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  • Cleveland Park is the best!!!!! Lots of people like to bash CP but it is really an enchanting place to live:-)

  • Where else have these been spotted? I can think of two in my neighborhood. One is on the 500 block of A Street SE, and another is over by the interim Frager’s location (something like the 1200 block of E Street SE). I’d love to put one in my yard but they’re expensive and I’m not handy enough to build my own.

  • This is my project for the winter, still trying to figure out how to make it blend in with our yard a bit better!

  • Not sure I love them, or hate them… I find them a little weird/creepy. Not sure what it is. Sort of like yarn bombs, about which I am also a contrarian.

  • It gives me a teeny, tiny bit of hope for humanity to see that this thing has survived this long in DC without being tagged or smashed to bits.

    • Nobody’s gonna steal books. Haven’t you heard that Chris Rock bit about why you should hide your money in books? 🙂

      • “Books are like kryptonite!” 😉

      • I can personally vouch for that! 🙂 Last holiday season, our friendly neighborhood package thief (or theives) spied my Amazon.com box, sliced it open, rummaged through it…and then left the books in the box on my doorstep.

        • If they take things away from your step, I advise you comb your local area. I forever find ripped open boxes addressed to places just a few blocks away.

  • What happens to these when it snows or really really rains?

    • They are constructed to be weatherproof. What happens to your house when it snows or really rains? Same principles but on a much smaller scale. Humidity can admittedly be a problem

  • I’ve actually both contributed to and taken books from the Little Library at 13th and W. I love the concept!!!

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