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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: thank you to everyone who was so nice yesterday with sending positive vibes and advice for my big presentation. i actually did pretty well and was able to not sound nervous.

  • Rave: Last night was fun even without my hungover roommate!
    Rave: Stopped in at Passenger for a beer and ran in to the owner of The Reef. He’s bartending there and several other places around DC. Just a great guy!
    Rave: I am not hungover.
    Rave: It’s Friday…all raves!

  • Rant: My Ward 4 Councilmember and her consitiuent service office is so non responsive and Muriel seems to be lacking social skills. I’m not voting for her!

  • Question: Does anyone know why the intersection of 11th & Park Rd NW always smells so wonderful? It normally smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, but yesterday evening it smelled like cinnamon rolls. Red Rocks Pizzeria and Meridian Pint are the largest restaurants in the area, but they aren’t known for their baked goods (I think…). What can it be? My noses needs to know!

  • Rant: You rent an apartment, rent cable service, rent phone service, sign up to netflix and pandora and hulu, you rent a bicycle, your job is temporary- you’ll never work in the same place over 5 years any more, you rent or lease a car to save money, pay your taxes yearly (rent) but get potholes in your roads and government shutdowns and the police and public service agencies you pay end up watching you, victimizing you, and charging you for use of parking spaces, utilities, and funneling your money into stuff you’ll never use like baseball stadiums which patrons still pay premium prices to visit. The government installs speed cameras that catch you when you need to rush to the hospital or to work or when you’re visiting an unknown town. You pay numerous other taxes for gas, plastic bags, commuter tolls, and groceries. People who protest or complain get silenced or marginalized, or they have ruined their reputation so much that no one cares what they have to say… Rich businessmen and musicians complain about not being able to break barriers while the poor feel sympathy for them or continue to line their pockets. The Internet has become a place to get scammed or to pay for each piece of content you want to use, free things are slow and pay things are fast. This is what has become the American dream. It’s not getting better.

    Rave: It’s Friday damnit.

    • And a three day weekend!

    • Dude, you own a rowhouse in a great part of town, have a renter subsidizing your lifestyle, have a nice luxury vehicle, and seem to cavort with attractive ladies way above your weight class. And you seem to have a well paying recession-proof job.
      Count your blessings – you’re doing better than 98% of people who live in DC. And people in DC are doing better than 95% of people who live in the US. And the US has it better than 90% of the world. Enjoy your perch at the top.

      • I don’t think he was complaining on behalf of himself. Chill.

        • The guy is complaining about having to pay for resources that he uses (parking, internet service, entertainment content, the roads, city services, etc). Why should he get those things for free? People put their blood, sweat, and tears into providing those things for him.
          As for his laments about the poor, I agree with him. But poor individuals vote against their self-interest all the time in every country around the world. It’s hardly a U.S. phenomenon.

      • Oh come on man, his luxury vehicle isn’t even a “real” Range Rover. I hear you Jack5, life sure is tough.

      • People on here know and retain waaay too much information about my life… Are you guys tracking me with camera drones or am I just trusting you too much? I was talking in the 3rd person because I care about everybody.. Bammas! 😛

    • So you’re not going to take it anymore or what?

      • He’s gonna go all Dee Snider on our asses.

      • Nah, just making a commentary on how the American Dream is slipping away… Changing it is up to the people who are in power who can effect change, like Congress and the DC Council.

  • epric002

    rant: metro ride this morning was so jerky that i had to get off half way to work b/c i thought i was going to get sick. in 6 years it’s never been that bad. blech.
    rave: friday!
    rave: spouse comes home from business travel tonight!
    rave: rw double date at equinox this weekend!

    • I rarely ride metro because of this. I have a big problem with motion sickness and if I have to go more than 2 or 3 stops, I start feeling nauseous. People always think I’m nuts when I tell them this.

      • epric002

        i try to sit in the first car(s) facing forward, and sometimes i can’t read, but i’ve never had it this bad before.

