Seaton Market Going Out of Business in Bloomingdale

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“Dear PoPville,

Seaton Market is closing, major possibilities for the space for Bloomingdale. Poster taped to the right of the door shown in closeup. Corner of Seaton NW and North Capitol Street. Beside the double apartment / condo building being remodeled.”

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  • Other than appearing in the opening credits to House of Cards, that place serves no purpose. I live across the street and have been in twice in four years. Happy to see it go.

    • true, it’s no gastropub.

    • And what purpose are you serving? That’s a real question — not snark. Given your comment, I’m genuinely curious about your values. Why be so dismissive of a community business that’s been a part of the neighborhood for many years just because you’ve only sauntered in twice.

      • I’ve “sauntered in twice” because it’s a shitty store and there are much better options within three blocks. Both times I was harassed by other customers who were obviously high on something, one demanding that I buy her a bag of chips. The person working did nothing, other than remain behind her bullet proof glass shield. I also don’t go to the mini-mart on 1 St NW because it’s a shit hole. I bought stuff there and got home to find out it expired a year earlier.
        I go to the market on the corner of North Capitol and Randolph Pl and the Capitol Food Mart on North Capitol several times a week – it’s not like I’m hiding at Harris Teeter and avoiding all the local places. But just because a business has been there for many years doesn’t mean it should stay in business if it refuses to improve as the neighborhood improves.

  • Tears… The owners of Seaton Market have been a staple in the neighborhood for decades. I am forty, my cousin was 18 months younger than me. She died of a brain tumor at 28. The owners came to her funeral and presented my aunt with an envelop. We had been going to Seaton on the way to and from St. Martin’s since we could WALK!!! It is a shame, I was hoping that their children/grandchildren would take up the store. I have made it a point to frequent that store even though I no longer live in the neighborhood. Happy Retirement Folks!!! You made our HOOD a NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

    • thats very sweet of them. over 38 years running a business is a loooooong time. hopefully they can cash out and retire happy.

    • Thank you for this anecdote! I too hope that they can cash out and live a happy and wonderful retirement!

    • Thanks for sharing this! Your story reminded me how lucky I was to grow up in a neighborhood with neighborhood stores owned by people who viewed themselves as an integral part of the community. Hope the owners of the Seaton Market enjoy their retirement!

  • does anyone know what’s going on above the seaton market? it looks uninhabited with some boarded up windows.

  • We live in two different worlds, dear. That’s why we’re so far apart.

  • they had the building on the market for months and months, $850k i think. wonder if they found a buyer, thats a lota cheese

  • I really love corner stores around this area, but it’s the high/drunk loiterers who ruin some of them (not all) for me. The one on N. Capitol and Bryant is actually nice, clean and they have a decent selection, but one block north on Channing and it’s a totally different world. Wonder what this will place be? There’s already a coffee shop & dry cleaners close by. Pub and Firehouse opening a little farther north. New upscale salon down on Florida. Not sure what would make sense here…

    • Yes, the area has everything we could possibly ask for… what MORE could ever add to the options??? Since the area has, until recently, supported a corner store on about every 4th corner, I suspect it could handle two or three of just about anything that people use. The density might not be high, but contrary to your assertion, the options are far from numerous.

      • Not at ALL what I was saying — I am excited to see this area getting great options everywhere. More like musing about how a potential developer/owner would view that location and the local competition. What kind of business could open there that wouldn’t have a lot of direct competition in the near term?

  • I’ve lived a block away for a year and didn’t realize this place was still open for business. Hopefully whatever takes its place is more inviting…

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