District Flea Coming Back to Shaw April 5th – with Beer Again

945 Florida Ave, NW courtesy of District Flea

District Flea was a pretty sweet addition last year:

“A collaboration between local vendors and the people that started the Brooklyn Flea, our market will feature antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by artisans from in and around DC, New York, Baltimore, and Philly.”

They’re coming back to 945 Florida Ave, NW by the 9:30 Club on April 5th:

“Opening day is April 5th, and we’ll be running every Saturday after that throughout the spring, summer, and fall. So if you’d like to join our lineup of incredible food vendors, mark your calendars and fill out the application at www.districtflea.com/sell.”

And this time again they’ll have beer – they’ve just applied for a liquor license!

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  • Found a couple bargains there last year. Glad they’ll be back, but not surprised. Was chatting with one of the vendors last year and he said that he and his partner were very pleased with the turnout and sales in DC.

  • DC DOT: Please please please add a crosswalk at W Street before this starts! I spent many a Saturday morning in the fall at Blind Dog watching people nearly get killed crossing the street to get to the flea market.

  • i never went to this one on 9th/FL last year, but please tell me it is different than the “here, let me try to peddle all the shit in my house that i dont want” business model of the flea market on FL between 8th and 9th that is now gone?

    • Way better! A lot of good stuff here.

    • I always assumed the stuff at that flea market was stolen.

      • oh it was. i live a couple blocks away. same guy selling 5 different “used” bikes on the corner every week. another guy selling “used” computers/laptops/computer parts?

        c’mon man…

    • “here, let me try to peddle all the shit in my house that i dont want” is the business model of every flea market. One person’s crap is another person’s treasure. I’ve not been to any flea market, including the old Georgetown Flea Market, where I did not think 90% of what was available was crap I had no interest in.

    • Well, the stuff at the district flea is much more expensive. So inherently it’s better.

  • Yay! I am SO excited for this to come back. What excited me the most about it is that it seemed like genuinely “new” stuff – not just the same Eastern Market vendors that you see at every fair/market in the city. Don’t know where they found all these new vendors but it was so much fun to go. Can’t wait!!

  • This is awesome! I only made it to this once last summer because I was a little late to the game but absolutely loved it! Had no idea they had had beer in the past (?) but super pumped that they’ll have it in the future.

    For any ladies out there that love vintage clothing there’s a shop at this market called Vintage Vagabond that is truly amazing! The woman who runs it is super sweet and takes the time to help you find what you’re looking for and what looks best on you!

  • went last year and was not overly impressed
    I laso went to one of the last dates they were having it so that may have been the reason

    i hope it grows and does well though as i plan on returning

  • The stuff sold last year was okay… but the food was so good! Looking forward to snacking my way through the spring and summer!

  • This is where they proposed putting a new grocery (Harris teeter) and residential building, right? I guess that project isn’t starting anytime soon.

    I went to this market a few times last year and found some good stuff and a decent price. Glad it’s going to have beer this year! 🙂

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