      • Maybe it will get better once they restore automated train driving, which they disabled after the red line crash? I read recently that they’re starting to test auto-driving again, so maybe that could be soon. Then no more Mr. Ride-a-Breaks Driver.

        • epric002

          i think that’s exactly what it is, and i can’t wait for autopilot to come back.

          • Yeah, I didn’t notice just how jerky they are until the last few days due to my (stupid) rib injury. Every time the driver yanks the breaks randomly in the tunnel I wince because I have to use a little bit of my strained chest muscle to keep my balance. I imagine it would be bad for a sensitive tummy.

          • epric002

            i feel your pain 🙁 heal quickly!

  • Rave: I’m done painting my bathroom!
    Rant: I haven’t painted walls in years, I forgot what a pain it is. And I have the whole rest of the place to go.
    Rave: I ordered super glam wallpaper for my tiny entryway. I love it even though wallpaper sounds old and fuddy-duddy this is not.
    Rant: sometimes work slaps me in the face and makes me feel inadequate. The glow of my very good mid year review yesterday didn’t last very long.

    • It’s not old and fuddy-duddy, it’s “Vintage.” =)

      • Apparently wallpaper is making quite a comeback. There’s a lot of modern patterns and colors to choose from. I went with Toss the Bouquet by York in a silver/purple color and the rest of the walls will be a super light grey that pulls from the background. So, it doesn’t feel very vintage. But I like your idea 😉

        • Just saw this comment after I made mine. Good choice! It looks like it would be perfect for an accent wall.

        • I LOVE wallpaper right now. I’m desperate to do a wall here and a wall there with some of the lovelies I’ve found.

    • I love (certain) wallpaper! Where did you get yours from? I’ve been eyeing a few of the options on Anthropologie, but most of them are so pricey that I’m not sure yet if I want to take the plunge.

      • What I found in my short, but somewhat intense, search for wallpaper is that a lot of wallpaper is carried by many brands/stores. I love the stuff at Antrho, but yeah it’s super expensive. Even some of the ones at Urban Outfitters are. But some of those brands are carried by other vendors, so not only can you find them for less, but you can also go to a store and possibly find the sample in a book.
        My advise for this is to do most searching on the internet before you go and note the books you want to look through (brand and book name). All of the books look similar on the outside and there are too many to just go looking willy-nilly. Sherwin Williams lets you take them out like library books (but not all locations have wallpaper, Bethesda does). I did that and while SW has a price match, I decided to find order it from the cheaper site online so it will ship right to my house. I ended up ordering from Steve’s Wallpaper and Blinds which had by far the best prices.

  • Rant: Job searching. After being on the hunt for months now, it is getting discouraging to think about the reality that so many of the jobs I get excited about are either posted with internal candidates already in mind, or will just end up getting cancelled. Does anyone have recommendations for staffing agencies in international development (and not just at the senior/executive level)?
    Rave: Birthday weekend. Woooooo.

    • Happy birthday! Happy birthday weekend to you!

    • Global Corp does recruiting for USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance & others.

    • Yes! City Staff. The international development org I used to work for LOVED temps and used these guys. We got a lot of ex peace corps people from them.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes and suggestions.
      I submitted my CV to City Staff several months back and never heard anything. I called as well, but was just told that they would contact me if they had anything that matched my experience.
      I was a local hire in international field offices for a couple of years, so the experience was somewhat similar to Peace Corps (though I transitioned to program management instead of direct implementation). Good to hear that they are used to that type of profile, I’ll give it another shot and cross my fingers.

  • Rant: I woke up this morning so congested. I hate you, sinus pressure!

  • Rave: New bike!
    Rant: Will someone, for the love of all that is holy, pave the roads.

  • Rant: Puppy is stressed out with our recent move. I need to exercise her more. Does anyone know of an indoor gym where we can go after work hours (5-8pm)? I’ve only been able to find boarding/daycare options and they typically close by 7. I’m willing to drive to get there! (NoVa and DC)
    Rave: TGIF

    • The new pet shop on GA Ave in Petworth has a play area in the back for dogs…like an obstacle course for dogs.

