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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Is there a full moon? Because something is UP. This morning, on a three-mile drive to school, FOUR people zipped out of a line of cars waiting at a red light and into the oncoming lane, in order to cut in front of everyone else waiting at the same light. This happened twice at one light and once at each of two other lights. So basically, three separate occurrences of “I think I’ll just go on up to the head of this line of traffic”, and one occurrence of “Well, if that guy can do it…” And the other drivers were so shocked (or maybe cool-headed and cautious) that the jerks got away with it, every time.

  • Rave: Going to Portugal in March. I’ll be sure to pack one of my PoP shirts for a photo.

    Rant: Nothing. Too excited about having a great trip coming up.

    • Enjoy your time in Portugal! I went there a few years ago (to Porto then down to Lisbon) and I absolutely loved it.

    • Rave: Your rave. I’ve been twice now and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I’m lucky to travel a lot internationally for work and Portugal is still at the top. Where will you go?

  • Rave: St. Lucia tonight! Can’t wait.
    Rant: The inevitable hangover tomorrow.

  • Rave: spending bills
    Rant: $0 for my project. Despite many hours explaining why it’s necessary to achieve bigger goals and will cost much more in workarounds each time we defer.

  • Rave – I booked the tickets for my 30th birthday road trip adventure through the national parks of southern Utah! I’m so flippin excited. Now I just have to plan out my day to day itinerary.
    Rant – Travel is expensive.
    Rave – Binge-watching Parks and Rec on Netflix. I can’t believe I waited so long to watch this show. I want to be friends with Leslie Knope.
    Rant – I have to work with a coworker on a project and he’s being extremely difficult about it and doesn’t seem to care that we have a deadline coming up.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: New kitties!

    Rant: At work and not at home playing with the new kitties.

  • Rant: I’m getting kind of sick of running in the dark. If we aren’t going to get any snow I’m almost ready for spring to arrive.
    Rave: Trail was entirely empty and got to have a wonderful solitary run in the dark this morning – my head is on straight and mental outlook is looking good!

    • I am so ready for it to be lighter earlier. I have the hardest time dragging myself out of bed if the sun isn’t up, which isn’t good when you need to be out the door by 715 to be at work on time. I’m almost considering getting one of those light up alarm clocks to make it easier.

      • We got a good light up alarm clock for Christmas and it hasn’t helped us at all. ๐Ÿ™

      • I feel exactly the same way (and need to leave at about the same time each morning). It is so, so hard to get up in the morning. Plus I work late too, so I never see the sun.

    • +1 Although I’m waiting for the days to be lighter later. It’s depressing to leave the office at 5 pm and it’s still dark out. And then even more depressing to have to bike in the darkness.

    • Rant: Totally agree – I love running, but for the past 6 weeks most of my after-work runs have become a total chore. Running in the dark blows in general, and I don’t run in the park when it’s dark out, so I have to deal with cars, stoplights, etc.

      Rave: Come spring, I’ll surely be faster than everyone else who didn’t man up and run in the dark, crappy weather, right? Gonna sign up for plenty of races come March and April

      • I’ve go my trusty headlamp so running in the park/trails these dark mornings isn’t bad – just a little spooky.

  • Rant: This weather is giving me a terrible sinus headache.
    Rave: I dragged myself to spin class yesterday. I’m patting myself on the back for sticking to my new year’s resolutions.
    Rant: I did not sleep well due to very sore muscles from said spin class. This is going to be a long day.
    Rave: I’m getting a much needed hair cut tonight. Is it wrong to adore my hair dresser as much as I do?

  • Not a rant or a rave, just an interesting event: I saw a bicyclist get pulled over for running a red light. The police officer did an u-turn across a double yellow line and then pulled his vehicle into a no parking zone right next to the intersection and sat and waited…Shortly thereafter a bicyclist ran a red light and the police car turned his lights and sirens on and pulled the rider over.

    • I’m a cyclist and I’d say that’s a rave. I wait at every light and stop at stop signs and cringe when I see other bikers blow through them because I don’t want to see a fellow biker get creamed (at all) right in front of my eyes.

