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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: moving into my new condo this weekend.
    rant: a massive presentation today that has me super nervous. i bombed the rehearsal and that’s not making me feel great. hoping i can pull out the 9 minutes without sounding like i sucked helium because i am talking so fast and high-pitched.

    • Good luck!!! Remember to breathe. When I’m nervous my voice gets really shaky, which is totally embarrassing. I just have to remind my self to slow down, speak louder, and breathe. I’m a terrible public speaker/presenter, but it does get easier with practice.

      • I do the same thing and you get so self-conscious about it. A great piece of advice I got once is to monitor your shoulders and try to keep them down. When we’re stressed, our shoulders go up, and that makes our whole body tense and our breathing swallower.. Lowering your shoulders helps keep you looser.

        Good luck!

        • I will remember than when I give my next presentation, which is in two weeks. Already getting stressed out over it :-/

      • Have a happy song and dance you can do in the elevator ride up to the meeting. Seriously. Get the whole team in on it and you’ll be relaxed and laughing when the doors open.

    • If you know you speak fast, make an effort to speak ridiculously slow. It’ll probably balance out.

    • Good luck! I hate public speaking, so I relate to your nervousness.

    • If you use notes, write in “breathe” and “pause” in different places on your notes

    • “You’re a lion, take what’s yours.” No joke, say it to yourself before hand, then go do it. Thanks, J.D.

  • Rave: Job interview
    Rant: Not sure if this is the right job for my life right now even though this is the exact type of position I want in a great organization. I’m completely in a panic thinking about the possibilities and trying to take it one step at a time and weigh my options but it is really scary.

    • I get those fears a lot too. I just remind myself that A) you don’t have to make any decisions until you get an offer, and B) you aren’t getting married. You may learn things at the interview that give you insight into whether you really do or don’t want the job.

      • Yep, you’re interviewing them too to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Good luck anon!

      • Thanks for the reminders, they are really helpful especially since, you are right, there is no offer or decisions to be made yetI! It’s also nice to know someone else has been in my shoes and survived 🙂

    • Yay for you!! 🙂 I just had one this morning. I love the company but am not sure the position is right. Everyone is telling me to just go for it and figure it out later since I love the company. I seriously think I was rambling but fingers crossed that I did enough to get to the next round.

    • Yay for you!! 🙂 I just had one this morning. I love the company but am not sure the position is right. Everyone is telling me to just go for it and figure it out later since I love the company. I seriously think I was rambling but fingers crossed that I did enough to get to the next round.

  • epric002

    rant: came home from business travel to discover that my freezer door opened at some point while i was gone and everything in the freezer was room temp. threw out soooo much wasted food. don’t even want to know how this is going to affect my electric bill. UGH!

  • Rave: That photo!

  • More an observation than a rant, but I noticed recently that the Trilogy NoMa apartments have a shuttle van that drives residents to/from the NoMa metro. I walk from my condo in Eckington to Capitol Hill every day, so I usually walk past the Trilogy apartments and the NoMa metro on my walk to work. It’s about a 4 minute walk from the apartments to the metro. I assume, with the clusterf*ck that is Dave Thomas Circle, the shuttle probably takes longer to drive to the metro. So, I don’t get it. Why would anyone take the shuttle? Are people afraid to walk those three blocks?

    • This is getting quite common in NY from what I read, especially on the far sides of Manhattan, that are a 10-minute walk from a subway station.

      Not sure how I feel about it. If people want to pay for an amenity such as a ride to metro, I don’t have an issue with it though.

    • People with groceries, babies, plantar fasciitis …. It’s a nice amenity when you need it. It may be less about fear than accessibility.

      • exactly not everyone is able to walk those blocks easily for whatever reason. It sounds like a nice service to the residents

    • i don’t know why, but anything that encourages people to live in dc as carfree as possible is a good thing by me.

  • Rave: Back in our house! Out Aug 21 2013 for renovation, back in Jan 15 2014!
    Rave2: House is beautiful!

    Rant: It isn’t done. Kitchen appliances aren’t hooked up, bathroom sinks and showers aren’t hooked up. Still one more day of work.
    Rant2: We found a bedbug this morning. My hope is we brought it home from my parents house in Oakton, but I am not happy. We will be picking up a mattress cover today, but any other ideas? I am hopeful it is just one from our mattress that we moved back from Oakton, but not sure.

