Results Gym Downtown to Become LA Fitness, Capitol Hill Location will remain Open


Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“We’re pleased to announce that, as of January 16, 2014, LA Fitness will assume the operation of the Downtown Results Gym health club located at 1101 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, near the Farragut North Metro Station (the “Downtown club”).

LA Fitness has agreed to continue to service your current active membership at your existing rate, along with any personal training sessions you have already purchased, at the Downtown club. On your next visit to the Downtown club, please check with the front desk to receive your new LA Fitness membership card. You’ll also be given the opportunity to sign an LA Fitness membership agreement at your existing membership rate.

Results Gym will continue to operate its Capitol Hill facility located at 315 G Street, SE Washington, D.C. 20003. If your current active membership allows you access to the Capitol Hill club you will be allowed continued use of that facility through April 30, 2014.”

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  • How long until Results Cap Hill becomes a Vida? What has happened to Results?!

  • As a member of the Downtown club, this isn’t surprising. Quality of the gym has gone down significantly over the years, with little attention payed to maintenance of equipment.

  • As a recently former member at the Capitol Hill location, I’m not surprised. The gym has really slipped in the last couple of years, while rates have gone up. The staff is always polite, but when I terminated my membership, nobody even asked why or if there was a way they could entice me to stay. That said to me that they didn’t really care or consider the thousands of dollars every member represents to their business.

    A Vida is coming to Navy Yard this summer, only about five blocks down 4th street from Results. That will be the death knell for the capitol hill location. I suspect that selling downtown is a last ditch effort to shore up resources at the cap hill location so they can stave off the Navy Yard Vida challenge for as long as possible

    • I agree with you. I love the charm of the Cap Hill building and the locker room and the nice staff members, but their sales strategy is really strange and the price is a little too high. there is almost no incentive provided to sign a year long contract, so they operate on month to months with most people. And I have found the same lack of interest when it comes to terminating membership.

    • I live in the northern part of Capitol Hill, so Vida won’t help me. There isn’t much competition apart from Results and WSC.

    • I agree, I think Results is going downhill fast which I hate because I love the building and have been a member since it opened. I would be interested to know where other Cap Hill residents have gone to after leaving Results, to WSC? How does it compare.

  • the pic posted with the story is of the sign on the old Results on U street which is now Vida.

  • I’m a member of the downtown gym as well, but live around the Shaw metro station. Has anyone heard about the new gym going in on Progression Row? I’m wondering if I should kill off my membership here and join that one, though I’m not really sure what the timeframe is for their opening. And agreed on the slipping of quality at Results. Sad really.

    • +1 that Shaw is a gigantic gym desert, aside from the boutique storefront crossfit/yoga places. We need a full service gym badly. The basement of the Wonder Bread Factory would be perfect for this.

      • So is that what the new place on Progression Row is going to be like? A boutique? That would blow. The former scam job pharmacy on the corner of Florida and 7th would also make a good spot for a full service gym.

      • Amen! Someone please please open a full service gym in the area

  • What a really sad turn of events. The last thing this downtown corridor needs is another shoddy, poorly run gym. This is what drove me to Results in the first place. L.A. Fitness will bring this down another level. Maybe Equinox will consider moving in downtown and showing the rest of the mediocre clubs how it’s done.

  • David wins.

  • Hmm. LA Fitness has another location three blocks away. Why buy this one?

  • I recently cancelled my Vida membership. At least the results owner would say hello. The Vida owner looks like he is mad all the time.

  • This is such bullshit. As a member for this Results location for over 3 years I was so mad when I received this email with ONE DAY advance notice that it was being taken over by LA Fitness. The email said they would take on your same payment rate- WTF? I looked on the LA Fitness (which I never heard of before) and it said it was like $29 a month! Why would I want to pay $70 a month- without even seeing a class schedule. Are they just giving our bank details over to this place? This is so shady…if you are a member you should change your bank info- I can totally see Results “forgetting” to stop their automatic monthly deductions. Trust.

    • @kelly I agree. I was wondering if we could expect a refund of the difference. Also, along the lines of being given zero notice, I really hope the owner of Results doesn’t really expect us to continue to be patrons of the Capitol Hill gym after such terrible customer service move. I’ve heard mixed things about Vida but I’m thinking of going there next. I really hope something opens up around H ST NE soon.

    • A few of us are signing a letter and formal complaint with the DC and business bureau if you and others are interested, that would be great. Please let me know before we send it out.

  • @FinVoilaQuoi
    To cover yourself I would send in a letter (email or mail) to the CH location with a notice to quit ASAP. Everyone should put it in writing as we were never given any notice or paperwork to have the option to stop our membership or to enroll in a completely different gym. I know that they gave our bank info to LA Fitness and we actually have legal rights as they never asked permission to transfer. Protect yourself in writing everyone! I would never do buisness with these people again and I hope people who are members of the CH location quit as well as they need to be out of buisness.

