Disturbing Report of an Attempted Break-in on the 600 block of Rock Creek Chuch Rd, NW

From the MPD-3D Listserv:

“I just got this text from one of my neighbors on the 600 block of Rock Creek Chuch Rd. It happened in the alley behind their house (off of Quebec Pl) “Something disturbing happened at my house sat morn around 1am. Someone tried to remove the security door from my basement back entrance. They removed most of the screws, and the door was hanging off the house. We were all home. I guess they would have kicked the back door down. The vibration and The dog alerted me, and I started turning on lights. The motion sensor light didn’t discourage them and it was on while they were working. Had to let someone know.” Just a heads up to the Park View and Petworth neighborhoods.”

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  • Wow, crazy. Thankfully they didn’t get in and nobody was hurt. Coincidentally, I just recently purchased a second security camera for the back of my house.

  • I also find this very disturbing. Break-ins have basically chased away all of the businesses on Georgia Av where Moroni Bros, Fusion (soon to leave) and a couple other places were. I hate to sound like a broken record, but why does the Fourth District continue to show little effort combating crime? Is it the District Commander? Is Gray punishing Bowser? Is it Bowser? Police efforts in the area need to be stepped up. Immediately.

    • No kidding, but while it seems better in 3D, I sense there are double the # of crimes in that District compared to 4D. For some reason the brazen burglary kids in Petworth get a worse rap.

      • It’s better in 3D because it’s an area of the city that has been gentrifying for much longer, has more money, is much denser (hence easier to patrol), and contains the most important buildings in the country. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Up to a few years ago, 4D was mired in endemic poverty (and many arts of it still are). 4D is also geographically much larger. 3D will always have the most resources due to the fact that it’s where the Federal government is located.

  • Wow, that’s unnerving. I live in this exact same block. Good to know.

  • I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over 15 years, a good dog beats any alarm system you can buy!

  • My car was broken into a few blocks away (7th and Randolph) last night as well. I wonder if the two are related. The police filed a report, but did not do any sort of investigation. I’m wondering if these two are related, or if anyone else in the neighborhood was robbed last night…

  • We recently installed a security door, and I learned that it is supposed to be installed in such a way that the screws are not accessible from the outside, for just this reason. Just a FYI to anyone who may be installing a security door.

    • seems common sense, no?

    • If you happen to have one that installs in a way such that the screws are accessible from the outside, use one-way screws. It wouldn’t be literally impossible to remove them, but it would take a good long while even with the correct tools, which are not easy to find. With those in, it would be quicker for a determined criminal with a basic toolbox to remove the entire door frame than get the security door off.

      • Or security screws. Hell, even a torx screw would probably deter this.

      • not impossible. the bit to removed them is about 5 bucks.

        • Most people don’t just carry one around, and the cheap ones sold at HomeDepot or Ace work so poorly that you’d probably get the job done more quickly if you filed down the head and then bore into it with a screw extractor.

          In any event, if the people coming to break into your house have the right tools to take out one-way screws, they’re probably pros and will be able to pick the lock in 30 seconds without needing to unscrew anything.

      • houseintherear

        Or you can break off/file off the top of the screws after installing the door. That’s what my guy did!

  • Double lock dead bolt, re-enforced commercial grade door and door frame

  • I know that in the suburbs, police warn that motion-activated flood lights can actually help burglars to see ways of entry. This may not be the case in a city like DC where there are already lights at night, and where there are more passersby who could see the illuminated burglars, but it would be an interesting question to pose to the police here.

  • If you have screws on the outside of security bars or a security door you can also just solder some metal over the screws so they can’t come out. That’s what somebody did with the security bars on my house. That way they can only be removed by a grinder.

  • I live on the 700 block of rock Creek Church Road. In 2010, my home was broken into in the wee hours of the morning, while I was asleep. At the time, I had a wonderful cocker spaniel that barked at everything. The dog stayed in my bedroom with me at night and we also keep the door closed.

    The dog’s barking was not enough to deter a burglar from roaming around downstairs in my home and even making his way upstairs to steal a VCR and other equipment from my media room as well as my purse. The police discovered that he entered through a bathroom window. I now have bars on most of my lower windows.

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