    • It’s not cheap, but for piece of mind you can bring in a bedbug sniffing dog to make sure there are no others. That’s assuming you caught and killed the one. In my experience, the start of an infestation is too early to see any of the tell-tale signs.
      Don’t sleep somewhere else in the house, they are attracted to your exhalations so they will follow you and you’ll spread them more.
      Best of luck, it is stressful and emotionally difficult to deal with them.

      • “they are attracted to your exhalations so they will follow you.”
        Well, that makes me never want to sleep again.

        • Seriously!?!? Attracted to your inhalations??!?! My gosh I’d be scared to breathe! Ew!!!!!! Sorry for the overreaction, but if there’s one thing I hate, it’s bugs. Who knew that when my dad used to tuck me in at night and say “Goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”, that there were actually these little devil creatures that were attracted to smelly night/morning breath. UGH.

          Sorry. Hopefully it was a single bug and you don’t have an infestation. Are you sure it was a bed bug and not just some other nasty little creature?

          • Quite certain, unfortunately.

            I killed it, and it had just had a meal. It was foul. I think we are going to go with the dog.

          • Yeah, people consider cockroaches the nastiest, most possible post-apocalyptic bug, but I think bedbugs win hands down. I caught one and kept it in a sealed sandwich bag for the exterminator to see. That thing lived in that bag for about 2 months.

          • “That thing lived in that bag for about 2 months.”

          • I’ll one up you on that. I found one, sprayed it at very close range with bedbug pesticide (the Black Flag brand), put it in a ziplock bag, and it was still alive several weeks later.

          • Ugh, that’s disgusting.

      • Do the dogs work? We have two beagles (clearly not trained to sniff out bedbugs, as they slept like the dead last night.)

        • I did not use a dog, but I did a lot of research when I had bedbugs and my understanding is that they are far better than trained technicians looking for black fecal spots. Some companies require that you use their dog service before they’ll heat treat you, so they can pinpoint the area to treat.
          My management company in my last place was super cheap and to pay the difference for heat was a lot, so we did chemical treatments. It’s pretty terrible. In hindsight I would prefer to pay more for a much easier treatment, than to pay less (nothing in my case) and do tons of labor. I think the heat is also more reassuring. I’m still a bit paranoid even though we treated three times and laundered everything.

        • Yup, the dogs worked for me. I found a bug that I thought was a bed bug, I flipped out, called the dog guys, but the dog did not find any bed bugs. Turns out the bug was not a bed bug. However, my mom also found a bug, got her house inspected by the dog, and it turned out she did have bed bugs. So they help figure out if you do have bed bugs, and if so, where they are.

      • Definitely get the dog. I think I paid $150 for a whole row house (2500 sq ft) inspection two years ago. Best investment ever, as it turned out we didn’t have bedbugs and confirmed our suspicions that my roommate was a paranoid hypochondriac.

    • I hope you’ve already alerted your parents!

  • RANT! The downtown location of Results gym was sold to LA Fitness, seemingly overnight. We were given about half a day’s warning. All of the instructors have to reapply for their job. I tried to call this morning to find out if normal classes would take place to find that nobody is answering the phone. THIS IS WHY I LEFT LA FITNESS. Terrible customer service and management. I’m used to being hangry (because of hunger) now I’m just sad angry. Does anyone want to start a gym co-op with me? My contribution will be the idea (I could maybe make some flyers too).

  • Rant: Steel plates on 16th street between Spring and Arkansas. They’ve been there for almost a year, and they seem to be getting worse? What the heck is going on?

    Double Rant: This is going to sound super privileged, but I’m convinced that nobody interested in time management would be riding the bus. Interested in money management, sure. But sometimes time is money.

    • It does sound privileged. Taking the bus from 16th and Spring to Farragut Square makes sense both in terms of time and money.

      • For short distances like that, I suppose it makes sense. But if money were no object, driving would be faster. I’m looking at time only. Not money (as I noted, money management made sense). Sheesh people.

        • Driving is not always faster. Look at how much time people spend sitting on 270 or 95 or the other local highways tying to get into DC every day.

