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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I need to get my butt to the gym but I’m so lazy and unmotivated to workout.
    Rave: Our new puppy. πŸ™‚

    • Congrats on the new puppy! We had our “famil-versary” yesterday (a year ago, we officially brought home our puppy!). Those first few months are tough, but so worth it. See you out a the dog park!

      • Oh man are these first few months tough! We just brought home our puppy at Christmas and I really underestimated how much work it would be. I also underestimated how adorable he would be.

      • Thank you!! We are very excited. Congrats on your pup, too! Tomorrow is the adopt-a-versary of our first dog (now 3 yrs old and a big sister). Luckily this isn’t our first rodeo but that I wouldn’t go as far as to say that makes the sleep deprivation/pee on everything any more palatable. πŸ˜‰

    • Same here.. I have had my puppy for 3 months and have not felt like going to the gym.. Trying to start back next week.

  • Rave: Downton Abby. I don’t watch it but I kept interrupting my wife watching it last night to ask her if she wanted to see “my Lord Grantham.”

    Rave: Juvenile senses of humor.

    Rant: After the sixth time I think she was starting to become annoyed.

    Rave: Can’t wait till next week’s episode.

  • RANT: People who don’t use the mute button on conference calls. They should be docked a full day’s pay for being {redacted}s.

    • We have people who get another call at their desk, put the conference call on hold to answer it, and then everyone on the conference call gets to listen to their hold music. And no matter how many times our boss tells people to stop doing it, it happens at least once a month.

  • Kalorama_Kat

    RAVE: Made some positive discoveries within walking distance of my apartment this weekend. Kramer Books, V Falafel, Pho 14, Bistro Du Coin, and the Taft Bridge/access to the park trails in Woodley.
    RANT: Made mistake of mentioning I’m from Belgium to drunk dude at bar; drunk dude proceeded to talk about Amsterdam for twenty minutes. Nope!
    QUESTION: Which other DC-focused websites do people go to?

    • I don’t know if you ate at Kramerbooks or just checked out the books, but they have the best desserts!

      It’s a pretty popular one, so you may already know about it, but I go to DCist quite a bit. A lot of neighborhoods have great blogs, too. I head to FrozenTropics for info about my neighborhood (H Street, NE). Maybe someone can recommend a good Dupont/Kalorama/Adams Morgan one to you!

    • Many neighborhoods also have yahoo email groups. The information content is relatively low but it can be a good source of information about neighborhood-specific issues – neighborhood events or meetings, traffic disruptions, etc. If you subscribe to the digest you can quickly filter.

    • Newcolubiaheights.com is good. Andrew always has his ear to the ground for stuff happening up that way.

    • For restaurants/bars: Washington Post Going Out Guide (www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide), Washington City Paper Young & Hungry blog (www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/β€Ž, Jessica Sidman breaks a ton of news), Eater DC (dc.eater.com), Barred in DC (barredindc.com ; ok, the last one is selfish, it’s my blog about DC bars), Washingtonian Best Bites Blog

      General DC stuff: DCist (dcist.com) , Greater Greater Washington (http://www.greatergreaterwashington.org/, has good urbanist info though it’s not as great as it was), Washington City Paper Housing Complex blog (www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/housingcomplex/)

      All of these sites have Twitter accounts where I get most of my info.

      Make sure you pick up The Current, Express, and Washington City Paper for free DC news.

    • The Borderstan blog is probably most pertinent to your neighborhood.

      • Looks like they killed Borderstan last summer. I think Dupont/kalorama/Adams Morgan is lacking a dedicated blog simply because the population is so transient. Kalorama Kat, maybe you can start one!

    • Surprised no one has mentioned brightestyoungthings.com yet.

  • Rant: Moved this weekend. Feels like someone punched me repeatedly in the lower back.
    Rave: In our new place. It already feels homey even though there’s crap everywhere, and the puppy seems to like the new fenced in yard!
    Rave2: Interview this week, 2014 is starting on a positive note!

  • Rave: had a pleasant brunch Saturday at Domku. Was expecting to be underwhelmed, but thankfully it was the opposite experience.
    Rave: the last two days of weather.
    Rant: First week this year I have to work the entire 5 days. The first in fact since the week before Christmas. The horror!

    • I ate dinner at Domku recently – for the first time in a year. I too was pleasantly surprised. I love the redo of the interior; more formal as opposed to the hodge-podge loungey thing it used to have going on. And the food was pretty good. They have definitely stepped up their game.

      • +1 We’ve returned to Domku, too, in large part due to the new interior. Well done.

        • andy

          I was at Domku last night and the only thing I would say is that if you bring little kids for dinner you may have to check ahead to see if your child will eat anything on the menu.