      • I worry about the cyclist getting hit, but mostly I worry about what they’re doing for the rest of us by increasing the animosity of drivers and pedestrians.

        • The only thing that increases the animosity of drivers and pedestrians is drivers and pedestrians. If they judge all cyclists by the actions of a few that’s their problem. I stop at every single red light, and I’d like to think that maybe drivers and pedestrians take notice and think “huh, maybe not all cyclists are scofflaws!” but given how aggressively drivers act toward me when I’m not doing anything wrong, I doubt it.

          • I also stop and I know a lot of cyclists do. But look at the responses to any cycling-related thread on this blog, for example. People love to generalize, and what pedestrians and drivers notice (and get angry about) is the cyclists who are breaking the rules, not the ones who follow the rules.

          • And as long as there is at least one cyclists breaking the rules, that will continue. So there’s very little I can do as an individual cyclist to change that, since I cannot control the behavior of all other cyclists. It’s more productive to focus on changing the perceptions of cyclists from a homogenous law-breaking group to individuals who make their own decisions, rather than focusing on how one more law breaker perpetuates negative stereotypes.

          • I give drivers where credit is due. I’ve gotten a lot of thumbs up from drivers when they see me waiting at the light with them with 30 seconds to go on the crosswalk light and there’s no cross traffic. Same when another cyclist blows through the light and I just stand there. I try and return the favor as well. I knocked on one guy’s passenger side window last night on Mass Ave to let him know his running lights weren’t on. He was really appreciative. So I try not to lump in all the drivers together as well. I still have to drive to my office out in MD so I’m a driver as well.

      • gotryit

        I have the same reaction as you. People sometimes look at me funny when I bicyclist blows through, and I involuntarily cringe and gasp.
        I hope the police crack down on all types of traffic violations. A few years ago, I don’t think they did anything.

      • As a longtime daily cyclist (over 15 years in the city and beyond), I’d assert based on personal experience that selectively and cautiously running red lights is the best way to keep yourself away from car traffic and safe.

        I wouldn’t do it at a busy intersection like K st., but I often run reds after stopping or considerably slowing at smaller intersections. I say this as someone who has never been in a biking accident (knock on wood).

        Feel free to disagree, but my experience tells me that there’s safety in distance from cars, and danger in traffic.

        • I agree. I treat red lights at small intersections like stop signs. It’s the blatant blowing-through of red lights that pisses me off

        • Agree with jack.

        • I do that with my car too. That’s OK, right? Same principle?

        • I am adult enough to courteously agree to disagree. And I totally understand your point and have done the same early on in my cycling career. But I have gotten into the habit of stopping at every light/sign because if I blow through one that is deserted, that just leads to the temptation to do it when it’s not as deserted. Yeah, it kinda blows to have to start up the pedaling again after losing momentum but I have another 20 lbs to lose so might as well get in the extra work.

          Having ridden daily on the streets for straight seven months now, I don’t pretend to be a cycling expert (I am not sarcastically calling you out either). However, I do portend that I have accepted at some point, I am going to be in an accident with a vehicle. It. Is. Just. Going. To. Happen. Very pragmatic and fatalistic but when it DOES happen, I absolutely do not want it to be my fault in any manner. I don’t wear headphones when biking, I stop at every light and sign and follow all vehicular laws in DC. I make the appropriate hand signals and I have lights on my bikes. And I have pretty good situational awareness. But I don’t trust drivers enough that I won’t get hit or doored at some point of riding every day on the streets.

          And I am not preaching that others should do as I do. I am NOT on a soap box. But what I am saying is I do NOT want to see another cyclist get t-boned in front of me because they ran the light/sign. I don’t think I could handle that. But I would hope that if someone got a ticket, which is rare enough, it gives a cyclist some pause next time they want to blow through a light and think if maybe saving 15 seconds really is worth it.

        • So long as you realize that’s illegal and if you get a ticket, you don’t bitch about it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Where was the cyclist pulled over?

