Taylor Charles Steak & Ice Closed (temporarily?) on H Street – “All we can say right now are cheesesteaks are not dead”

1320 H Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

It appears that Taylor Gourmet’s foray into Philly Cheesesteaks – Taylor Charles Steak and Ice on H Street – has gone belly up. The windows are papered over and it’s clearly closed. Not hugely surprising, as it never seemed to do much business. I also found it a tremendously disappointing place – really bad, overpriced cheesesteaks.”

A friend of mine checked it out this morning and sends word that a permit has been posted for “alteration/repair”. Strangely there is no mention on Taylor Charles’ twitter and they haven’t sent a tweet since Dec. 21st. Their website is still active though.

A rep. for the restaurant tells me via email:

“All we can say right now are cheesesteaks are not dead.”

Will update when more info becomes available.


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  • i only went twice
    was never thoroughally impressed

    i soon after stopped eating stuff like that though

  • Also god forbid you actually ask for delivery. Prepare for a 2 hour wait.

  • That White Wiz goes through you like a Ferrari. I’m sticking with the local Chinese carryout steak & cheese.

  • Too bad. I actually thought this place was great for a late night bite after a night out or gluttonous meal. Overall a pretty good cheesesteak experience for DC IMO.

  • I’ve not eaten there, but the name always makes me think of Charles Taylor, the Liberian leader convicted of war crimes. Surely I’m not the only one, especially in a place like DC. *shudder*

  • I live in the neighborhood and am a big fan of this place, so I definitely hope they’ll be back. Sadly, though, most of the times I went in there they just were not very busy, so I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst…

  • who is Carlos Iglesias?

  • Mediocre cheesesteaks at best. I have yet to find a halfway decent cheesesteak in this city (ironically, the one at SEI is the best imo, but it is not traditional). I hate the places (like Taylor) that have steak already cooked and they throw it on the grill with some oil to heat it up. Nasty.

    • Where do you get the idea that they had the steak already cooked? I’ve eaten there a good dozen times, and never once was the steak pre-cooked. You were able to watch them cook your steak (or chicken) right in front of you.

    • They only show up in DC occasionally and are usually in Rosslyn or Clarendon for lunch, but @badabingdc makes an awesome Philly-style cheese steak. Whiz and wit.

    • Second Bada Bing. Also The Broiler and Al’s in Del Ray. Mario’s is nothing like Philly, but it’s still good (thick cut ribeye, not shredded).

  • I was a fan, I hope they’re back soon. I’m sure there are better cheesesteaks out there, but I liked their bread, and it was a great option to have after leaving the bars. There’s only so much H & Pizza you can eat.

  • And, while we’re at it, what is going on with their plans for 14th & P? Work on the planned store has picked up, but rumor has it that Dolcezza Gelato has taken over the lease.

  • i worked at jerrys subs and pizza for a year or two, they should hire me as a cheese steak cooking consultant. i could help get them back on track!

    • brookland_rez

      I hope you’re being sarcastic, because Jerry’s has some of the worst food ever, cheese steaks included.

  • Um. All you haters have 1) obviously never lived in Philly 2) have no appreciation for a quality cheesesteak. Steak and Ice is a bright spot in a city devoid of quality hoagies.

  • I’m really sorry to hear this, the Taylor’s guys are great people that put out a great product. I always ordered with extra meat because I thought the sandwiches were small but excellent quality. Hope they are back up and running soon!

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