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  • Went there Saturday and Sunday and it was great! Nice people, none of the pretension of the places around 14th Street, and really good coffee.

  • Very happy for every new arrival of this type here in DC. Haven’t been to the store yet, so I’ll reserve judgement, but first impression from the photos I’ve seen here and elsewhere is surprise that it has as little seating as it does.

    • Too many people come to coffee shops and veg w/ laptops for hours on end. So, in a way it’s nice to see less seating and have shops specializing at what they do best without catering to the Wi-Fi crowd.

      • justinbc

        I don’t expect that to stop people from doing it. It just means that instead of 8 tables full of people occupying space you’ll have 4 (or whatever their number is).

  • It is lovely, but I don’t think it was quite prepared for how excited the neighborhood was for its arrival! Very crowded (although coffee production moved pretty quickly), but completely out of all food by 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. I think it will be a great addition to the neighborhood and the latte I had was delicious. Interior is gorgeous.

  • I went there with my wife and friends. All of us were quite pleased with our coffee. We will return.

  • I think its great! Went there to get some coffee on this rainy Monday morning. Excited to have this in the neighborhood.

  • Has anyone ever been to that Rogue place next door? It looks obscenely expensive. Hopefully that means it’s obscenely good, but many of DC’s restaurants have proven that the two don’t always go together.

    • justinbc

      Rogue 24 provided the best meal I’ve ever had in DC, and the service was superb.

    • It’s decent. They have some legal problems they are working through and Cooper is a little bit of a prima donna though.

      • Saying “Cooper is a little bit of a prima donna” (the owner) is like saying that pigs wallow in a little bit of shit. He is a nothing less than despot of his fiefdom. Can’t wait for him to go HAM on the wrong delivery guy or to get caught talking trash about one of his clients.

    • I’d say Rogue 24 is the *second* best meal I’ve had in DC. Marou’s former “Fair Olivia” was the best. RJ definitely has a reputation as a prima donna and it would be better if he were humbler but you can’t deny that he’s doing awesome things in Rogue 24.

    • It’s okay. If you get the opportunity to do some sort of discounted 4 or 6-course meal (like via Gilt or something), it’s worth trying once. And since they’ve cut back on the use of foam, it’s a bit more substantial and filling than it was before.

      From what I hear, though, the 24-course tasting will (counterintuitively) leave you hungry.

      • justinbc

        Having eaten the 24 course Journey meal myself, I can say that you will not leave “hungry”. If you do then you need to reevaluate how much food you eat regularly, regardless of what this restaurant serves.

        • I’m a very petite 105 pound woman and left hungry after the 24 course meal (twice) which included drinks. I don’t think I need to re-evaluate how much I eat I think everyone has a different full threshold.

  • Cappuccino was tasty but lukewarm on Sunday. 🙁

  • The coffee was great! My only complaint is that all the tables were taken by people on lap tops. I get that people want a place to go that isn’t home, but some of us just want to sit and drink our coffee for 10 minutes and then get a move on. Reconsider where you are doing your computing please.

    • It seems odd to me that for some people the default approach to a new coffee shop in the neighborhood is to arrive early, claim an entire table, and interact with no one while hunched over a laptop computer for hours.

      “Don’t you people have homes?” – Judge Smails

      • That’s why I’m not the least bit shy about asking to share the table with those people. Good luck balancing your laptop on the edge of one of those tiny tables.

      • It would be nice if coffee shops had “NO LAPTOPS OR READING” seats/tables for those who want to quickly sit down for 10-15 minutes and get on their way. Perhaps put a sign on the table giving them a 15 minute time limit.

      • This is how I feel about the Coffee Bar on S Street – great coffee and relatively friendly service but I can NEVER sit. I am on maternity leave and in this weather (well, not TODAY but in general) it’s about as far as I’ll walk the baby and he usually falls asleep. It would be REALLY nice to be able to go in, get my drink, sit down for 20 minutes and relax, and walk back. But no, everyone with a Twitter feed has to be there taking up tables. It’s a bit much. When I was in college, the coffee shop I went to had a “work section” and a “no work” section – people with laptops got a section and the people there to enjoy their coffee for a bit had another. It freed up space and worked well. Wish more places would do something like that.

        • i don’t mind people who lounge around coffee shops that much, but I wish more places had a counter with stools or something like a lot of the cafeterias in Miami or coffee shops in Italy. Comfy to stop in and sip your coffee but not somewhere you want to be for a whole afternoon.

  • Do they still serve on decent china? In addition to the wonderful coffee, one thing I loved about their Philadelphia shop I frequented in college was that they served their coffee in nice ceramic cups. Really makes you appreciate what you’re drinking.

  • We stopped by Saturday afternoon and we’re very impressed. The space is beautiful and the Americano I had was perfectly done. And the staff was incredibly friendly. Glad they’re here!

  • Stopped in twice this weekend – the coffee was very tasty and the folks working were very friendly. I think they have a few kinks to work out in terms of service, but nothing too serious. It’s great to have them in the neighborhood!

  • brookland_rez

    There was better stuff to drink at Fight Club.

  • looking at the photos I’m shocked they gave up that much interior space at the entrance for that covered outdoor area.

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