A Restaurant or Corner Store Coming to 13th and Florida Ave, NE


“Dear PoPville,

I was just curious if you had any idea what is being built on 13th and Florida NE. It looks like it could be commerical on the bottom floor, but I’m not quite sure. They are definitely moving quickly on the renovations, though.”

I spoke with some workers last weekend who said there could be plans for a restaurant or corner store but they weren’t 100% sure. Stay tuned.


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  • Latest word is a cafe/bakery but nothing definite yet. There is also a giant basement below the main floor. The two apartments above are deluxe and ready to rent!!! New owner is a good guy and has invested a ton of money into that building.

  • Ah yes, the former “Black Market”

  • justinbc

    I’ve watched this renovation go on for a while and I’ve been really impressed with the progress. Glad to hear it might actually turn into something other than another carry-out for that area.

  • The man who owned the former Black Market was great. So sad to see him lose his business just after he rebuilt it after the fire. I never asked him but I assume that the name of the store came out of black power empowerment politics. It represented local black people owning the buisnesses that served local black customers which is political because so often whites have been the main beneficiaries of black consumer spending. I’m disappointed to see this business go and feel especially bad for the store owner.

  • I had the chance to see the upstairs renovations at this building, which are two floors of apartments, and was blown away by the quality of the work and finishes. The owner means business! And when finished, this building will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood. Can’t wait to see what retailer takes the ground floor, I’m sure it will be great.

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