    • I’ve been seeing more and more times when a cop will just switch on his lights to go through a red light, then switch em back off again. So unneccesary

    • Ugh, I saw a dad with his kid in a seat on the back of the bike run a red light on 14th St today. First, having a kiddo on the back of a bike on a busy street makes me nervous in general. But then to blatantly disregard traffic signals (Yes, he looked both ways first. Yes, no one was coming. Still not ok.) with your little one with you is just irresponsible.

      • He’s a Grade A dumbass. Anyone who would take a little kid down 14th Street during rush hour on a bike should have their parent card revoked.

        • where in the post does he say it was rush hour? also, as a dad with a kid, this to me depends on the light and the circumstance. 14th street has a bike lane in many parts, and there are plenty of 1-way streets where you can see traffic coming from far off.

          • For what it’s worth, it WAS rush hour. About 730am. However, I wholly disagree with you on it ever being ok to strap your kids to your bike, even in a bike lane, on a street as busy as 14th, no matter what the conditions. While I understand the statistical likelihood of something happening might be acceptable to some parents, we see it on this blog everyday that drivers misuse and abuse bike lanes all the time and a child is far more fragile than an adult.

          • gotryit

            Anonymous 12:36 – have you ever biked down 14th street? Do you do it regularly?
            Are you saying that blog anecdotes outweigh statistical risk and make it “not ok”? What does that mean anyway? Sounds very judgemental.

      • Have you seen the dude with his kids seat on the front of his bike – no helmet?

      • Ugh. I once saw a guy driving 65+ miles per hour with a baby in the back seat of a car.

        Ugh. I once saw a guy driving In the rain with a baby in the back seat of his car.

        This could go on forever. Just because you perceive something is dangerous doesn’t mean it is.

    • Interesting… of the four cars that got out of line and into the oncoming lane to be the 1st through the light when it changed (see 1st post above), two of them did it within 50 feet of a marked MPD vehicle. The cop didn’t take notice in either case.

      • What the heck. I’d think they’d stop them for that. It’s reckless. Someone apparently ran the stop sign on my street last night and there were TWO MPD cruisers on the scene. I’m not sure if there was more to the story, but if not that seems a bit excessive.

    • This entire conversation drives me nuts. Every cyclist has a different style of riding that he or she feels is safe — for some it’s making a complete stop at every stop sign, even if there is no one else for miles; for some it’s slowing down enough to make sure it’s safe; for some it’s blowing through the intersection and dodging traffic. But bike riders have more incentive not to crash than drivers — they aren’t protected by layers steel and airbags and seat-belts. Yes, there are ways of riding that are more considerate to drivers and pedestrians, and I guess I think those are best, but it doesn’t have to mean waiting pointlessly at a red light.

      I was living in Portland, Oregon a few years ago when cops suddenly decided to start pulling over bikers. I got two tickets in the course of a few months. One time at a red light, where the officer admitted that I came to a stop, looked both ways, and then proceeded through the light when no one was coming. The little bugger has hiding behind me under a bridge, and chased me down with flashing lights. The ticket was something like $200, the same as if I’d been driving and ran a red light. Which is more dangerous?

      I would argue that moves drivers pull regularly — speeding, rolling through stop signs, not yielding to pedestrians, opening doors without looking, turning right without looking, turning left without looking, texting, sexting, shaving, watching movies (I saw a guy doing this on my ride home last night — watching a movie on his iPad or something while driving through rush-hour traffic) — are far more dangerous than anything anyone could do on a bicycle.

      • To some it’s pointless, to others like me, it’s just patience.
        To me, it’s not a matter of MY WAY IS RIGHT YOUR WAY IS WRONG. Not at all, as you said, everyone has their own style.
        But when that accident DOES happen, and the biker ran the light or had headphone on or did SOMETHING that makes it marginally his/her fault, how do you think the cops are going to write up the report? How long before the rider’s insurance company decides to deny the claim because they deemd the rider at fault?
        Like it or not, America is the land of cars. Yes, a lot of drivers do stupid shit like texting while driving, watching videos while driving, etc etc etc. So there will ALWAYS be a bias against cyclists rather than drivers. So for better or worse, it’s in our best interest to keep our noses as clean as possible.
        One can get all militant about cycling you want, I’m with you. But realize that this is not Holland, we do not have vehicular laws in our favor in the least.

