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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: The cold… I hope this isn’t going to last for much longer, and hope it’s not a sign of things to come. It’s down right unbearable compared to past winters.

    Rant: Dry skin… I used to get by without lotion because I hate the oily feeling, but now I have no choice. The skin on my knuckles is dry and cracked, and pretty painful every time I reach into my pockets… *sniff*

    Rave: Picking up my parrot (Female Eclectus) this weekend, having a few second thoughts because she bit me hard last weekend, I want her to be cool with kids and it seems like she is getting a bit more bitey. There was a cockatoo at the shop that is great, and I think it might be a little more tame with kids, but it costs 400$ more than the current bird I was thinking about, I may have to have a change of heart if the current bird isn’t cool on my next visit. Anyone here own a parrot?

    • re: dry skin. Have you tried using baby oil right when you finish your shower (before you dry off)? I basically put about a quarter sized amout in my hands and rub it on my legs, arms and hands right after I turn the water off. If doesn’t make your skin feel oily, but really does help with dry skin. At least it does for me.

      • I will try that, Baby oil sounds much more pleasant than hand lotion. 🙂

      • Make sure whatever you choose it doesn’t have water in it. A lot of lotions use it as filler and it just makes the dryness worse.
        I use coconut oil after my shower. It is oily for a bit, but also really moisturizing. The Hemp Hand Protector from the Body Shop is my favorite for winter hands. It definitely feels oils for a few minutes after, but it works the best and even keeps your hands from totally drying out after washing them. The smell is very innocuous as well.

    • I assume you know that parrot live like 70 years, so think carefully. I don’t have one, but I know someone who has one that terrorizes her dog by mimicking the owner callings its name and then dropping things on the dog’s head when it runs over. I haven’t heard many stories about them being a joy to have around.

      • Haha, That dog story is funny, I have an old dog too. I have had a bunch of smaller parrots before, and I worked in a pet shop long ago with big birds. Yeah, the Eclectus will live a long life, I think I have that under control, just worried about the stories of mood swings for female birds a little, I want to make sure it doesn’t bite anyone by being too possessive. 🙂

    • Smilla

      Re: dry skin, I never used to use lotion either, but finally started after my doctor noticed how dry my hands were and asked about it. That was several years ago, and, though it took a while to train myself to make it a habit, it’s made a world of difference — both in comfort and looks.

      Use hand cream/lotion after every time you wash your hand and leave your hands a little wet, so that the cream seals in the moisture. I really like Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula skin cream. A very small dab goes a long way, and it doesn’t feel greasy.

    • You could also try using a humidifier at night in the winter. Not only helps with your skin, but I also notice that my airways and sinuses are less dry and irritated.

      • There are two different types of dry skin. One is from a lack of oil, the other from a lack of water. The first one is characterized by tight skin and is easier to deal with, in my opinion. Minimize your exposure to hot water, apply lotion, etc. The lack of water manifests itself as peeling/flaking skin, and you need humidity to alleviate that.

    • Please don’t take a long lived wild bird. The process of getting them to market and their lifetime prospects are horrifying.

      • Wow, what a crazy mix of moisturizing and Bird comments… The bird I’m getting is a domesticated & hand fed baby female Eclectus parrot… It’s not wild, it was hand fed and raised among Macaws and other big parrots. I’m buying it from a shop in Virginia. No way I’d take in a wild bird, except maybe a baby crow… haha.

    • I use Aveeno. Once you’ve rubbed it in and it’s dried on your hands, it’s not oily at all—more waxy than oily, if that makes sense—and you don’t end up smelling like a bottle of perfume. It’s also pretty waterproof, so it lasts through multiple hand washes.

    • I’d suggest you read this and re-think the whole parrot as pet idea. Especially a “discount” parrot that has already shown aggression and could live 80 years.


    • I had a parrot and you do have to train them. Of course your new little one bites. She’ll need to be trained out of it, just like a puppy, just like a human baby.
      I put mine back in his cage each and every time he nipped me. It was an immediate end to playtime, snacktime (we used to eat popcorn together), whatever we were doing. As long as his manners were good, he was allowed to be on my shoulder pretty much all the time, and he resented being put back in his cage. So he quit biting.
      But parrots are SO time-intensive. And not the way dogs and cats are, with a really intense first month and then settling into a routine. Parrots need lifelong stimulation and as much attention as you can possibly give. Think about it: they live in flocks. It’s not natural for them to live in isolation. You’ve seen the parrots that have pulled out most of their own feathers? Those are the ones who don’t get enough attention. They can truly lose their minds, and it’s really tragic.