          • True. Totally true. But most likely where they’re getting stuck in traffic (besides a stretch of 270) there are no Metros. So a commuter bus would still be stuck in traffic.

          • Metro stops, sorry.

          • Yeah, but if you’re coming to/ from the suburbs driving is almost always faster despite the mind-boggling traffic. The public transit alternative is multiple buses and trains that don’t come by very often, so it ends up taking a lot longer than crawling in traffic.

        • You’re also forgetting about convenience. I can pick up a bus 10 feet from my house, it drops me 1 block from my office. It probably takes 5-10 minutes longer than walking to metro, riding metro, and walking from metro to my office, but I don’t have to swap out to wear comfy shoes for the walks, I can easily lug stuff back and forth, etc. Honestly, I don’t think it would be any faster to drive, since I park farther from both my house and office than the bus drops me.

          • Yep, I just noted that with the 90 buses below. The buses also connect all those places that aren’t served by metro rail at all, like Adams Morgan and the suburbs.

    • That does sound rather privileged. Honestly, it depends on where you live, where you’re going, whether you have a car, whether your work provides free parking, and what your alternatives are. For me, when I lived in Adams Morgan and worked near Federal Triangle, bus and then Metrorail was the way to go.

    • Those plates are awful. Every time I go over them, they threaten to wreck my tires, and I have this recurring fear of plummeting into the park below.

    • I get motion sickness when I ride Metrorail, so I do the bus whenever it makes sense. It might take a little longer but It’s worth it to arrive at my destination not feeling queasy. Plus the people-watching is way better on the bus.

    • I recently switched from metro to driving to work now that my drive saves a good chunk of time. But, I have to say that a lot of days I think I would prefer the low(er) stress of metro to driving, even though I reverse commute. For some people you have to factor in stress management as well.

    • Your second rant doesn’t sound priveleged, it sounds facile. Are you just trying to point out that the bus seems slow?

      • + 1, although “facile” is a much nicer word than I would’ve used

      • Compared to other modes of transportation, it IS slow. It doesn’t save time in many cases, like biking or the metro (ostensibly), or even driving might. That’s my point. That was my only point.

        • Then you should have said that in the first place. You chose a really vague and cryptic way of expressing a very simple thought. That said, I don’t understand why it’s a rant. Actually I’m going to post my own rant about this…

          • But I did say that. I said it was strictly from a time management perspective, not money management. Therefore, if someone were to argue that the bus was faster in all cases, I’d disagree. But Cleary below made a good point, and I admitted I was wrong.

          • I don’t want to belabor the point, but no you did not say that. You said “I’m convinced that nobody interested in time management would be riding the bus”, and as I already pointed out, being “interested in time management” is not equal to “choosing the fastest mode of transportation.” And it’s not the same thing as saying the bus is always slower. I can give you an example if you want but hopefully you’ll agree I’m right.

          • I live in Capitol Hill and take the 90 buses when I go to U Street. The wait for a bus is less than 10 minutes, and it’s door-to-door because the stop is right in front of my house. It’s almost like taking a cab, except it’s only $1.50. I wouldn’t drive to U Street because the parking’s too hard to find, and the metro actually takes longer during non-peak hours because I’d have to transfer. Also, the metro station is a few blocks away, and why walk if It’s late or I’m carrying stuff or I’m tired? When the bus only requires that I step outside and hop on?

          • I’m not sure where the disconnect is here, so bear with me. My original statement said that, basically, taking the bus does not save time (a point I now understand is incorrect). In my mind, fastest mode of transportation would equal “interested in time management.” I don’t think we need to argue this further.

    • To your second rant – I am at the point in my life where, when traveling, I value time over money. I will take the early flight, even if it costs more, to maximize time on the ground. I will take the train over the bus to places like New York because I’d rather spend 3 hours on the train than 6 on a bus. But on a daily basis, it makes much more sense for me to take the bus (or walk!) than to drive. Why? Well, for starters, I don’t have to worry about driving in rush hour traffic. I don’t have to worry about spending time finding parking at the end of the day when I come home. Frankly, given rush hour traffic, driving myself wouldn’t save me much time – maybe 10-20 minutes a day. The financial benefits are just that — benefits. I don’t spend money on gas or parking (the garage near my office is $235 a month), and instead I spend a couple bucks a day for someone else to do the work.

