Check Out Chez Billy’s New Bar Menu featuring a “Royal with cheese”

3815 Georgia Avenue, NW

From an email:

“Chez Billy is launching their bar menu this Monday [Feb. 10th]! All Day, every day, at all open bars. See the menu below:

Oeufs Mimosa- deviled eggs with capers, boquerones, shallot pickle $4

Honey roasted almonds with piment d’espelette $4

Marinated cerignola, picholine, and kalamata olives with aged sherry vinegar $5

“Royal with cheese”
6 oz. natural beef burger, gruyere cheese, bread &butter pickles, smoked bacon, special sauce on a sesame seed bun with pommes frites or mixed greens $15

Plat De Fromage Walnut raisin toast, wildflower honey $8″

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  • I”m still partial to Big Kahuna Burger…

  • I’m probably going to go just for that burger. 😛

  • Those eggs sound delicious. Burger sounds good too, but I think they should have spelled it Royale, like Tarantino did.

  • why can’t they offer this at the tables? If they did, I might actually go more than once every 4 months. I really want to support a neighborhood joint becuase this place is not good enough to become a destination if you live more than one metro stop away. But its definitely not a neighborhood joint I would go to once a week either. And damn, I would love a good local place with solid food I could go to once a week in the neighborhood with my kid.

    • Looking Glass Lounge has $5 burger and fries every Wednesday. I like most of the food on their menu and it is certainly a “neighborhood joint.” Avoid the nachos on Thursday… they can be soggy.

    • Geez! You can’t please people. If it was a dive bar folks would say “not another bar, I want someplace nice”, now you have a nice place and still complaints. It adds variety to the neighborhood. Isn’t that the point?
      I’ve seen plenty of kids in Chez Billy. An eight year old that I know – her parents wanted to take her someplace nice for her birthday – but also kids from babies to teenagers that I don’t know. They all seemed to be doing just fine there. The only barrier to you taking your kid is ….you.

  • [mouth watering] great additions. I LOVE Chez Billy. Excellent, nicely prepared food. I understand the person who wants a neighborhood eatery. Casual, clean and family friendly. Chez Billy is family friendly, clean and has great food, but it’s not necessarily the place like you are looking for. We could definitely use a relaxed neighborhood joint in Petworth, but it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully more will come with the addition of the new Safeway, the popularity of Chez Billy and the new stuff on Upshur/Georgia.

  • 15$ for a burger in Petworth is a little steep.

  • No poutine?!?!?!?

  • I’ve been waiting for a burger since they opened! Love Marvin’s burgers. I’ll definitely be going to Chez more than once every 6 months now!

  • I <3 Chez Billy. Their food is seriously good. Now i have even more reason to belly up to the bar.

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