      • Making it about whether cars or bikes are more dangerous is not productive. It’s not a contest.
        The safest road — for everyone — is the one where others are behaving in predictable ways. This is why we have laws, to codify the behavior we can expect. Some laws make more sense or are better than others, but what they all do is to let us know what to expect from others on the road.
        When it becomes a free-for-all and everyone does whatever they think (usually with no evidence) might be best for their own purpose, it makes everything less predictable and safe for everyone.

        • Thank you.
          As a daily driver in the district, it frustrates me to no end that drivers don’t follow the norms/laws that we all know. It also frustrates me that pedestrians just walk out into the middle of the street instead of in the crosswalk (particularly when there are crosswalks at either end of a block and they walk right in the middle). Finally, it’s frustrating when cyclists fail to follow the norms/laws of traffic.
          There is so much to pay attention to when driving in this city, and when people do unexpected things, accidents happen. I’m very concerned that some day I’m going to be driving home, paying attention to what’s going on around me, and someone is going to dart across Georgia Ave right in front of me and I won’t have time to stop. Or that a cyclist isn’t going to stop at a sign and I hit them. Or that I’m going to get hit when I’m running through a crosswalk because a driver isn’t looking.
          It’s not any one person or group’s fault. It’s all of our fault.

        • Sweet jesus, thank you, I am always trying to explain this to people who can’t or won’t understand it. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who gets it. I’m not holding out hope that most people will come around to this though.

  • Rave: Going to NYC for the first week of February for work. Will have some time to see friends, go out to dinner, and hang at a few of my old drinking spots. The flight to-from NYC will get me enough miles for another free ticket ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: work trip will be pretty busy
    Rave: flying to California on Saturday. Can’t wait!

    • justinbc

      I just got back (from California) and am already missing it again. Wearing short sleeves and shorts in January was as enjoyable as any of the food and drinks.

    • Flight? Who flies to New York?

      • Plenty of people take the shuttle, particularly if their employers make the arrangements. Judge not …

      • Actually it’s been my experience that flying is cheaper than taking the train which is pathetic. Whenever I went for work I’d go on Acela which is much pricier than flying. Of course, Mega or Bolt bus is going to be your cheapest/easiest option if you’re getting there on your own dime.

        • The flight is usually cheaper than the train, but if you fly you have to get to and from the airport, whereas the train pulls into the middle of Manhattan. That means an expensive cab or a long train ride. In my experience, when you add in cab fare and time to and from the airport, trains and planes are roughly comparable in cost and total travel time. The train wins for me because it is far more comfortable without all the airport security hassles.

        • Northeast Regional gets you there in 3 hours, 30 minutes. Is the plane ride plus driving to and from the airport shorter than that?

          • Don’t forget the hour+ waiting around the airport!

          • I’ll already be at dinner (after stopping by the hotel) by the time an Amtrak train pulls into Penn Station (I also take Amtrak regularly and they are usually anywhere from 30-60 minutes late during rush hour).
            My 5pm flight from DCA with no checked luggage gets me into LGA by 6:15pm. 35 minute cab ride and at the hotel by 7pm. Dinner at 730pm.

      • Sometimes the flight is cheaper than the train! US Airways has a shuttle from DCA to LGA that is usually pretty cheap.

        • Yep, this is the flight I’m taking! LOL
          The good thing is now I’m earning miles on my American Airlines account by flying US Airways. I’m liking this merger (for now….)

      • It’s actually waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than Amtrak ($120 RT vs. $300 RT) for the times I need to travel (5pm on a Monday and 7am on a Thursday). And way less travel time, as I’m flying out of DCA and that’s more convenient to my office than Union Station. Work will pay for my cab to/from LGA and my hotel.
        Plus, it’s the new year and I want to keep my status ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Amtrak pricing sucks. I miss the good old days when ticket prices were consistent. Still, this means that if you book well in advance, and/or can be flexible re: travel times, you can get tickets to NYC for a whole lot less than $300.