      So I disagree with you – driving may make sense for YOU, but for lots of the rest of us, even those of us who value our time, it doesn’t.

      • Thank you. I am convinced that I was wrong.

      • Loving all the bus love here!

        • I didn’t exactly love the bus when I had to take it in order to get to Metrorail… but nonetheless I think a lot of the hate/disdain for buses is unjustified.

      • I to would always pick the bus over drive, same points as others mentioned that bus was more convenient than parking, but I also loved my coomute of adams morgan to silver spring. To just sit and gawk at the beautiful houses, churches and trees on 16th st while someone drives you to and from work is priceless. And cant forget an occasional cat nap.

    • Interesting comment. I bus from Shirlington to the Pentagon, one stop on yellow line. Takes me 25mins tops in rush hour from front door to office door. The bus rules.

    • A study came out a while back that showed metro buses make up 3% of the vehicles on 16th street and yet move 50% of the people….Clearly buses move people much more efficiently down that stretch than cars. If time is the issue, then we should get the lower occupancy vehicles out of the way of the more efficient buses by dedicated bus only lanes so that those who see time as money will have incentives to take the bus.

      • Even if you took the cars off the roads, the bus would STILL be slower because a) it’d probably have to pick up more people, thus stopping more and b) there’d be more buses on the road, causing traffic of its own. You want buses to have their own lanes and lights, that’s different, but you didn’t say that.

        • austindc

          I think that is what urbanengineer meant by “dedicated bus only lanes.” These are typically lanes that only buses or other HOVs can use, and in some cities they are separated from other lanes or have lights that adjust to the bus schedule. I also think bus traffic would have less impact than car traffic because there would be fewer drivers, a smaller total footprint of vehicles, and probably a unifying schedule so that buses are somewhat spaced. There is also the possibility to have limited stop buses for those traveling long distances (which Metro already does). I agree that bus travel might be a little slower, but it’s probably a marginal difference for direct routes.

        • I do want them to have their own lanes, and I did say that. I never really thought about the impact it would have if they also had their own lights, so no you’re right on that regard, I did not say that.

    • austindc

      I think maybe Adam Smith or someone like that proposed that we all have an unconscious idea of how much our time is worth, and that factors in to how we schedule anything, including transit. When I was younger and unemployed, I had no problem spending 16 hours to take Chinatown buses from Boston to DC for twenty bucks. So maybe it’s two sides of the same coin–time management is money management. In either case, I would much prefer the bus! Go Metro!

    • But i can read and do other things on the bus, that i can’t do while i drive or ride my bike, so sometimes taking the bus actually feels like better time management to me.

  • Rant: My roommate and I had plans to go out tonight to see some live acoustic music. Instead she went out and got drunk with some guy last night and now I know she’s going to cancel.
    Rave: I’m going with or without her. I’m getting better at going out on my own after being single for awhile. I’ll know a bunch of people there…it just would’ve been better to have her there too.

    • Good for you, Andie! (And boo on your roommate for (probably) bailing.)

    • Yeah kudos to you for still going! I too have been single for quite sometime and sometimes want to do things that my friends aren’t interested in. I’ve gotten much better at going to things I’m interested in alone, and meeting some cool people in the process.

    • I’ll go with you! I love music and have not perfected rollin’ solo!

  • justinbc

    Rant: Weather caused roof construction to be postponed til today, meaning it will stretch over the whole 4 day weekend for me. So much for sleeping in.
    Rave: Lifetime guarantee on the roof (PVC) means this is the last time I’ll have to worry about this until we build the 3rd story.

  • rave: job interview this afternoon. Considering this is the slow season for jobs, I’m super excited and really hope it goes well. MAN I’d love a new job
    rave: found a great nanny so I can feel somewhat OK when I go back to work. Somewhat.
    rant: baby hates sleep. actively fights it. I’ve been told by my parents that this karma. But I feel bad for him because he’s a tired baby. If only he knew to connect the dots. We are trying very hard to make sleep happen, but we can only do so much (and no, I won’t let him cry it out. he’s too young).

