$15 Snow Emergency Fare for Taxi Rides after 6:30pm Tonight, Plus DC USA will provide parking for no charge while snow emergency is in effect

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From the District of Columbia Taxicab Commission:

“The Snow Emergency Fare will go in effect to coincide with the declaration by the Mayor of a snow emergency. The fare will remain in effect for 12 hours unless extended as determined by the weather conditions. This fare authorizes taxis to add a flat fee of $15 to the metered charge. Drivers are advised to monitor the website for possible extensions.”

and from DPW:

“DC USA, (3100 14th Street, NW) has announced that they will provide free parking for residents in Wards 1, 2, 4 and 6. They will accommodate vehicles in the lower parking level at no charge while snow emergency is in effect. Snow emergency goes into effect at 6:30 p.m. Today February 12, 2014. Motorists are asked to park in the lower level, go to the parking office and provide vehicle information. When residents are ready to leave they must go back to the parking office to get ticket validated.”

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  • So, you’re going to charge $15 extra for a snow emergency before it’s actually snowing. And now you know why people hate DC cabs.

    • This is why I use Uber.

    • If you don’t want to pay it then don’t use the service they’re providing you the option with. Duh. Now you know why people hate uppity Washingtonians. Personally, I find the extra fee reasonable even if the snow hasn’t quite started since the drivers are effectively committing to driving home in the crap by chauffeuring your ass around before it starts.

      • This is about gouging customers, not rewarding the unwavering commitment of cab drivers. They are metered now – if the snow makes the trip take longer, they get paid more. No need to add $15 just because it’s snowing.

        • I think that this is designed as an incentive for cabbies who brave the snow to pick up people. I’d venture to say that the cabbies would have been on the road regardless of the existence of the $15 bump.

          • having had the unpleasant experience of trying to catch a cab in a heavy snowstorm in downtown DC before, I think you’re wrong. creating economic incentives to get out there and take the risk of driving in the bad weather is a great idea.

  • I was planning to work late and catch a cab at 8:00 before the heavy snow hits, but I will walk home before paying a DC cabbie an extra fifteen bucks.

  • It was bad enough under the old 2x snow fare rule. Did this rule go into effect to further compensate the taxis for adopting credit card readers (most of which are still suspiciously “broken”)?

  • Uber is going to clean up tonight. And Lyft. What other non-taxi services are out there? Spread the word. Boycott DC cabs.

  • I don’t understand how the Commission was able to make the fare increase take effect hours before it has started to snow. I can understand at 10 pm, but nothing has even happened yet.

    • It’s based on the DC gov’t snow emergency declaration, which mostly has to do with people getting their parked cars off snow emergency routes.
      DC taxi commission couldn’t very well call it as they wished. Can you imagine the outrage? “My friend took a cab at 7:43 and paid normal fare, and I took one at 7:52 and paid the surcharge!” They have to go with something official.
      But I say boycott. The surcharge doesn’t make sense with the meters. If it takes longer, you pay more. Simple.

      • It makes “sense” as a way to motivate drivers to work in crappy conditions, which has nothing to do with meters. Whether $15 is the right amount, may be a different question.

      • Thank you. I know it seems odd at first but for the love of god people think for just one second that there might be a reason why 6:30 is the time rather than just a randomly picked way for DC Cabs to screw you. As Anon 4:55 said, they have to go with something official.
        That said, I have no love for DC cabs in general and agree with Anon 4:55. Boycott if you can, snow emergency or not.

  • Check yourself, honey. You seem just one honk away from some serious road rage. I wouldn’t want to be on the roads with the likes of you tonight.

  • Citizens of POPVille: Prepare yourself for the great “dibs on parking spots because i shoveled it, “validated” by my placement of garbage cans/cones” debate of 2014!

  • I have an international flight tomorrow morning from Dulles at 9am (if it isn’t cancelled!). Any suggestions on how I should get to the airport from Dupont? I’m not sure what will be open, miserable in snow, etc. Ideas?

  • Can you link to any announcement about the free parking at DCUSA? I find nothing on the DDOT twitter feed or web page. Their communication about this availability during Snowmageddon was terrible. Hope they do better this time around.

    • The announcement (as mentioned above) was from DPW, not DDOT. You can find it on their Twitter feed @DCDPW .

      • A single tweet on one feed… No mention of it on any DC govt website (that I can find) or broadcast elsewhere (ANC4C meeting tonight would have been a good forum). Similar limited broadcast of DCUSA parking availability during snowmaggedon. Such a terrible job getting information out… Even the people working there didn’t hear about it (see below) Might as well not offer the service.

  • I’m at dcusa and the staff person here knows nothing about it.

    • I’m at dcusa and the staff person here knows nothing about it. Ok found someone who heard about it but there is nobody in the parking office to leave info with as it says we should. Left my car anyway.

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