    • The indoor gym is for the dog? You know you can just go for long walks outside let the dog sniff around, I have a hunch she will enjoy it more than an indoor gym.

      • Should have been more clear, want to let her off the leash so she can run full tilt.

        • epric002

          is a dog park not a good option for your dog?

          • I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I’d argue a dog park isn’t a good option for any dog. Too many clueless owners and opportunities for disaster.

          • epric002

            i don’t disagree- dog parks are not good options for my dogs, but what other fenced in options do you have? and i occasionally find my local dog park empty, and whenever it is i take my dogs in just so they can tear around off leash for a while.

          • Where do you live? There’s a fenced- in area near the Hine school near Eastern Market that people use as an unofficial dog run sometimes. Or maybe there’s something like that near you, like a parking lots that’s empty on the weekends.

    • I believe wagtime is open until 8pm…not sure how big their space is, but they do doggie day care so i’m sure you can tire your dog out by letting them play with the other pups?

    • I don’t know how much room you have in your home, but walking is not enough for our dog (we run with him and take him to the dog park sometimes as well). We set up ropes in the basement for him to jump over and also throw his food (piece by piece) either in the backyard or the basement – it get him a good extra 20-30mins of running a day.

  • Rant: when waiting in a long line for coffee during the morning rush hour (really, anytime, but rush hour is worse) make up your damn mind about what you want BEFORE you get to the counter. You had several minutes to choose your order — don’t get to the counter, and only then, bother to read the menu and take 3 minutes to talk over menu options out loud. I’ve got a train to catch, and you’re making me stabby. [First-world problems]

    • Also, you know you are going to have to pay for the coffee so why not go ahead and have your payment ready? Not that we aren’t all enjoying standing here waiting while you go digging for your wallet and picking through your loose change so you can get rid of all your pennies.

    • I also feel this way about the people who get on the bus with many other people, and the ones who are paying in cash get on first. C’mon, you may have gotten to the stop first, but let the poor people behind you who can enter the bus with a 1-second swipe of their card get out of the cold. You can spend 5 minutes trying to get wrinkled bills into the machine after they’re on, and probably after we’re all moving forward to our destinations.

      • This frustrates me so much! Even worse are the people who need to add cash to their Smartrip cards and don’t wait and board the bus last. I understand that sometimes people may not realize they need to add, but, if that’s the case, step aside and let other people board, then add to your card. It seems like a fairly obvious concept to me.

        • Unfortunately DC is full of oblivious, self-centered jerks. This drives me absolutely crazy as well. Especially galling is the delay between scanning the card and fishing the crumpled bills out of wherever they are in that huge purse….you only just realized you have to have the cash to put into the farebox?!?! And you’re making everybody else wait for you?!?!

          • The bigger the purse, the more oblivious the woman is.
            Sorry ladies, it’s true.
            I’d say the correlation is 0.95 at the 99% confidence level.

    • Sounds like you need to get your coffee at Slipstream they “will reduce the resistance of the normal coffee and cocktail experience with unique service that pulls customers through in an effortless fashion.”

  • Rant: That the majority in Congress are millionaires while those of us in biomedical research are desperately scraping together funds to advance scientific knowledge.
    Rave: Ski trip this weekend! I’m a newbie so any advice is appreciated.

    • Padded shorts. Well, really, padded everything. And a helmet.

    • Even if you think you are doing well, don’t over challenge yourself

      • Indeed. Stick to the green slopes the first time around, even if you think you’re doing really well. It’s a big jump from green to blue. Sure, you might not be challenged that much by the end of the second day, but it’s better to end your trip on a high note and enjoy the gentle relaxing slopes than with snow-burn on your face. I speak from experience, young padawan.

