Uh Oh – 2100 Lose Power in Columbia Heights


Thanks to a reader for passing on these tweets from @CoHiPat:

“@PepcoConnect reports 2100 out of power in CoHi. Est. Restore:12noon.”

“@PepcoConnect now reports crews are on site. Updated estimated restore time: 2:00pm

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  • yikes, glad I’m at work

    • Hoping pipes aren’t busted by the time yall get back home!

      Thank goodness I had copper pipes put in!

      • Copper pipes burst just as well as plastic. In fact, since they are great conductors the water will actually freeze faster than plastic when the ambient temp is this low!

        • gotryit

          Also, plastic – PEX pipes have some ability to expand with the freeze without bursting. I definitely don’t want to test that, but it may be better than copper.

  • PSA: the Pepco outage map isn’t super specific, so if you’re at work & concerned about whether an outage is affecting your home, you can go here and click on “Check Outage Status” on the menu bar.

  • The cause is “underground equipment”?

  • Unfortunate timing. Hopefully this doesn’t cause anybody’s pipes to freeze over!

  • The grid in Colombia Heights is outdated and can’t support the number of people that now live in the new neighborhood. I lived there a few years ago and our power would go out on hot days when everyone had their AC running.

    • I’ve lived her for less than a year and have been effected by several outages. What gives! They need to upgrade the grid and improve the public lighting. Typical DC government. Letting infrastructure crumble.

  • I have lived in Columbia Heights for 12 years, and this is the first time I have lost power. I’m just glad it’s during the day, and I hope my pipes don’t freeze while it’s off.

    • 8 years and never ONCE lost power in CH. They turned it off (with warning) for maintenance a few weeks ago, but other than that, never a blip, not even when a nearby lightning strike fried a bunch of electronics up and down the street.

  • Does anyone know if Mount Pleasant is affected (specifically 17th and Newton)? I cant check on the Pepco site because our landlord is the account owner, but I’m hoping my dog isn’t freezing!

  • 14th & Irving is still on. Anyone home and cold, especially with babies, is welcome to come shelter.

  • I hope by “underground equipment” they don’t mean underground power lines. We have underground power lines to our building and we lost power for 5 days in the summer. They have to dig up the lines to find the issues, which a Pepco rep explained to us was like, “finding a leak in a water hose buried under ground.”

  • I feel bad for the workers that have to go out in this weather to fix this problem!

  • Anyone know if this is affecting either side of Spring Road? I care for a few dogs on that street and will head that way if it’s affected. I don’t know the owners account info.

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