“the most bananas house I think I’ve ever seen in D.C. (and you can rent it!)”

2220 Q Street_nw

Yesterday @OConnellPostbiz tweeted:

“This is the most bananas house I think I’ve ever seen in D.C. (and you can rent it!)”

The Airbnb listing says:

“Spectacular, one-of-a-kind house situated in a private alley among the three most desirable neighborhoods in DC: Georgetown, Adams Morgan, and Dupont Circle! Two carriage houses combined to produce incomparable living spaces– approx. 5,220 square feet, which contains a master bedroom suite (on separate floor) with private bathroom and access to rooftop decks. Also, two large bedroom suites each with private bathrooms! Kitchen, dining room, large recreation/billiard room, elevator, mezzanine office/den, lounge, and 2,000 square feet of outdoor space to include a rooftop pool!! The attention of detail and imaginative design is one of a kind!

If you wish the house to be completely empty (without Doug, Haiti (dog), and one in-house staff member), the master suite can be made available based on accommodation expenses of $500 per night , which will be added to the charges.”

In 2011 this was a GDoN House Porn post that was going for $4,995,000. You can still see the virtual tour here.

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  • justinbc

    Yeah I remember when this place was for sale, kind of hard to believe they’re now renting it out. Is this guy “Doug” the owner, or just someone they pay to stay there and manage the upkeep? It’s hard to believe someone working at a gym(s) in DC would be able to afford a $5M place on their own…

    • Doug is or was the owner of Results Gym(s).

    • “Doug” is the owner of the house and of the Results/Stroga line of workout studios. He made a ton of money from the original Results on U Street before other fancy gyms got into the business, which is presumably how he pulled together this place. Between a soured relationship with the owner of the U Street building, over-expansion of the Results chain, and more competition from high-end gyms (Vida, Mint, la/fitness) it seems like his cash cow has dried up a bit, since he’s now renting out rooms in his teen-boy-fantasy house.

      • justinbc

        Ahh, thanks for the clarification. Still, that’s way more than I would have guessed even the owner would make! I guess all those $200 / mo subscriptions add up over the years.

      • Well, if he can still afford on-site help, I’d assume he’s not doing too poorly. And yea, I too am jealous of his teen-boy-fantasy house.

    • im pretty sure the owner owns a gym chain
      not just works at one lol

  • I’m mostly confused why they say this is situated among Adams Morgan? It’s not really near Adams Morgan at all.

    That house is definitely bananas. I love it. But I’m not sure you couldn’t create your own masterpiece with 4.4m in the city.

  • That place is fantastic. I love all the different levels. Look like a complete bachelor pad though.

  • ended up in a party here
    really cool space you wouldnt know about unless you knew

  • I think this place was featured in an episode of “Celebrity House Hunters” in which the prospective buyer was Biz Markie.

  • I don’t know what the deal is with the home but it is not worth $5 million, not even in the overheated market in DC, not even in Dupont, not even with an elevator and a rooftop pool. At best I think the home could have sold for closer to 3.5-4 million. On the other hand it’s kind of sad that they feel they have to rent it out on Airbnb, which might not even be legal in DC.

    The problem is that there are relatively few buyers looking for a home of this size in this location, and in the city in general, as many of the people coming in are single or new couples, not established families looking to spend $4M on a family home. If they want to do that then they would probably just live in one of the many upscale suburban type neighborhoods west of RCP like Spring Valley, Cleveland Park, Palisades, etc, where they can get more for their money, or even across the border in MD or VA.

  • I’ve been inside. Impressive place, but less so in person than in photos.

  • Nice job structurally. Interior designer ought to be punched in the face repeatedly.

  • Now that’s some mighty-fine house porn!

  • As a neighbor to this house, I am impressed by the awesomenes, but unimpressed by the parties that are thrown here for college students and then the beer bottles that got thrown at the side of my apt building.

  • So $1,200 total to throw a rager? ($499+$200 cleaning+$500 security deposit).

    • + $20/non house guest or $100/extra house guest. That could add up quickly assuming most guests stay over.

  • the glee i have in seeing mr doug so hard up he is renting his house out to strangers while sequestered in the master suite is very hard to contain! anyone who ever worked with him would know what i am talking about.

    that house will be sold at a huge loss and discount in less than five years. i’m surprised he has held out this long.

  • or georgetown. it’s not even close. nothing on that side of the park is g-town. nothing on that side of connecticut is admo. i know why he’d try to goose it up though – the actual location’s pretty boring. and you have to pay an additional 500 to NOT have the owner and his dog there? why would anyone want to rent this place? the price isn’t any kind of deal and it doesn’t seem like any of the amenities would make up for it.

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