    • Just look downhill. Don’t worry about the people who are skiing behind you, they see you and have [hopefully] already thought about how to go around you. If you start getting nervous about moving out of the way, you won’t be able to think about enjoying it and improving. Just keep a wide base and don’t get too tense. The good thing about skiing versus snowboarding is that you can enjoy it even the first few times you go out. First-time snowboarders are busy holding back tears from bruised wrists and tailbones.

      • And I was going to suggest snowboarding rather than skiing. While it takes longer to learn the first time, after you get the basics, you improve very quickly, much more quickly than skiers. Just know that it will suck at first, but once you can connect your turns, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get good at it and go all over the mountain. Also, Advil is your friend.

        Whether you ski or board, only look at what’s right in front of you. Don’t look down the hill and wonder how you’re going to get down. It always looks less steep if you just look ahead to your next turn.

  • Rave: I love being an auntie!! My godchildren and my nephew are amazing little people that enrich my life in so many ways.
    Rant: They all live in New York and I’m in DC.
    Rave: Chatting with them via FaceTime. My 3 year old goddaughter loves using her mommy’s iPad to Facetime me 🙂

  • Rant: Parents of small children who don’t realize that not everyone in the world thinks their child is most precious, cutest, bestest thing to ever happen. And the fact that I don’t do the “happy dance” when your little one announces that he has pooped his pants doesn’t make me a curmudgeon (and BTW shouldn’t we do the “happy dance” when he DOESN’T poop his pants but instead asks for help to go potty?)

    • Oh please. You’re being hyperbolic and kind of gross. No parent has EVER expected enthusiasm from any other person over poop.
      And you ARE a curmudgeon if you can’t recognize that children are in fact pretty amazing. Brand new humans, learning how to human.

      • I got together with college friends during Christmas– they chose a very different path than I did post-college and all have kids now. The very first thing they did after I came in and had gotten a plate of food was start swapping potty training stories. It took all my restraint to not get up and leave right then and there. Don’t parents realize their child’s poop is not cute or funny to anyone else?

        • Seconded. I have a colleague who constantly shares her stories of training her kid, and it is all kinds of weird.

          • And does she expect you to do a “happy dance” when she reports failure?

            Seriously, the only thing worse than overly enthusiastic parents are the too-cool types who think it’s hip to hate kids. But don’t insult their dogs, oh hell naw.

          • “Seriously, the only thing worse than overly enthusiastic parents are the too-cool types who think it’s hip to hate kids. But don’t insult their dogs, oh hell naw.”
            Not really. Can’t we just all agree that militant cyclists are the worst?

          • Anon 11:37: none of us are saying we hate kids. What we are saying is it’s inappropriate for parents to discuss the bathroom habits of their children in a public forum such as facebook or at a dinner party. That doesn’t mean we hate kids. I’d bet many people who have children would even agree.

        • People talk about what’s going on in their lives, and for parents that means their kids’ poop. I understand you don’t find this interesting, but the lesson here is that you shouldn’t hang out with parents of small children, not that they need to stop talking about their kids’ poop.

          • epric002

            no, the lesson is etiquette- don’t talk about poop at inappropriate times/places.

          • I’m willing to listen to most stories about people’s kids, even if they’re not interesting to me. But the poop talk is inappropriate as a conversational topic with non-parents. You don’t see me talking about house training my dogs do you?

          • epric002, if you’re talking about a co-worker, for example, whom you can’t choose to not hang out with, yes. If you’re getting together with college friends, no. If you don’t like what your friends talk about then don’t hang out with them.
            Anonymous 11:50, maybe you don’t personally but some do. And I don’t hang out with them (more than once, anyway), I hang out with the ones who talk about stuff that also interests me.

          • ^ This. If I’m having issues with my dogs, I talk to my dog owner friends who don’t mind hearing some rather gross details about said issues. I’m certainly not going to bring it up as a topic of conversation at a dinner party. I feel like once some people have kids they lose the “appropriate/interesting adult conversation” filter.

          • Well, I was just trying to be a semi-decent friend and see friends I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. It’s not like I actively seek out parents to hang out with normally. Although I might give said college friends another 5-year break before I see them again. At that point the kids will be past most of the gross stuff. Thankfully they’re reasonable with the Facebook posts.

