Anyone See the “Evil Frosty” Outside DC USA Last Night?


“Dear PoPville,

Just passing along a strange sight in Columbia Heights yesterday…Evil Frosty in Columbia Heights. A person in a snowman costume posed like a statue outside the DCUSA center yesterday evening and then randomly lunged towards passersby trying to scare them. There were many screams and laughs!”

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  • That seems like a great way to get the sh1t kicked out of you, or shot

  • I hate that gag. There was a guy in down by Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco who used to do that, hiding behind some branches. And when people laughed, he shoved a hat in front of them. Like it was some kind of performance art, instead of straight up assholery.

    • I thought of the same thing. It’s one thing though to do it in a tourist area and another to do it in Cohi where some have street cred.

  • Has this blog ever covered the guy who stands on top of a milk crate with his radio blasting and he wears some combination of silver face paint/ripped garbage bags? He is ALWAYS there – maybe once a week or so. Just wondering what his story is.

  • jim_ed

    Things like this always make me think of this video thats been floating around the internet forever:

  • As a person with some latent anxiety issues, this would upset me. A sudden spike in adrenaline from something like this can set me on edge and bring on a panic attack later in the evening that would have otherwise remained under control. I know it’s fun for many people to get scared, but for those of us who are struggling, it’s really not fun.

  • I love Evil Frosty!

  • I was walking down the street yesterday, lost in thought, when he jumped at me and scared the ever-loving crap out of me and put me on edge for the rest of the night. In a neighborhood where it’s not unheard of to have someone jump out at you to rob, hit, or otherwise harm you, this is a dick move.

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