District Taco Opening Third DC Location in former Cosi space at 20th and M St, NW

1919 M Street, NW

Big news for this former Cosi space from Washington Business Journal:

“The chain’s focus for 2014 will be on its breakfast program: expanding the breakfast taco business as well as the coffee business. The new location at 20th and M streets will have a full coffee service with coffee from M.E. Swing and Co.”

According to the report, District Taco anticipates opening here “within the next three months”.

Currently District Taco has DC locations at 656 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE and 1309 F Street, NW.

You can see their menu here.

The 20th and M St, NW location is right across the street from Vidalia:


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  • Can someone explain why District Taco is so popular? I used to live near the food cart in Arlington, so I ate there quite a few times. I found the tacos to be bland and watery, and the tortillas gummy. Am I missing something? I haven’t been to any of the brick and mortar locations; maybe they’re better?
    I still dearly miss the El Chilango truck in Court House. Sigh.

    • I think this just depends on what you order. I’ve had their fish tacos and have not been that impressed–like you said, very watery and not much flavor. But I recently tried the al pastor and really enjoyed it. I find that their pico tends to be a little more watery than some others I’ve had, so if you’re getting that on your tacos, could also cause them to be a little more watery. Overall, I’m a fan though.

      • Thanks! I’ll check it out again and will avoid the pico – that might have been the problem. This new location is sort of near my work, and I’d love to have a good source for lunchtime tacos!
        I also never tried the burritos there, but that might not be as good a choice for lunch, if I want to do anything other than sit in a food coma all afternoon.

        • I’ve only had their burritos. I’m far from a Mexican/Tex Mex/whatev specialists, but I think their burritos are damn tasty. Maybe picked one up on your way home and have it for dinner (I’m all too familiar with the “I just ate a huge lunch and want to take a nap under my desk” struggle).

    • I’ve eaten at the Penn Ave SE location. It’s convenient for me location-wise but yeah, not the greatest tacos out there.

    • Can someone explain to me why you would even bother to post a pissy comment like this? If you don’t like it, just don’t go there. (Yes, it looks like you actually need someone to explain that to you, since you “ate there quite a few times,” despite disliking it).

      • Meh, your comment is more pissy.

      • Are you new to the interwebs? I didn’t find it all that pissy. OP doesn’t like the tacos and wants to know what he/she is missing, with them opening a third location. Fair questions imo.

      • Maybe because this is the comment section of a blog, and usually people post comments in comment sections of blogs.

    • The breakfast is really good!

    • Completely disagree. I’m from Southern California and a lot of my friends in the area are. We’ve been eating authentic Mexican our whole lives, and we all go religiously to the one in Metro Center because it’s the best you can get out on the East Coast. Maybe it’s what you order? I always get the carne asada, and it’s amazing. I thought the chicken was merely all right, though.

      And is the El Chilango truck gone?! I no longer live out that way, but they have a restaurant on 11th and V, at least.

      • The truck isn’t gone. I just no longer live two blocks away from it. His brother’s restaurant at 11th and V is also excellent.

    • I agree – I just don’t get DT’s popularity, and I think the quality is diminishing with growth. As to the point on watery/gumminess, that’s one of the main problems I have with this place. They wrap–much too tightly–every taco in paper that basically steams it, so that unless you immediately take off the wrapping it gets gummy and watery. A loose wrapping in foil would be much better.

      • Good point. Since I was always getting tacos at the cart and carrying them home to eat, the tacos had a nice 5-10 minutes to get all steamy. This is likely not an issue if you eat them right there, like one would at a brick and mortar..

  • Can’t believe that PIzza Hut is still there.

  • I really enjoy District Taco for lunch. I think their storefront at F St is a little better than the cart I’ve had in Crystal City. However, I think their breakfast options are not done well. I like breakfast burritos, but their potatoes and eggs aren’t seasoned well and end up mushy and flavorless. I hope their new focus on breakfast has changed that. I love Swings Coffee, so that is good news, too.

  • Love their breakfast tacos. Occasionally eat them for lunch. Reminds me of being back home in Texas.

  • The breakfast tacos are good, as are some of the regular tacos but I can’t figure out why they use flour tortillas as the default. They have corn tortillas so why not use them? Flour tortillas are vastly inferior.

    • In what way are they inferior? I like the flavor of corn tortillas better, but the flour ones are much more flexible and durable.

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