Check Out Some Renderings for The American Coming to Blagden Alley

Future home of The American at 1209 – 1213 10th Street, NW (actually in Blagden Alley)

Thanks to a reader for sending word about these renderings for two new project coming to Blagden Alley near the Convention Center. We first learned about plans for The American back in July of last year. The description OdC Studios & Interiors says:

“With the American, we are bringing the concept of the family restaurant and the neighborhood bar to literally the backyards of the homes of the neighborhood, and most of its neighbors can just do that, they can take a stroll through the alley, and enjoy a craft beer or a hearty dish.”

Rendering via OdC Studios

You can see more renderings here.

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  • looks nice, but can’t we just get some cheap places/bars around here? Why does everything need to be a concept. The bar concept is proven

  • If you’re going to write something like “the bar draws both from the by-gone era aesthetics and the object trouve aesthetic philosophy” then you ought to spell objet trouvé correctly.

  • “Cheftender”?? Yikes. I think I’d even prefer “mixologist.”
    JCM makes a good point re. “objet trouvé.” And why couldn’t they just say “found object(s)”? It’s not like we’re talking trompe l’oeil or fin de siècle or something where the French term is in fact the prevailing one.

  • I wonder if Cooper will act like a tyrant in this bar like he has at Rogue 24…

    • justinbc

      I’m not sure democracy is the best system for running a restaurant.

      • Never said it was but when you disrespect vendors and employees, it doesn’t paint a great picture of your restaurant. I know several people that refuse to give another penny to Rogue 24 because of his behavior.

        • +1, downright mean spirited

        • Cooper is the sole reason I will never patron any place he is associated with – he is completely disrespectful to vendors and employees. Having high expectations does not equate to treating other people horribly. It shows a lack of class and character on his part.

        • Cooper is the sole reason I will never patron any place he is associated with – he is completely disrespectful to vendors and employees. Having high expectations does not equate to treating other people horribly. It shows a lack of class and character on his part.

      • There are lots of successful chefs who are known for setting and enforcing high standards while at the same time not being Marco Pierre White wannabes Eric Ripert comes to mind, as do some others.

        • justinbc

          There certainly are. Seems to be there are plenty who are successful while doing just the opposite as well. I’ve eaten at Rogue multiple times and never once saw him treat the staff poorly, and he was always incredibly outgoing and friendly towards our tables, so I guess YMMV.

      • there can only be extremes.

  • Thanks to the Prince of Petworth for the shout-out and to all for the comments.
    There’s another version for Spirits that can be seen here:!unbuilt-restaurants-and-bars/c1xuu

    • That link is to a different design in a different building in Blagden Alley, and since it’s in the ‘unbuilt’ section of OCD’s designs I think it’s no longer in the works.

      • But upon rereading your post I see you already know that… It’s too bad the first one couldn’t be done- love the hanging auto theme, but this one is nice too- would be a great addition to the alley. Good Luck RJ!!

  • Seems like this area is going a little heavy on the contemporary American. Rouge 24, Corduroy, Baby Wale, Thally and now the American. When the Marriott opens at least we will have some mid-priced American to balance out the high priced American.

    • I’m not so sure that the Marriott will be mid-priced. Hotel restaurants aren’t known for being bargains…though I suppose it depends on your definition of mid-priced.

      • justinbc

        It’s going to be a Marriott Marquis, the top-end of their brand, so I doubt they’ll be shooting for affordable.

        • Oh great, so it’ll be both horribly mediocre, AND horribly expensive. What is it with the food at chain hotels? I travel frequently, and I can count on one hand the number of chain hotels with really good food. These folks should realize that some of us do actually come back to the same hotels later on and don’t forget the quality of the food.

          • Um, because they don’t have to be any good? Captive audience.

          • Travel expense account + captive audience + out-of-town travelers too tired/lazy/scared to explore the neighborhood = crappy, overpriced food

          • Just because it’s a hotel doesn’t mean the food will be mediocre. Many hotels are changing their business models in regards to the restaurants and striving for quality, fine dining and service. Don’t stereotype before they open.

          • True – Blue Duck Tavern is pretty damn good (and located in the West End Hyatt)

          • justinbc

            Michael Mina (a multiple Michelin star chef) usually places his restaurants in hotels, and they’re quite often in some of the nicer hotels in the city. Bourbon Steak is a great example of this. I would never expect to find top tier dining at a regular Marriott or Hilton, but rather be pleasantly surprised if they happen to offer it. The Westin (or W), St. Regis, Four Seasons, and Ritz lines all usually have a good option within them.

  • I used to box at this place before it became the newest bar concept or whatever. I’d like a little history on the Downtown Boxing Club because it was an awesome, secret neighborhood place with nothing else like it around. POP, et al, Whaddya say?

  • tonyr

    I looked at this earlier and now it seems that half the article has disappeared. What happened to the bit about Spirits? Am I losing my mind?

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