      • You “had” a parrot? What happened to it?

        • It’s pining for the fjords.

        • He died. I was distraught; he was a wonderful companion and we had been together many years. They do get sick, you know. And veterinary care for birds is very hard to find, even if you’re not living in a town of 7000 people, more than an hour from the closest city, which I was at the time.

        • Though birds can live long like people, it isn’t a guarantee that they will. They can die from a wide variety of natural causes and genetics, or from something like eating chocolate, avocado, or even if you cook on a teflon pan close to them. The key is that we give them a better life than they would have in the wild, and we also give them good company and care that they likely wouldn’t have in another home.

          • Nothing personal but I’d prefer living with my wild brothers and sisters than with you

          • But you were bred, hatched, and hand-reared in captivity. And if there’s a reputable breeder involved, your parents were, too. So your “preference” for living in the wild would probably just get you eaten, even if someone did buy you a plane ticket to Australia.

          • Those links that anon and Victoria provided are pretty sobering — it sounds like parrots really need the company of their own kind, not to mention more space than a cage.

      • Yep, I had a Grey Cheek Parrot that I got from a vet and it was very bitey, I turned it around to being a total sweetheart in 6 months, but it never grew to like other people. I’m not too worried about the training time or getting bitten myself with this new bird, I’m more worried about the overall demeanor of the Eclectus breed and whether it will only like me and not like other people and children despite all the training I do. I know cockatoos if raised right can be very tame thorough out their lives, but it costs a bit more than the Eclectus, maybe it’s worth the money to consider the Cockatoo instead…

        • WEINSTEIN
          Birds bred in captivity come with their own challenges says Denise Kelly, co-founder of the Avian Welfare Coalition. She says many bird owners start with good intentions, but they’re often not prepared for the level of commitment that comes with keeping a wild animal.
          MS. DENISE KELLY
          Even when they are bred in captivity, the natural behaviors don’t change. They remain intact. So in reality, it’s very difficult to meet the needs of birds in a home or in other captive environments. Because how many homes can really provide that level of, you know, of care. Plus a lot of birds spend a lot of time alone, all day long while people are at work, and many of them are not kept in homes with other birds.
          Though it’s hard to put a number on how many birds are relinquished or abandoned each year, the trend is setting off alarm bells among avian veterinarians, rescue organizations, and even breeders themselves.
          I was a breeder for more than 30 years. When people typically would keep the birds two to four years, it became apparent that not everybody is cracked up to own one. They live 80 years. Crunch those numbers out, and there’s a lot of unwanted parrots out there.
          That’s Jamie McCloud. She’s a former breeder featured in the documentary “Parrot Confidential,” airing on the PBS program, “Nature.” She says many people visit her Santa Barbara sanctuary wanting birds for all the wrong reasons.
          We currently have more than 60 birds and we’re beyond capacity. We’re turning people away. Okay. You ready for your breakfast? Let’s go, girl. People abandon them on our porch, they threaten to euthanize them if I don’t take them. Many of the birds that we have now have been adopted out numerous times and they come back. It’s a huge problem.
          Educating people about the realities of bird domestication, whether through websites or consults with avian experts, is the first line of defense against the growing homeless parrot population, and at sanctuaries like Project Perry, letting visitors see and hear the true nature of these smart colorful companions can be the best education of all.

        • Why not adopt a parrot instead of buying one? The article even said since they live so long there are plenty of unwanted parrots available. Then you could adopt an older one and not have to worry about it outliving you.

          • If I don’t buy this bird, someone else will. I’m pretty well experienced in bird ownership. I don’t get the commentary about birds being better off free entering into the discussion here… These are domesticated birds, there are wild dogs like Dingoes and Foxes, yet there are domesticated ones like Labradors and Poodles. Life expectancy for the same birds in the wild is dramatically shorter than in domestic settings, this is also something you should realize. Stop imposing a philosophy you read on a web site on people you don’t know. Potatoe.

          • You asked for advice. People provided facts – from recognized experts – not “philosophy.” I won’t even begin to point out the faulty logic in your argument that “If I don’t buy this bird, someone else will.”

