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  • My parents tell a story about how when they lived in Chicago in the 80s, there was a tree containing an entire flock of escaped parakeets. They apparently lived there for years despite the cold.

    • Iv’e seen those in Chicagoland! They are called Monk Parakeets and are quite common. The bird in the picture, however, is a domesticated parakeet. Poor guy, hope he gets rescued before nightfall.

  • With climate change we’re going to be seeing flocks of snowy owls in the winter and parakeets in the summer

  • Fly home little Budgie poor thing. They are so helpless when they escape captivity. They are oblivious to any danger except from hawks, not cars or cats or dogs. And you can always just get close enough to catch them, and they fly away, but not up.

  • I saw a well-dressed, middle-aged woman on Belmont Road in Adams Morgan walking around, chirping like a bird this Sunday. I wasn’t sure if she was crazy or looking for a lost pet bird, but it’s close enough to Mt Pleasant where it could feasibly be the same bird…

  • The reader should check craigslist. I found a lost budgie once and took it home (it was very tame and VERY hungry), and found its owner’s frantic “lost parakeet” post on CL from four days earlier. The crazy thing was, it was something like 7 miles from home; it had made it across RCP and everything. Don’t know where it thought it was going, but it was happy to see its people again!

  • Hi! This could be my bird. Could you please contact me with more details? If it’s not, I could at least adopt him. Thx! I need a mate for my bird who escaped about three months ago. Thx!

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