      • Erm, no. I was once urged to applaud my godchild’s “production”. And, like a good auntie, I did.

        • If that actually happened, you have permission to tell the parent “no”. And further, “You HAVE to recognize that it’s not appropriate for you to talk to me about your child’s bowels”. If there are actually people acting like that, please stop them. They give all us parents a bad name. This goes for anonymous above and his/her co-worker. “Please don’t tell me about Henry’s toilet training. That’s a private subject.”
          You must of course respond with enthusiasm to first steps, first logical arguments, and halloween costumes. Not to do so makes you a bad person.

          • Yeah, In retrospect I should have spoken up and halted the conversation sooner. There are a lot of things about little kids that disgust me, and I don’t expect parents to understand or change their behavior to accommodate me, but the revulsion to poop is not unreasonable.

      • epric002

        anon @ 11:08- i’m pretty sure it’s the parents who area being gross when they discuss potty details, not the innocent bystanders. if you actually believe your 3rd sentence, might i introduce you to STFUParents blog? and please, spare us your opinions on how we’re supposed to be amazed over other people’s children doing the same stuff that all children do.

        • +1.
          I’ve noticed in the Facebook postings of friends with kids that there seem to be two different kinds of parents: those who share things about their kids on Facebook that would be of interest _only_ to other parents (and sometimes things that might even be _repugnant_ to non-parents, like details about potty training), and those who share things about their kids that are more general-interest.

          • Pretty much. Thankfully I have more fbook friends that fall into the second category. I’m not too fond of children, but cute pictures of pets + kids get me every time.
            Can definitely do without pictures of babies with food smeared all over them. Poop pictures? Immediate unfriending.

    • Well, toilet training is not for the faint of heart — and for the parents who need to get their kids fully potty trained by a certain point in order for their kids to attend pre-school, it does kind of become a focal point of their lives . Their stress gets compounded because they’re also trying to not stress out the kid — even as they’re stressing about school deadlines. It will pass. (pun, sadly, intended).

    • It’s not the poop thing really.
      When you have a kid your whole world changes and the amount of love you feel is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. And this is good. If humans hadn’t evolved this way (to be overwhelmed with love for our children) the species would have died out long ago. We have an incredibly long infancy and childhood in relation to other primates, and we need this overwhelming love to get us through the moments of “go the fock to sleep”, “please stop crying, please stop crying”, “just eat something, anything!”,etc.
      The thing I’m ranting about, isn’t poop, it’s that parents need to realize, that although your precious bundle of joy is the center of YOUR world, it is not the center of everyone else’s world. The poop thing was just an anecdotal example.

      • Enough of my friends and colleagues with kids still manage to carry on conversations of general interest that I am convinced that the problem is not that all parents become focused entirely on this one aspect of their lives and can think and talk about nothing else, but that some parents lack self-awareness. These are the ones who can’t recognize what topics and level of detail will be appropriate or of interest to their current conversation partners.
        These are probably the same people holding up the line at the coffeeshop and getting onto buses.

        • And you know what? I bet they watch reality TV. They’ve been trained to believe that it’s ok (maybe even admirable!) to let it all hang out, to air their dirty laundry, to have no filter. Seriously, someone whose friend told you about their kid’s poop, weigh in: Is that friend a reality TV fan? Housewives, Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, that type of thing?

        • epric002

          + a bazillion. ULSA- ultimate lack of self awareness. please help us spread the word about this terrible affliction and let the sufferers know it doesn’t have to be this way. they CAN re-find their filter. they CAN realize the world does not revolve around them and/or their offspring. they CAN learn to read the body language/facial expressions/social cues of those they interact with.

  • Rant: Went back on a 9-5 schedule. What a difference an hour makes to the southbound S buses. It was the first time I saw a completely full S4 bus speed by my stop at 8:30 am.