  • Even worse, they duped some of us into paying for a full year up-front when they sent out a notice in December that rates would be going up. I stupidly took advantage of that to lock in at the current monthly price and I am now totally screwed with no recourse. I tried repeatedly to take it up with the GM of the Capitol Hill location, but he told me since I signed on at the DC location, my membership had been transferred. They are so shady. I’ve been a member of LA Fitness before and it’s a god-awful experience.

    • Same thing is happening to me! WTH! I”m supposed to talk to the manager tomorrow, but this is just crazy. This is not the way to do business. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back?

    • Hannah a few of us are signing a letter and palcing a formal complaint with the DC and business bureau if you and others are interested, that would be great.

  • Everyone remember the big fight between Doug Jeffries (Results) and David von Storch (Vida)? The big fight that Doug Jeffries was hell-bent on airing publicly. It sounds like a winner has finally emerged.

  • On Tuesday, January 21, LA Fitness CLOSED its SOLE Washington, DC location FOREVER with less than a week’s notice via signs posted at the gym entrance. Local patrons who were members of Bally Total Fitness before it was bought out by LA Fitness CANNOT use the former Results gym location at Farragut North subway station without a membership upgrade fee of over $150 and doubled monthly dues if they joined Bally Total Fitness at any location OTHER THAN the L Street gym — originally owned by Bally Total Fitness & subsequently LA Fitness. Cut-throat capitalism at its worst!

    • A friend even tried to take a run at LA Fitness Corporate who said there was nothing they could do and the new initiation fee is “non-negotiable”. Clearly they just care about pumping money out of their “members” and not having members who are happy and regularly use the gym…

  • So after moving to DC in June I joined Results and paid an initiation fee. Found out the morning before the blessed change… I really liked Results, not ridiculously expensive like Vida or Equinox, never too overcrowded like WSC Columbia Heights, clean and well lit with friendly staff unlike the L Street LA Fitness. A few friends and I had really gotten into a great routine of getting up and going in the morning. I mention all the things I liked about it because LA Fitness and Results handling of this has lost our business. Period. After going in a couple times and already experiencing a dirty and more crowded gym I was told I had two options: either continue paying $74 a month (30 dollars more a month than they are charging anyone off the street) or pay a $99 joining fee to receive the $44.99 rate. I asked if there was any way of waiving that and specifically if their current members were going to be paying that to which they responded there was nothing they could do and the L Street Members had their fees waived “out of consideration since their gym was closed”. I said that it was unacceptable and that clearly they didn’t have any “consideration for the current Results members who received basically zero notice.” Anyway long story short, I’m joining the Y.

    • A few of us are signing a letter and formal complaint with the DC and business bureau if you and others are interested, that would be great. Please let me know before we send it out.

  • Anyone having issues with terminating your membership or with the fees: if you’re getting nowhere with talking to staff/management at the gym, you may want to consider filing a consumer complaint with the DC Office of the Attorney General. (Go to the OAG website, and then follow the links for Consumer Protection and Submit a Consumer Complaint.) I’m not sure how it works in DC, but I worked for another state’s AG in consumer frauds, and we handled gym complaints ALL THE TIME. Seriously, gyms were the bane of my existence (I’m looking at you, gym that starts with a B and ends with “ally’s”). There are likely DC laws governing a gym’s obligations in case of change of ownership or whatnot. A caveat–if the DC OAG is anything like my former job (which granted, was many years ago), you have to have realistic and limited expectations. It is 99.99% likely the OAG is NOT going to sue the gym or force them to take any action; the most we could do with complains was to “mediate,” which is a nice way of saying pester the business into addressing consumer complaints and hopefully resolving them fairly. In many cases, contact from our office either lit a fire under the business’ butt to handle the complaint, or the official-seeming communication scared them into taking action more so than a complaint directly from the consumer would. The AG’s lawyers only ever got involved when there was fraud on a massive scale or with a big company that would generate good press; the Attorney General might be referred to as the “people’s lawyer” but they’re not anyone’s personal litigator (that’s what Small Claims Court is for). An OAG complaint is similar to filing with the Better Business Bureau, but at least it’s quick and easy to do, and might produce a result with minimal effort on the consumer’s part.

  • Formal complaint for not notifying members in advance, selling downtown DC registered member accounts without previous consultation or giving the choice to remain Results members, and what is more concerning, for providing our PAYMENT DETAILS TO ANOTHER COMPANY we had no idea about until after the fact!!
    LA Fitness is also guilty as they did not inform Results members of their choices and simply requested them to “update” their id card and contract as they were coming in (individually).
    Like many members of the Results Gym I am absolutely mad. This is a terrible way of doing business. I was very happy with the healthy mind and body encouragement from Results staff, which helped me get into my routine. Those using both gyms (Capitol Hill and Farragut North) are really affected by this.
    I suggest that all registered members of Results file formal complaints at:
    The better business bureau, DCRA, and any other site you can, so that other people get to know.

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