        • Amtrak is usually $50 each way, if book in advance.

          • If booked way in advance. For crappy times.
            I have to book through our vendor’s travel platform and the prices are always way more expensive than what you pay on Amtrak.com or Kayak. Probably because our tickets are fully refundable and flexible for rescheduling.

  • RANT: Am I going crazy or is it getting darker in the mornings? I could barely get out of bed at 715am because it was so dark outside. Miserable mornings. ๐Ÿ™

    • Just saw the conversation above – glad I’m not the only crazy person!

    • I felt the same way. Makes the process of starting my day that much more miserable. On the up side, it is light at 5pm (not that I ever know it, since I never leave work on time anymore).

  • Rave: My Public bike was delivered yesterday, and rave to the Fed Ex guy who called me to let me know they had attempted delivery and no one was home to sign, and who agreed to come back in 30 mins to re-deliver when I was home.
    And rant: No pedals! No tools (that are supposed to be included)! They’ll be shipped overnight, but still a rant~

  • The X2 bus: always too hype– some lady was ranting (on the phone) about the japanese mob,the FBI and CIA, her mssing mom named Rita (which came up after we passed the Rita’s ice cream place), and her stolen money. The lady clearly had a mental illness but the X2 is always comedy.
    Rant: the basement unit in my building flooded 3 days ago and the carpet in the hallway is still a wet squishy mess. So much damage.
    Rant: I’m supposed to work with the other side of my office on some projects but I feel like they cut me out b/c they don’t want to deal with my supervisor.

  • Rant: Worried that g/f’s vicious cold — she doesn’t have a thermometer, but 20 years of parenting suggests that the fever hit 103-104 last night — will strike me down during a much anticipated ski trip with the kids.
    Rave: No symptoms yet — not even imagined ones, which I am prone to — and I’ll be sleeping in Colorado tomorrow night, come hell or high water (or temperature).

  • Piling on the rants for the expense of travel… But hey, got a new roof last year, so what ELSE would I need my savings for?
    (If you say car (13 years old), furnace or water heater (age unknown), or health emergency (could happen to anyone), I will punch you. I NEED THIS TRIP.)

    • LOL I totally understand this! Where are you going on your trip?

      • Iceland! Going to rent a camper. Then France! Some Paris, but mostly the Atlantic coast. I won’t have to pay for accommodations anywhere in France, so it’s not quite as extravagant as it sounds.

        • That sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland.

        • Awesome! I love Iceland and it would be fun to camp there. Crazy awesome landscapes. You may see the Northern Lights!

          • I was wondering about that (but haven’t looked it up yet) — Can you see the northern lights when it never gets dark out? It’ll be close to midsummer, so… midnight sun and all that.

          • Not likely. I think you can see them October – March? I’ve been to Iceland in May and September and never saw them. They say you can see them in September but we didn’t. It also depends on cloud cover.

  • Kalorama_Kat

    Raverant: After hearing at least ten people talk about “14th & U” I decided to head over there to see what was up. I felt like I had been pranked when the intersection contained a Subway, a McDonald’s, and a government building. I have come to learn that “14th & U” is more of a synecdoche for the neighborhood than a specific destination. Very , very hip Subway though!

    • it is kind of funny how one of the most ‘prominent’ intersections has a Boost Mobile, McDonalds, Subway/Dunkin doughnuts in it. Its a shame that they will probably never get any of these companies to leave because its such a destination and theres tons of foot traffic. When people ask me where i live i usually say 14th and U or 14th and Florida because people dont know what Chapin Street is.

    • Rave: Use of “synecdoche.”
      Rant: I can never pronounce that word right until I try to spit it out two or three times.

    • And all the action on U is to the east, whereas the section between 18th and 14th is comparatively moribund.