          • Jack, from what the Humane Society says, parrots are NOT domesticated and are wild animals being kept in captivity. From http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/pet_birds/#.UugVIrQo7m8 :
            “There are more than 10,000 species of birds on the planet, but only a few of them can happily live as our companions. Certain species, such as cockatiels, budgerigars, finches, doves, and lovebirds, can thrive as pets with proper care. But most other birds, macaws, cockatoos, and so many more, are best left in the wild. They’re too social, intelligent, and complex to have all of their needs met in captivity.”

          • And as for life expectancy being shorter in the wild, I’d imagine that the practice of killing adult birds when poaching the youngsters doesn’t help. From that WAMU link:
            “[Parrots’] first experience with humans will often be the humans killing their parents as they raid the nest for the juvenile parrots. They will take those juvenile parrots and they may cut a tendon in its wrist so it can’t fly anymore, and then what the illegal poachers will do, will take these parrots and shove them into shortened PVC tubes and shove those into — stack those into suitcases, much like you would cord wood. Overall, parrots that are poached in this fashion, only about one-third of them will survive the process.”

          • My goodness, I opened a can of worms…

            If I don’t buy the bird I’m talking about, it’s already in a pet shop for sale. I don’t see how not buying this specific bird will help it’s life.

            Why own any pet? Of course it’s selfish in a way, but we do make their lives better if we’re responsible owners.

            All animals were will at one point. Now some are domesticated and we make them pets and educate ourselves and take care of them. I’m over 30, I have a good understanding about responsibility at this point to know I’ll be able to care for the pet well, and then hand it down to my children later on to help it to live a good life.

            I originally was asking about the demeanor of a specific breed of bird in comparison to another, not about whether I should buy the bird or not. I don’t understand how this evolved into a large-scale discussion about the ethical concerns of bird ownership.

            Lets relax POPVILLE…

    • I know people who swear by lubriderm and aveeno — as less greasy. I tend to like stuff that starts out greasy — then calms down. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is wonderful in the winter — and doesn’t have a strong smell, which I appreciate. I’ve also found that using humidifiers makes a huge difference, as does the type of heat you have. I really miss radiators and steam heat!

      As to your parrot, if you’re having second thoughts, maybe you should pause a bit, or even reconsider. If she bit you “hard”, she sounds like a pretty unpredictable pet to have around kids — who, might also be a bit unpredictable.

    • I’m a huge fan of CeraVe–no smell, super thick, and not greasy at all.

    • I hate moisturizing lotion because I don’t like the greasy feeling, especially on my palms and fingers. My solution has been to apply Chapstick as needed to the tops of my hands — that way my palms/fingers don’t get greasy.
      I remember that when I was little, Vaseline Intensive Care made a product that was shaped like a giant tube of Chapstick — about 4-5 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter. I wish they still made it.

  • Rant: Day 2 of work week/end from hell.
    Rave: Yesterday and today (so far) haven’t been too bad.
    Rant: Losing Pete Seeger.
    Rave: Pete Seeger’s long and awesome life.

    • I share your last Rave. Pete Seeger had impressive values and lived his life accordingly — definitely a life well lived.

  • epric002

    rant: USPS says that a package was delivered yesterday afternoon, but i didn’t get it.
    rant: been on hold with USPS for over 30 minutes
    rant: sender says that i can’t report it as missing until it’s been the full 10 days since ship date, even though USPS says it was delivered and i didn’t receive it. what sense does it make to wait until next week to report it as missing?!
    rant: no raves.

    • epric002

      rave? finally spoke to someone at USPS who let me file a claim that my package is missing. ugh. i really wanted this order before i leave for vacation on monday. grrrrr.

    • I don’t know if it’s the same with USPS, but sometimes I get false delivery notifications from UPS and it ends up being delivered the next day or a few days later. I’m not sure why it happens, but I’d say it’s happened about three times in the last few months.

  • Rave: None of the shows I watch on Tueday night will be affected by the SOTU address. Brooklyn Nine Nine is on before it and Justified is on FX.

    Rant: No Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld tomorrow morning because of the speech.