    • I could never do cry it out with my son. I just wasn’t built for that. That said, we found our saving grace in having a almost-super-punctual bedtime routine from the get-go. We noted the time when our son started to sleep for longer periods of time during the day (around 7:30 p.m.) and made that his bedtime. We read him a story, turned down the lights and put him bed, and he wouldn’t fuss. Now, I won’t say he STAYED asleep (he didn’t actually start sleeping through the night til he was about 18 months old), but nowadays we have very few nights when he’ll fight going to bed.

      I’m sure you’ve tried this, but thought I’d share!

    • Everyone’s surely offered tons of advice. We have a good sleeper but in trying moments when mild CIO doesn’t work we’ve used swaddles (the ones that velcro) and a “sleep sheep.” Don’t need to pick him up every time he wakes up. Go in, rub his belly and replace the pacifier. We also needed to put him down earlier. He goes in the crib at the first rub of the eyes.

      • 1. Baby is too old for swaddle after 3 months
        2. Many babies never take a pacifier (mine included)
        3. Many babies get hysterical if you enter the room but do not pick them up (mine included)

        My guess is JinDC has read everything and tried everything. The only thing that applies here is “all babies are different” and “this too shall pass”.

    • Welcome back, Jin! Glad the little nugget seems to be well, despite the not sleeping thing.

  • that wolfkann photog takes a mean pic

  • Rave: I got a good night’s rest and feel so much better today. The cold is much more manageable this morning.
    Rant: This week’s cold has left me completing unmotivated to go to the gym.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Looking for a new place to live after dealing with 4 years of headaches at current rental. Due to our jobs, need to stay in SE DC and trying to find a dog-friendly, affordable apt/condo/house is stressing me out.
    Revel/Rant: Due to paying down a bunch of debt over the last few years, we have less debt but nothing saved for down payment on a house.
    Revel: Did all the laundry yesterday.

    • justinbc

      I found dog friendly to be extremely difficult in SE back when I was renting, mainly due to Yarmouth Realty running most of the rental home market there and not allowing dogs in their properties. (even small dogs)

    • msmaryedith

      Friends lived at the one across the street from Arena Stage (The View at Waterfront, I think?). They had a big dog! It was a nice enough building, with a great pool and nice grills, etc in their outdoor space.

    • Dunno if it counts as affordable but the Onyx building is very dog friendly.

  • Rant/rave: I’m giving a demonstration lesson next week. This is my first interview for a teaching position and I’m nervous because there is so much that can (and likely will) go wrong.

    • Good luck.
      I used to manage educational programs, so I spent a good amount of time evaluating teachers. While it was always good to see a candidate demonstrating how they would be in a normal class, I also appreciated when they would be flexible enough to cater to the evaluators (who are often very different from the usual students). Creativity was also something that worked well. Any remotely experienced teacher can run through textbook exercises, the fun little filler activities can show that you have the motivation and resourcefulness to change it up every once in a while.

  • RANT: Stayed at work until 3am last night to finish a project. I’m not productive at home and need the large monitor at my office (multiple data sets, spreadsheets, and Word docs needed to be opened at the same time – impossible to do on a 13″ laptop screen).
    RAVE: That wonderful feeling when something that’s been stressing you out is finally done and cleared from your plate. Totally worth it to stay late and just crank it out.
    RAVE: California in 2 days. Already have a gorgeous Channel Islands Retro Fish surfboard that I’m going to buy as soon as I land. Bringing my wetsuit and will get in 9 days of wave action. Surfline is predicting 7 to 10 foot waves on Saturday and Monday 😮
    RAVE: Three paychecks this month!!! Plus my bonus was deposited on Jan 2. I have way too much money in my bank account this month.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: Boss tried to bully me into submission at work today, but I stayed strong *and* managed to make her feel like she had won (when she totally hadn’t). Usually I’d start crying or get bright red and mad, but I was cool as a cucumber. Go me.

  • Rant: People who express very simple ideas in very complicated and convoluted ways.

    • Or worse, in intentionally inflammatory ways.

    • Maybe give the poster the benefit of the doubt for word choice that oversimplified esp. since s/he admitted being wrong. Now you’re just being mean.