  • Rant: hungover even though I only had about 4 ounces of wine with dinner. Have I really gotten that old?

    • Honestly, it sound like you either have a health issue or it was really crappy wine with lots of impurities.

    • A lot of the hangover comes from being dehydrated, so maybe you’re not drinking enough water (in whatever form that takes).

      • Ooooooh, great point. This is probably the issue – the OP was very dehydrated before dinner.

      • Maybe that’s it. I worked out beforehand and drank a lot of water, but my girlfriend recently reprogrammed the thermostat and I think it’s a little too hot at night now. I’ve been chugging water today in an attempt to make this pounding headache and nausea go away.

        • This. I realized our bedroom was too warm at night after a few mornings of waking up dehydrated. Try some coconut water or gatorade cut with water to speed up the rehydration.

      • I’m guessing this has everything to do with dehydration. Go chug some coconut juice!

        • epric002

          am i the only one that finds coconut water absolutely revolting? (are coconut juice and coconut water the same thing???)

          • Nope. It’s totally disgusting. But I hate coconut in all forms.

          • epric002

            i love most other coconut things, but coconut water? BLECH!

          • I can tolerate it but it’s not something I enjoy (anything else coconut I love). It’s a moot point anyway since the closest place to buy coconut water (CVS) is a 25-minute walk away and I’m not feeling up for that.

          • I hate coconut, but I love coconut milk (which is what is used in the “sticky rice” part of mango and sticky rice).
            Not long ago I bought a can of something labeled “coconut water,” hoping it was maybe the same thing as coconut milk, but it was not. 🙁

    • houseintherear

      Was it red wine? It can give some people migraines, maybe that’s the prob..?

  • Rave: good changes at work 🙂

    Question: Anyone know of a good nutritionist? I’m thinking it is time to tweak my pretty healthy diet, but want a professional eye to look at it. Thanks!

  • Rave: three paycheck month…great way to start off the new year and recoup the damages i did to my bank account over the holidays.
    Rant: major hangover.
    Rave: last night!

  • rant: this has been the most horrifically bad week I’ve had in a long long time
    rave: three-day weekend
    rave: my cat thinks I’m the shit

  • Rave: Beautiful Full Moon Last Night
    Rant/Rave: Full moon makes almost everyone a lil cray cray – sometimes fun, sometimes not.
    Rant: Walked into a bus stop last night while texting.
    Rave: Made a few folks laugh my expense:)

  • Rant: Driving on P near NJ Ave NW last night, in front of me weaving in and out of the middle of the road were 4 kids on bicycles, 1 with a rider standing on the back. The oldest was maybe 10? The rest looked around 7 or 8. No helmets, no lights. It was dark, there were no adults in sight, they were zooming through intersections without stopping, crossing New Jersey Avenue (4 lanes of traffic), glaring at people and flipping them off as they rode their bikes. Where the h*ll were their parents…grrr…

    Rave: The Christmas trees have finally been removed from the street!

    • epric002

      so obnoxious/frustrating/dangerous. i wish you’d called the police.

    • they are neighborhood kids who ride around the area all the time. yeah, it’s dangerous, and you have to look out for them, but they’re just kids.

      • “Just kids” is what worries me, what happens when they grow up after a childhood of no repercussions for anti-social and dangerous (or maybe even illegal) behavior? Nip it in the bud, I say.

  • Admission: I’m a severely lapsed PoP reader. For no good reason, either. But needed to rant a bit, and this is the place, so I’m back!
    Rant: Client! Your event is in less than two weeks! You have nearly ZERO budget for food! You do not need multiple bids! Oy.
    Rave: After a year of trying and coming just weeks away from starting IUI, I’m pregnant! At just 6.5 weeks, we’ve only told our folks. Too early to tell others, especially clients. But I’m super excited!
    Rant: So excited about this small person, but I wish my stomach liked it more — feeling queasy all the time, and my eating is all out of whack.

    Happy weekend, all! Thank you for letting me rant and rave! I promise not to lapse any further.

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