  • Rant: Comcast. I have avoided them for years because of all the customer service nightmare stories. Unfortunately, our DSL sucks, and Fios isn’t yet available, and so we decided to take the plunge and get cable internet. I signed up last night. It was a breeze, but this was just an illusion.
    We have a tenant in a basement unit who already has cable. I called Comcast this morning just to make sure that they knew to add our service and not disconnect the tenant’s. It turns out that our order was not accepted, even though we were given no indication of that, because of the tenant’s existing service. In fact, it took Comcast 10 minutes to find my order because it was not in their system. They assumed that they needed to cancel the tenant’s service. They couldn’t do that without her authorization, and they just canceled my order without telling me. To top it off, they can’t add me without sending someone from Comcast to our house to confirm that there are two residences there. They need to see the separate entrance, electric meters, etc. The fact that there are already two cable lines going to the house and that there previously were two accounts there was unknown to them.
    I strongly suspect that if I had not called, I would have waited all morning Saturday for a tech to arrive and install my internet. I asked the person this morning how I was supposed to have known that my order wasn’t accepted if I hadn’t happened to call. She assured me that “someone would have reached out to me,” but I am very skeptical of that.
    This is the exactly why I have avoided Comcast. Everything seemed so easy last night, but, no. I am extra resolved to sign up for only month to month internet and then dump them as soon as Fios comes in.

    • Honestly, I think the same thing would have happened with Fios. These big cable companies are set up to deal with a typical suburban residence, so when you have an unusual (by national standards) situation like a multifamily residence their streamlined process doesn’t work. My Comcast (and previously Fios) were a pain to set up initially as well, but at least the Comcast has been problem-free ever since!

    • FYI, FiOS is not all sunshine and roses. Although their customer support is always pleasant, I’ve had three separate outages with them in the past month, one of which lasted two days. When the tech came out he told us that they could have fixed it over the phone when I called the first time. Overall I would not say that FiOS has been better for me than Comcast was at my last place.

      • I had outages almost every single day with Fios. They’re not very good at fixing things.

      • It’s good to hear accurate feedback on FIOS, most of my friends just say that it’s great because they want to make it look like their life is all roses to cover up the for fact that they’re paying more…

        Comcast is crap granted, but they’re all crappy and overpriced, at least I know what to expect with comcast, it’s cheaper, and I don’t have to change my normal service. Screw cable TV though, it’s worthless to me.

        • I pay WAY less for Fios than Comcast. Been having a love affair with Fios since it arrived on my block and will NEVER go back to Comcast. I would give up internet and cable before letting Comcast back into my house.

        • Well, I try to be honest and level headed when thinking about these companies. Every single one seems to have its fair share of horror stories as well as happy customers. My hunch is that people who think any one of these companies is awesome is probably really saying that they had a terrible experience with a different one.

    • gotryit

      I’ll add another Comcast rant: When I sold my last place, I transferred the comcast account to the new owners, but Comcast never shut off the autopay. I was pretty busy, so I didn’t pick up on it for a few months. But now, Comcast won’t give me the money back because of something along the lines of “F you, customer”.
      Which is why I’m so happy to be with RCN now. Sorry to rub it in for all the folks that can’t get RCN now.
      Rave: the new owners seem ok with paying us back for those few months even though it wasn’t their fault or responsibility.

    • Are you zoned for RCN? I turned to them after I had a terrible time with Comcast and they were an absolute dream. I was sad to give up service when I moved out of area 🙁

      • No RCN on my block, unfortunately.

      • My building has a choice between Comcast and RCN, and after two years of RCN, I’m actually thinking about switching to Comcast. For one thing, now that I’m no longer a new customer, my RCN rates have steadily increased and while I’m not saying RCN should be required to maintain the same monthly rates in perpetuity, what’s my incentive as a customer to stick with them if I can get $25-$30 per month cheaper rates with a competitor? Another thing, is the way they divide their channels into pricing tiers. I get that there are different levels of channel variety, but channels that seem like they should be grouped thematically, aren’t: why do I get Centric, for example, but not TV One; or WE but not Oxygen. (Not that I actually care…I’m far too busy watching C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, AND C-SPAN 3, of course!! ;)) Even adding on the package of “entertainment”-themed channels, there are still channels that are weirdly left out. I’m guessing it has to do with RCN’s fee agreements with those channels’ owners/distributors, but still–from the customer perspective, it’s frustrating. Finally, RCN doesn’t seem to have an app for watching TV on tablet on the go (or if they do, they don’t publicize it well), unless you pay extra for Tivo. I’m still on the fence, though, and the Comcast customer service complaints do give me pause–although I’ve kind of resigned myself to the idea that cable company customer service is usually the pits no matter what the provider. And I still might try to contact RCN and see if I can get a lower rate as an alternative to quitting the service altogether.

    • I had a similar problem with Comcast in getting a separate account from the basement, but was able to do it over the phone. Keep escalating until you find someone who can help. It took me a few tries, but I finally got someone who did it while I was on the phone with her. They did have to come out and run the cable to my house because I previously hadn’t had cable, but that was after they already had set up my account.