    • I think of 14 and U being the corner of two cool areas. First, 14th Street south of U. Second, U street east of 14th.

      So, maybe people are referring to 14th and U as two cool areas rather than the specific intersection, which is not so nice.

      • That’s a good way to explain it. Also, that’s where the metro station is. I think 14 & U is a relic of when U Street was still gentrifying and the western end was better.

  • Has anyone ever purchased used DC radiators for a house? We had 7 of them that we were planning on donating for a tax write-off, but our contractor decided to trash them/lose them. We are incredibly disappointed in the 7 weeks late delivery of the house, so we are holding him to every line of the contract (which included the radiators being carefully removed and stored)

    Question is, what are radiators worth?

    • gotryit

      Community forklift has a good range of those – mostly in poor (cosmetic) condition. If I remember right, the one that I bought was about $50-$100. You can have them refinished nicely for $25-$30 per fin, so factor that into the total cost.

      • gotryit

        Oh, and don’t forget transportation – especially if they are big ones going up / down stairs – probably another $50 on average each way (more if they’re the several hundred pound beasts).

        • Fair enough. Mine (were) in quite good condition. My plan was to hold them in the basement, and sell them as people needed them. I am thinking $75 each X 8=$600

          • gotryit

            You may want to take a quick trip to community forklift. I was there looking for cheap ones to refinish, so I may be undervaluing. You could eyeball a few that are more comparable and approximate how much they’re worth.

    • Why are you getting them removed?

      • Whole home renovation. Adding in ductwork for AC, so figured may as well regain the space the radiators were taking, and put in heat. I wasn’t super excited about it, but wife really wanted central heat, so I went with it.

    • Quite frankly, it sounds like either your radiators got stolen for scrap metal money or your contractor was in a cash crunch and sold them themselves. Good on you for holding them to the contract.

      • Yup. You got scammed by your contractor. Those things are worth good $$$. I’m sure he knows exactly where they are.

        • This is exactly my assumption. They were mine, I put it in the contract that they are mine, and he did not follow through.

          I will be withholding an amount equal to their value from the final payment. His blatant disregard for the timeline of our contract ensures that I will follow the contract to a T.

  • Rant: Tripped on dog and fell headfirst into a table. In ER now and just finished 2 hours of stitches on my mouth and lips. Surgery tomorrow for my broken mandible and then 4 weeks with my jaws wired shut. Did I mention it’s my birthday?

    • Oh my god, what a terrible thing to happen on your birthday. At least it’ll make for a funny story later! One of my dogs love making himself a trip hazard and I’m surprised this has never happened to me.

      • It is a ways off, but it will be a funny story some day. My friend and I were just reminiscing this weekend about the time I cut my head open at his house. Looking back it was pretty hilarious. But it sure as hell wasn’t when I had to go lay down in his front yard thinking I was going to puke, with frozen peas and bloody paper towels on my head.

        • This year my husband’s birthday fell in the middle of a move and a death in the family. Three weeks later i encouraged him to have a get together and celebrate–it was 100% worth it bc reclaiming a horrible birthday sets you off to a great year, and bc it was so bad to begin with we threw a party instead of just going out to dinner or something. In any case it’s worth doing something DOUBLE special when you get on your feet! Good luck, sending good vibes your way!!!

    • Holy smokes! That is awful! My two (big) dogs are always underfoot and I’m afraid they’re going to knock me down the stairs or something. Sorry you are having to go through this ๐Ÿ™

    • binpetworth

      Oh, you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully after your jaw heals your friends will treat you to an extravagant b-day dinner–you’ll need it. If it makes you feel better, though, as a teenager I once tripped over my cat and sliced my ear in half on the edge of a counter, on Thanksgiving no less. (The cat was fine.)

    • So sorry! My advice is to pick a new date for your birthday and designate it as the “birthday, observed” this year. I did the same thing when a relative passed away rather unexpectedly and tragically on my birthday. Picked a day to “observe” and celebrated when I was in a much better frame of mind – your friends will be happy to indulge you on this, I bet!