      • 1) This is actually a general rant of mine that applies to many people here and elsewhere; Meg’s post just happened to remind me.
        2) She admitted being wrong to something else. She still doesn’t agree with me that her original word choice was confusing and that a much simpler statement would have been far clearer. (Which is fine, we don’t have to agree on this.) So i still stand by my point, I’m not trying to be mean.
        And yes, I realize I should probably have something better to do than go on discussing this. At this particular moment though, I do not.

  • Rant: At first I thought that was a picture of half of the St. Louis Arch and then I realized I was wrong about something, which is an all-time first.

    Rave: I still like the photo, pretty much.

  • Rant: Can’t find a place that sells cases and 30 packs of cheap beer (Mil’s Best) in DC.
    Revel: Popvillians who will soon solve this problem.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I believe Wagner’s Liquor on 1717 Wisconsin Avenue, NW has 90 packs of Natural Light!

      • justinbc

        90? That’s really a thing??

        • Prince Of Petworth

          hahaha yeah I walk past the window a lot and it’s prominently displayed, though I did do a double take the first time I saw it. When I was in college I would’ve loved it!

          • Is there like multiple handles? I am a pretty strong guy, and the logistics behind carrying 90 beers in one box seem questionable.

            I google imaged searched it, and found nothing. I trust you POP, but almost have to call BS here! 🙂 Am wondering, is this just three 30 packs taped together?

    • CostCo has 30 racks of the domestic stuff.
      I think Cairo Liquor on 17th also carries some 30 racks. Call ahead.
      Too bad we lost the booze distributor on Florida Ave. That place was friggin’ awesome. Know of any booze distributors in the city?

      • If you can get into CostCo you can also buy their store brand beer (Kirkland). It might actually be tasty but it lets you really wear your cheapness on your sleeve.

        • That Kirkland IPA really isn’t bad. It’s much better suited for BBQs than anything else, though.

          Beer snob me wanted to hate it because it’s Kirkland.
          Hipster me wanted to hate it because it’s soccer mom store beer.
          Cheap me felt like I was selling out Natty Boh, but soon got over it.

        • Costco also sells 30 (or 36?) racks for fairly cheap. Keep your cheapness on the DL!

    • jim_ed

      Dixie Liquor in Georgetown has 30 packs of several different types, also great prices. Also have the cheapest kegs around if that’s more your style.

  • Rant: all this talk of bedbugs, combined with dry winter skin is sparking some serious paranoia. Everything itches!!!
    Rave: sometimes when I go to the thrift store I find exactly what I’m looking for. I wanted something to put my belts and scarves on, something free standing and I found a brass free standing towel rack/almost valet like thing. I also got three lined skirts.
    Rant: the waist band on this skirt felt good this morning, but the longer I sit here, the tighter it feels. So uncomfortable.

    • Where do you thrift? Looking for a good place in the area!

      • Well, the funny thing is that I was recently smack talking my normal thrift store because the new management has raised prices and has the place less organized. But I got all the skirts for $4 or $5 each and the brass thing (I’m not even actually sure what it is) for $15.
        My normal store is Unique Thrift in Wheaton because it’s close-ish to my office. I also sometimes go to their double sized store at New Hampshire and the beltway. As is apparent, I have a car so these are easy locations.
        I did just get a tip to check out the Goodwill by the new Costco, though I haven’t been yet.
        For clothing in the city, I go to Frugalista.

  • Rant: boss is intimately familiar with one subset of a massive, sprawling report and played “gotcha” during a morale-sapping meeting. That red herring derailed the entire meeting.

    Rave: It’s Thursday and a three day weekend looms near.

    Rave: Exposed DC happy hour was a lot of fun last night.

    Rant: happy hour was too much fun and today is a tough slog.

  • Rant: So tired of frat-boy niggling and attempts at one-upsmanship. I obviously need to widen my social circles.
    Rant: I need to find a replacement for the little plastic bracket that holds the sliding glass door to the frame on the bathtub . “My” hardware store didn’t have one — so this quick repair might turn out to be a bigger problem than I thought.
    Rave: A problem with my health insurance got sorted out. I appreciate the patient people that helped with this — and I told them so.
    Rave: Garageband!!!

  • Query: Read the posts last week — and I’m wondering how Valentina is. Hope that things are better!

    • I’ve been wondering, too. Glad you posted this. Even if she doesn’t respond, she’ll know people care.

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