  • RIP Pete Seeger. His music was part of my childhood – my siblings and my mother would sing his songs together and knew all the words to all the songs on God Bless the Grass, Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, Children’s Concert at Town Hall. We sang his songs as adults, and sang his songs at my mother’s funeral. Sad to learn of his death, grateful he shared his music with us for 70+ years.

  • Rave: Fleece-lined tights! Winter, you will not defeat me.
    Rant: Trying to stick to a new budget this year is painful. It seems like every week some unexpected expense comes up. But I will persevere. I’m committed to really cutting down my debt and saving for big upcoming life expenses. It is just sometimes hard to stay motivated by such long-term goals.
    Rave: Spending time with my favorite little guy tonight. I love being an auntie.

  • Rave: Had a really great first date on Sunday. Convo was great, eye contact was strong, and I got a really good vibe. I was/am hopeful.
    Rant: Follow up would indicate the person is not as interested, which is a real bummer. Of course I’m just basing this on brief text messages back and forth. Maybe I always expect the worst. I’ve been on plenty of first dates, and was feeling hopeful this one would make it to round 2!

    • Why not move it up to an actual phone call? Wouldn’t that give you a bit more information? And be a bit more fun than brief back and forth texts?

    • Single woman here. I’ve been on dates where texting afterwards gave me a bunch of wrong impressions that were quickly dispelled the next time I got together with the person. It was as if we were communicating past one another via text but on the same page in reality. Hopefully that’s the case here and you two are on the same page. Good luck!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: having trouble focusing today.
    Rant: printers are not helping.

  • Rave: Indian spinach, lentils and quinoa in the blender today

    Rant: Indian spinach, lentils and quinoa in the blender today

    • Daal…..yum! And saag! Thanks for sharing your menu — you’ve given me great ideas for dinner! Hope you’re back to solid food soon!

      • Saag…yum!!! I had a cook/housecleaner in Nepal that would always turn my salad greens into saag. I would explain that I wanted to eat them for dinner as a salad, but she didn’t understand why I didn’t want them cooked down. Oh well, they were delicious anyways 🙂

  • Rant: Seriously annoyed at The Washington Post. I enjoy reading the Capital Weather Gang articles, and use them as one of several sources to get my weather forecasts. They now include those CWG articles in the “allowed free” articles per month, limiting how many of them I can read before they want me to subscribe to the Post.
    Rave: I can still read for free all of the CWG articles via their Facebook posts.
    Rant: I can’t get Facebook access while at work, so I am still not able to read the articles during the day!

    • Have you tried clearing your cache and clearing out your cookies? I don’t know about the Post, but some sites with a limited number of articles seem to re-set when I clean out the cookies….

      • Thanks! I think clearing out my cookies has done the trick. Just in time too….forecast updated for possibly a dusting to 1″ in DC tonight. Yay!

    • You could follow CWG on Twitter. That’s what I do.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know accessing the article through Facebook didn’t count. Here I was being extra-stingy with what I was reading from them.

    • Just open that window in “Private” (Firefox) or “Incognito” (Chrome) mode – WashPo won’t know you reached your limit as such modes limit access to your previously stored cookies.

    • Twitter links don’t count either, just in case you’re allowed to access twitter at work.

    • Or, instead of the above, you could just pay the ten bucks a month for a digital subscription. Do you think the Capital Weather Gang works for free? News content costs money, believe it or not.

      • You shouldn’t have to pay to get a weather forecast. If I were reading any other part of the newspaper, I would pay for a subscription. I stopped my subscription to the Post because I simply was not reading the paper anymore.

        • Why shouldn’t you have to pay for a weather forecast? There are lots of free places to get a weather forecast, but this person clearly values the Post’s coverage, which costs the Post money to produce. This person should either pay for it or stop complaining.

        • Capital Weather Gang isn’t just a weather forecast, they’re blog about all sorts of things and are rather prolific. I agree, the weather should be free and unlimited, but that’s not what this is.

        • But it’s not simply a weather forecast. You can get that from weather.com or any smartphone app for free. They are doing weather analysis – they have PhDs in meteorology, use sophisticated scientific equipment, and run predictive models. That shit costs a lot of money.

          • Just to clarify, the National Weather Service runs the models, and offers the results for free. CWG and other forecasters interpret the results.

        • You don’t have to pay for a weather forecast. http://www.weather.gov exists for this reason.