    • I’m so sorry! What a terrible birthday. I hope you feel better soon and drink lots of great milk shakes and smoothies in the next 4 weeks. Maybe you can have milk shake dates with your friends at Ted’s.

    • At least the year can only get better, right? :/

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy birthday, I hope you mend quickly and easily!

    • Oh man, that’s terrible. I’ve been there on having your mouth wired shut and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. It’s really difficult to get enough calories in liquid form, so I added Ensure or something similar to my milkshakes. I also learned that you can put almost anything in the blender and liquify it. Dinty Moore beef stew anyone? Yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

    • Yikes! Happy Birthday!!!! Um, the good news is that you can have all the ice cream you want — so I hope you actually like ice cream. I concur with the other voices who suggest planning a designated birthday once you’re feeling better. Should I ask how the dog is?

    • Yikes! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. And you will enjoy (eventually) the story! I have a floor-colored dog and two floor-colored kitties – I think they fantasize about tripping people. Get yourself a stick mixer/blender – it’s a magic wand for broken jaws. Just stick it in anything and whirr it up.

  • Rant: Doctors. I am dealing with thyroid and arthritis issues that both started at a pretty young age but have been causing more problems than usual for the last year or so. I am so sick of seeing doctors that look at me like I’m an alien when I ask what may have caused the onset & severity of the conditions. Is it really that difficult to put down the damn prescription pad and have an actual discussion? Why is the only answer always more drugs? Had an appointment with a new doctor last week that was more of the same BS, and the more I think about it the more pissed off I get.
    Rave: Taking things into my own hands and trying to figure out possible food sensitivities. Seems to be the only thing that I can do for myself.

    • Finding a good doc is much harder than it should be. So many are arrogant SOBs that lack in social skills. When I come across a down-to-earth, earnest doctor I always feel compelled to throw up my hands look up to the sky and yell, “Hallelujah Jesus!” (and I’m not Christian)

    • Consider an NP. Better bedside manner and very knowledgeable. I actually saw a wonderful NP not too long ago. Most thorough and pleasant checkup I have ever had. Her name is Meghan Kneemiller, and she works out of Dr. Darcy Hansen’s office near Farragut North.

      • I completely agree with you about nurse practitioners. I use Northwest Nurse Practitioners in Woodley Park as my primary care providers. Nurse Erin is wonderful and has a great bedside manner.

      • I completely agree with you about nurse practitioners. I use Northwest Nurse Practitioners in Woodley Park as my primary care providers. Nurse Erin is wonderful and actually treats me like a human being.

      • I really like my current PA, she’s much better than any of the MDs in the practice in terms of bedside manner
        Though to be honest, while I love my PA for annual exams and routine matters, for the issues Bear425 describes I would want an MD (probably a specialist) rather than a NP or PA.

        • What I would like is someone who can look at the bigger picture and the link between various things (thyroid issues and inflammation go hand in hand a lot of the time). The specialists honestly don’t seem to be offering anything that my GP isn’t already doing – looking at bloodwork, treating symptoms. When thyroid/inflammation gets worse, increase dosage. On and on.

      • And Dr. Hansen herself is fantastic if you are looking for bedside manner! She was my GP for about 15 years until I had to switch due to my insurance. Each yearly appointment we would go in her office and just talk for the first 15-20 minutes about my overall health. She actually has business cards with her home phone number on them.

    • At least you sort of know what the issues are. My girlfriend has been having vague but scary problems for years, and has been going to various doctors and spending thousands of dollars with no diagnosis. Many of them are dismissive of her problems and think it’s all stress related. I went to a few appointments with her and couldn’t believe how arrogant some of the doctors were and how unwilling they were to listen to us. She’s going to India next month because she’s pretty much given up on American doctors.

      • That is too bad. I am starting to think that a naturopath or integrative medicine practice would be the way to go, if only I could get my insurance to pay for it. When I have gone that route in the past I just felt like they are much more willing to actually listen to you and try to find a solution that doesn’t rely solely on treating symptoms.

