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  • I was wondering when this hole was going to be developed. Seems like to last building left not to be around those few blocks on 14th. Eager.

  • Once again, the NIMBYs have been defeated!!!! Hoooray!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seriously. These guys are like 1 out of 100. They stopped the hotel at U/13th, correct?

      • Stopped the hotel and instead got an apartment building. Wouldn’t a hotel create more precious daytime foot traffic that they claim to care about?

        I used to be on their Yahoo Listserv and it was a hot mess of craziness.

    • Who are the NIMBYs?

      • The Wallach Place cabal. They tried to “save” the post office/carpet store next door to what is now Matchbox (and even enlisted Eleanor Holmes-Norton on the Post Office), tried to prevent the tear-down of the 13th Street Rite Aid for a 7 story hotel (will now be an apartment bldg as others have noted), and also protested this project, I believe. It’s a nice little street with a few folks who want life to stay the way it was in 1996.

  • Am I the only one who wonders what the last day at the Mitoni’s Unisex Styling Salon was like?

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