    • Have you thought about subscribing to the Post? You clearly enjoy and use their material, so paying for it doesn’t seem too radical of a notion.

      • I think the OP’s objection was that the Capital Weather Gang’s pieces are blog posts, and from what he/she is saying, the Washington Post did not previously consider blog posts to count toward the 10 (or whatever the number is) free articles per month.
        I willingly pay for a digital subscription to the New York Times, but I wouldn’t do the same for the Washington Post — its quality just keeps declining, and the website layout is much less user-friendly than the NYT’s.

        • Thank you. I am the OP and I poorly worded what my real beef was. The CWG blog never used to count towards the number of free articles per month. The Post decided to change that at some point. Regardless, I found a work-around that allows me to read the blog as much as I want now. I’m glad this sparked some discussion.

    • I found that out the hard way this morning as well! So frustrating, that’s all I really read there… I usually use Firefox though and I tried going on Safari and that worked.

    • FYI – .gov and .edu computers do not have a limit. I do all my WaPo reading while I eat lunch at my desk.

  • Rant: Group of kids (teenagers) threw a huge chunk of ice at my car yesterday afternoon. Luckily, other than scaring the bejeezus out of me, no harm was done to the car.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Trying to make a trip to NYC happen this weekend for my birthday
    Rant: one person at work is pushing all my buttons this week. (Deep calming breaths)
    Revel: Caught up on Sleepy Hollow and Dracula last night. So horrible and yet sooo good. Like intellectual potato chips.

    • I tried Dracula, ’cause I think JRM is dead sexy. (Ha!) Except in this, he’s NOT sexy. (British actors should keep their own accents. We don’t need more American accents on American TV.) And it’s really poorly acted, and the writing is bad too. That’s my impression from two episodes. Does it get better? Should I try again?

      • GiantSquid

        Oh no, it doesn’t get better. His American accent is ATROCIOUS. And no, he’s not at all sexy in this. There is rampant eyerolling on my part. But despite all of that and the anachronisms and the ridiculous plotting, it’s a lot of fun and perfect background noise while working on quilting because you don’t have to pay careful attention as I feel you have to do when watching Mad Men or Game of Thrones.

        • Excellent. You and I are so much alike (except I cross-stitch while trash-TVing). 😀
          (Speaking of accents, I read somewhere that David Tennant is going to do an American accent for the American adaptation of Broadchurch. So, WHY exactly am I going to want to watch this??)

    • The Following is the best bad show on tv. Nashville is close, but I actually like it for the characters, setting and music.

  • I like the cold. Rave.

    There. It has been said.

  • RANT/Question: A friend just returned from Bishkek, and she had so many pictures of monuments to/for/about women. I wish there were more monuments/memorials for women leaders. Not disparaging the monuments for our founding fathers — but we need some love for the founding mamas! Are there any around that I just don’t know about?

    • Forget monuments, I wish there were more women leaders. I don’t know about Kyrgyzstan specifically, but it often seems to me that the US is far behind many other nations when it comes to having women leaders. Having said that, I’m a little wary of using comparisons with Kyrgyzstan as the basis for what we should do.

      • Right, I wouldn’t want to take Kyrg’s lead on much. But it did get me thinking about how there isn’t anything memorializing women’s contribution to history. We do need more women leaders — the smart, thoughtful, educated type — not the Palin’s and the Bachman’s of the world!

      • That’s what I was thinking. Our culture makes it very, very difficult for women to become leaders (esepcially back in the founding fathers’ day).

      • It’s been years since I’ve been to Arlington Cem. Never knew this existed. It would still be great to see one fabulous lady memorialized in marble!

  • RANT (as usual) – Why, oh why isn’t there a gym on H ST NE yet?!?

  • Rave: Finally got by The Republic in Takoma Park. Had drinks, wood grilled oysters for appetizers which left me licking the shells, entree was the special of the night: a whole sea bass resting on black rice and covered in sweet slaw and a spiced pear and sorbet for dessert. Dinner came to about $50 per person. I was so full I could barely get up from the table. Best to get there right when dinner starts at 5 or you’ll be waiting three deep at the bar for thirty minutes and this was on a Sunday night. Staff was outstanding with service, recommendations, drinks, everything. Will go back when I save up some money.

  • Rant: on a bit of a hamster wheel at work since my work product is not needed by anyone above my boss. He has no pressure to get back to me with anything other than vague pronouncements.

    Revel: Traveling to Puerto Rico on Thursday!!! Fun, sun, and rum!

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