Everlasting Life Restaurant to Open Two Locations in Takoma, First Location Opens Later Today

Everlasting Life Vegan Restaurant (formerly Cedar Crossing Tavern) 341 Cedar Street, NW courtesy of Old Takoma Business Association

From a press release:

“Healthy eaters will have two new vegan options available in the Old Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC. Starting Thursday, February 13th, Everlasting Life Vegan Restaurant will be bringing its plant-based menu, with soulful influences, to 341 Cedar St NW, Washington, DC, steps from the Takoma Metro station stop on the Red Line. The restaurant will feature the same successful full-service lunch and dinner concept with bar and take away options as established at its original Capital Height’s MD location. A second Takoma location, called Sweet Life Bakery, will also open soon .5 block away from the full service location at 6904 4thSt, NW to include 100% vegan baked goods made by Everlasting Life and other local bakers.”

Ed. Note: A resident on the Takoma listerv says that Everlasting Life Vegan Restaurant will open at 2pm today.

Back in Sept. 2013 we first heard Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge would be opening up another restaurant in Takoma:

About the Everlasting Life coming to Takoma:

“At Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge we fuse flavorful ethnic cuisine with a 100% vegan menu. We aim to consistently exceed your expectations and are committed to setting the standard on what delicious and fresh vegan meals should be. Affordable and convenient, Everlasting Life Restaurant & Lounge seeks to provide value to our customers and employees through our efforts and expertise. Drop by and experience the taste of health with a soulful twist!”

You can see their daily menu here.

Cedar Crossing first opened up in Takoma back in Nov. 2009, I’m not sure the exact date they closed.

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  • “Healthy eaters will have two new vegan options available”

    I think they word they were looking for was “cruelty-free” eaters. Soy globs covered in a bbq sugar substance with a side of pasta and rice cheese may taste delicious, but sure ain’t healthly

  • At least it’s not Cedar Crossing. Nice servers and bartenders IF they wanted to pay attention to customers. Service was spacey as all hell, the manager was often drinking on shift, and they ran out of food a lot. It would also be a miracle if they remembered to give you silverware when you ordered food.

  • Cedars didn’t close at all and I hear that the same staff will be running the bar, EL will be in the kitchen. I’m excited about the vegan menu (one my gripes with Cedars was the lack of vege friendly options). Also happy to know that Cedars (in some form) will remain, as it is one of my favorite bars. I would love to know the backstory behind this kitchen switcheroo, but I suspect I’ll have to buy a bartender a drink to get those details.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      From the head of the Takoma Business Association:

      “This previous listserve member post is not correct:
      “Cedars isn’t closing, everlasting life will just be running the kitchen”

      Cedar Crossing closed yesterday and Everlasting Life took over the space and it will be their restaurant.

      As for hours of operation today, their Facebook says that the snow has slowed them down, but they will be there. Check here for the latest: https://www.facebook.com/ELifeRestaurant


  • I hope the bakery has some GF options too, that would be so convenient. Love seeing more options in the neighborhood!

  • Oh great. Because what Takoma really needs is more hippy dippy crap.

    How about a great burger joint? Or sushi? Or a place with great wings?

    Too many veggie options as it is!!!!

    • I’d love a taco spot, or even a taco truck. And some good bagels.
      But I’m also excited about this place, partly because it’ll be open on weekends. Of the four food spots right next to the Metro, three are closed for a good chunk or all of the weekend (Soupergirl and My Little Bistro are closed Friday evening and Saturday, and Spicy Delight I believe is closed all weekend). I understand that Soupergirl is Kosher and observes Shabbat, what what kind of business plan is that for the others, to have a casual take-out spot, not near offices, that’s closed on weekends?

      • There’s a taco truck on the corner of East West Why & New Hampshire Ave.

        • oops. East West Hwy & New Hampshire Ave
          There is also Los Pollos which has good food, nice rotissere chicken, various Latino food, and good breakfast too. across the street from “Shoppers” on New Hampshire Ave

        • Thanks! That one’s on my list to check out, but I’m hoping for stuff within close-ish walking distance.

      • The owners of My Little Bistro are Seventh Day Adventists, hence the closure on Friday evenings and Saturday.

  • could be a seventh day adventist connection for the saturday closures

    • If you consider the name, there is definitely a religious connotation. If the food’s good, then I don’t care.

      • If this is the same restaurant as the Everlasting Life Vegan restaurant on Georgia Avenue near HU, the food is VERY, VERY good.

        • I’m not sure it is, tho. I know the Everlasting Life on GA is renaming itself Vernon’s Woodland Cafe and I think it was to avoid confusion with the other Everlasting Life. The one on GA is great. The fresh juice bar is the area’s hidden treasure.

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