        • Yeah, she did some of that here (mostly with NIHA) but it ended up being a wild goose chase of testing for infectious diseases. A very expensive and time consuming diversion, considering her memory and cognitive abilities are rapidly declining and she has heart problems all the time. I hope someone is able to take this seriously and figure it out soon.

      • There’s pretty much no way to say this without causing offense, but I’ll just throw out the disclaimer: I don’t mean it unkindly. Has your girlfriend seen a psychiatrist? If you’re looking for a doctor who will LISTEN, it seems like a safe bet. And a psychiatrist is an MD so could potentially make connections (medically speaking) that other, less-listening doctors wouldn’t.
        And ask yourself… I’ve seen you post about this several times before… Why are you so sure your girlfriend’s health problems aren’t stress related? You would be AMAZED at the oddball effects psychological factors can have on a body. I have an aunt whose abdomen used to swell up like she was 8 months pregnant, but only during times of stress. Of course, she spent years denying that her problem was psychological, spent thousands on specialists, even went in for exploratory surgery at her own insistence. But once a competent psychiatrist joined the team and took over her treatment, her gastrointestinal issues went away.
        Is this not something to consider?

        • I don’t think I’ve posted about this before, but yes, I still think it could be psychological and maybe she hasn’t found the right Combination of therapy and medication. It’s not like she hasn’t tried those things, though. We’re considering just about everything, but it’s looking more and more likely that it’s something neurodegenerative.

  • Rant: My cold, which was almost gone by Friday, came back yesterday to kick me in the butt. My eyes are teary. Who gets that with a cold? Ugh! Congestion is the pits! The only things that seem to help are constant, vigorous movement, and soaking in a hot bath with spruce oil. And I am tired of soup and juice. And I’m tired of being cranky. Bah!

  • Rave: Even with all its issues, there is still hope for the world.

    Rant: People with the mindset of “if I am not thinking of you, anything I am doing does not affect or bother you”. If I am texting in a movie, I am not texting you or thinking about you so I am not bothering you. If I am in the back yard of my rowhouse which abuts yours and blasting my music on refrigerator sized speakers out side, if I am not thinking about and you are not at my party, then I am not bothering you. If I am parking in an open parking spot behind your house, if I am not thinking about you or blocking you in then I am not bothering you.

    Boggles my mind when people are confused and then offended if I have to ask them to stop texting during movie because the light of their phone is affecting my vision of the movie, or could you please durn down your back yard music at midnight on a Sunday night so I can sleep in my own home as I have to go to work tomorrow, or can you move your car out of my private parking space, and realize it is never ok for you to be there, if I am not there, it does not mean that I don’t need it, when I come back, guess what, you have me blocked out and I gotta come find you before I can park in my own spot.

    • Ditto to your rant. Plus how about the people who park in their driveways (illegal BTW) and also block the sidewalk so the handicapped can’t get by? Or have their plants do the same (also illegal). They’re able-bodied, and just can’t fathom the idea of less able-bodied people having the right and need to an unobstructed sidewalk. Because it’s just too hard to pull the car in all the way. Or if the car is way too big for the driveway, it’s too hard to find street-parking. Or it’s too much trouble to trim back plants.

    • I second your rant regarding parking. I purposefully purchased a home with parking so I don’t have to search for parking. Just because you want to drive to U street and see the action, doesn’t mean you can block my land that I own for my car.
      Rave: I have no plans tonight except to catch up on bad TV shows.

    • All too true. As a general rule, people are happy to sacrifice your convenience and comfort for their own. Drives me nuts when they then take a “what’s the big deal?” attitude – if it’s not a big deal then sacrifice your own convenience and comfort!

    • Did you hear about the guy who was shot and killed by a retired cop for texting during the movie previews??

  • Rant: credit card copied Friday at Alero in Cleveland Park or St. Arnold’s in Cleveland Park or on Sunday at Clyde’s of Friendship Heights. Used at the Walmart on Georgia Ave and at some sort of rental place in Mexico. Fortunately my credit union caught it.

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