rental is located at 115 12th Street, SE. The listing says:

“Large one bedroom apartment conveniently located right off of Lincoln Park, within easy walking distance of Eastern Market and METRO. Includes hardwood floors, large bay window, air conditioning, intercom, laundry facilities and lots of natural light! Tenants pay electric only. No pets.”

You can see some more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,224/Mo.

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  • From the street, the building looks like it’s moments away from being condemned, but that’s a pretty fair price.

  • The listing says heat included…tenant only pays electricity, but there are electric baseboard heaters in every room. In a drafty old building that can cost you crazy amounts of $$$$$$$$$$.

  • What?? This is an insanely good deal – a fantastic location, not a basement, big enough – what’s the catch? Maybe the building falling down, as the prior poster noted, though in the picture it doesn’t look that bad to me…

  • Wow! That’s a great price! What’s the catch?

  • good deal. Not the fanciest building, but a nice location and it includes utilities other than electricity (it might be electric heat though and I saw an electric stove and window air conditioner, so that bill could be high). That place would have been a good value when I moved here 4.5 years ago, which is saying something. Major catch is no pets allowed.

  • Eww… Smokers allowed.

  • I lived in a studio in that building and loved it. John C Formant was a great mgmt company, I didn’t have too much noise from any neighbors and the rent was great (I believe it is a rent controlled building, thus the low price). Yes, the building is a little old and funky, but with a good mgmt company that didn’t matter, because they fixed any problems right away.

    If you want one of the fancy new clean line, builder special apartments in DC, then this is not for you. If you want a great deal in an amusingly quirky building that is in a great location with a good mgmt company? Then snap it up!

  • I have lived in the building before and the reason is it so cheap is because there are cockroaches, drafty windows, crappy appliances, and at times an unresponsive building manager. I honestly wonder when was the last time the building was inspected because it is not 100% up to code.

    That being said. It is an amazing location in a quiet safe neighborhood.

  • As much as I like John Formnet renovated homes I have had some experience with the management of his company and it is a problem. I example is I bought a house that was a rental of theirs. It had a basement apartment and an main house. I moved into the main house and tenants stayed in basement unit. They had a toilet that was broken for months, couldn’t get Formnet people to fix it. They had reported it some many times and it was never fixed. Even during inspection of house for purchase we couldn’t get them to fix the things the owner agreed to fix.

  • crazy good deal.
    so what? it’s not granite countertops and Miehle appliances…blah blah blah….
    like really: English basements in this neighborhood go for $1500/mnth.

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