Cheese Lovers Rejoice – Sona Creamery and Wine Bar Soft Opens on Capitol Hill

660 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Good news for fellow cheese fans – Sona Creamery has now opened near Eastern Market. Upon entering the shop I experienced what I imagine heaven smells like. The place looks cool too (table seating not pictured to the left of photo):


Hours are 11am-10pm and you can take a look at their menus here.

Where the magic happens:


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  • Oh wow, I live around the corner and didn’t know this was open already. I wish I liked cheese more!

  • When I walked by this weekend, I noticed there was a group doing some sort of class or tasting. Their events link doesn’t seem to be working, but is this something they do regularly?

  • Went there for lunch on Saturday and tried a cheese selection and one of their salads. Everything was absolutely delicious. The service was a little slow and disorganized, but I’m sure they’ll work that out over the next few weeks, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended!

  • So heaven smells like cheese? LULZ!!! 🙂

  • GiantSquid

    Mr. Squid and I gave it a try this weekend. The food was fantastic and we cut them a lot of slack for being their soft opening. The table next to us had less patience and walked out. They need a maitre’d to answer questions and seat people or direct them to the counter if they’re just shopping. Also, the table next to us wasn’t bussed promptly after the group left and then the couple that left sat there, brushing the crumbs off and moving dirty plates. Being busy is good but you need the staff to be on top of stuff like that. For the cold months, they really need a curtain or inner vestibule to cut down on the amount of cold air let in. We were seated by the entrance and the door getting stuck open and cold air made our dining less than pleasant. Service was slow, especially the turn around on getting our check, having it paid for, and getting the card back. All that being said, Mr. Squid’s burger was delicious, I will probably stop in later this week to order it, I liked it so much. I had the cauliflower soup that required self-restraint not to lick the bowl and the duck proscuitto and pear salad was tasty and light. I’m a big fan of the Cheesetique in Del Rey, but being able to walk to Sona for a cheese fix would be wonderful.

  • . . . I never thought heaven smelled like feet (a compliment in cheese parlance)

  • So is this replacing the olive oil place, or is it next door to it? I hope it’s the latter, but I’ve been surprised that a place that only sells olive oil & spaghetti noodles could survive this long.

    • Next to it. I get all my oils and vinegars from Sapore, and have bought many bottles for gifts as well. It’s a great little store!

      • Yeah, I’m a fan as well, but I have trouble understanding how they do enough business selling olive oil to stay afloat, even though they’ve been around for a couple years now.

        These two stores seem complementary, so hopefully this move with equal more business for both.

        • They’re done some smart partnerships with local food personalities (the Sweet Lobby uses an oil in one of their macarons, and Jonathan Bardzik who does outdoor cooking demos on the weekends uses their products in almost everything he makes). They also put a sign out at the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania, which helps direct visitors who wouldn’t know it’s there. The sign got them some social media coverage when they put clever quip on it during the government shutdown.

    • People always need olive oil, and specialized food stores are making a comeback. It’s a business model that’s worked well in other places (there are a few other olive oil stores in the region, like in Shirlington village). Initially I thought the location would be a problem (that block used to be really dead) but Sona will complement it well.

      • Do people really buy this enormously-expensive fancy olive oil? I usually buy a big can of good quality olive oil at the Italian market in my neighborhood, and it lasts forever.

        • I use cheap olive oil for cooking, and oil from Sapore for finishing. I don’t think it’s terribly expensive, and if you’re using it that way a bottle lasts a long time.

  • So there’s a restaurant component too?

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