          Also, don’t show up for dinner at 5:15 on a Sunday – kitchen won’t be ready until 6:00 p.m.

          I learned so much last night about Domku! Still thrilled such a place would be in our neighborhood.

  • Rave: after weeks and weeks of thrifting and Craig’s List obsessing, I got a set of four bamboo Chippendale Hollywood Regency style chairs. These are Craig’s List unicorns, and I captured them!
    Rave: I picked out a bathroom color and I primed the bathroom.
    Rant: I did manage to get the bedroom colors pared down to three options, but I keep going back and forth. I am nowhere on the living/dining/kitchen color.
    Rave: My credenza is scheduled for a delivery Wednesday. Seven weeks after I ordered it. Stay away snow!!
    Rave: Since I’m taking Wednesday off and I’m a Fonz member, I am totally hitting the Zoo to see Bao Bao before my delivery window starts.

    • What are your colors?

      • The bathroom is Benjamin Moore Silver Mist, the bedroom options are all Benjamin Moore- Pewter, Rock Grey, and Stormy Sky. I’ve been really into the very very dark, but neutral and well balanced, bedroom look. I have the three samples on the walls and I go from thinking the darkest is awesome to reconsidering the dark thing and thinking the lightest is awesome. I’m not in a rush, so I guess I can just keep staring at them.
        The living/dining/kitchen open area is going back and forth between a bunch of warm neutrals and a few light grey/glues. My back splash is limiting me and there might be some entryway wallpaper in play. So, I’m definitely not making any decisions on that space any time soon.

        • my bedroom is painted in two colors – a very dark (almost black) gray and a light gray. I find it very soothing to open my eyes and see the dark ceiling above me. Like a cave. It probably helps that the ceilings are very high. I’ve never had such a dark color in a bedroom before, and I love it.

        • I LOVE dark grays in the bedroom. I vote for Stormy Sky (based on what my monitor is showing me) but remember that if you choose flat over gloss it will seem a bit darker so you could go for the mid gray (rock gray) in flat/matte as opposed to a semi-gloss. You may want to test your fave colors in various finishes, just to be sure. BUT before you take my advice (in the spirit of full disclosure), I am not into beige, greige or quiet colors that fade into the background. I work in a boring cubicle all day, I don’t want to come home to the same color scheme as chosen by my corporate overlords! Some people find subtle colors soothing.
          Also, if you hate the color after you’ve painted just put lots and lots of art on the wall (and by “art” I mean $10 frames from Target and $15 prints from Etsy, and you can bypass the frames!).

  • Rave: Took advantage of the weather both days and biked a lot. Got poured on Saturday but didn’t care.
    Rave: Biked for a good five hours on Sunday to take advantage of the sun. So sore today but so worth it.
    Rave: The baguettes at Paul.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Picked up bronchitis while out in LA, bummer. Luckily, on the tail end of it now and almost back to normal.
    Rave: New roof going on the house this week! It’s hard to get excited about spending what we wound up settling on, but I’ll be glad to actually be able to get up there and use it once they’re done.

  • Rave: Found an awesome rowing machine on Craigslist this weekend. Nice to have a more varied workout!
    Rave: 49ers with a dominant win.
    Rave: Made good use of my slow cooker. That thing is going to be a game changer.
    Rave: Awesome friend coming in this Friday for a nice MLK weekend. Looking forward to that.
    Rave: Sunday was beautiful.
    Rant: Already apprehensive about the 49ers-Seattle game. That’s gonna be a tough one.

    • The seahawks have looked very beatable recently. Lost to the Cards in Seattle and the Saints could have won that game Saturday. I know Seattle has been a nightmare for the Niners the last couple times, but I got hope. Of course now that I have hope, the Niners are doomed :).

    • 49ers are going down!
      Kaepernick will lucky if walks out of the Clink.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Bored with my job.
    Rave: My sister is brilliant.
    Rave: My sister’s adorable new kitties.

  • Rant: Had the worst date of my life on Friday. It was a 3rd date that just was downright awful. From the convo, to the date’s attitude, it was just bad. It’s got me really bummed about dating. Sometimes it feels too overwhelming to meet someone nice!
    Rave: I know it’s just part of the process. Gotta keep my head up and keep going!!

    • what exactly made the date so bad? Just curious. I feel like if i was in a bad mood i would rather cancel the date and re-schedule but thats just me! Keep your head up

    • Kalorama_Kat

      What was the date’s attitude?

      • Date wasn’t talkative at all..so made having any conversation at all very difficult. One can only ask so many questions to remain interested. All topics fizzled at the top..nothing led to a deeper convo. On top of all that, the date was projecting a ton!! All in all just uncomfortable!

        • Could be worse – you could be in an almost three year relationship with someone you feel you have nothing in common with.

        • Yeah, that’s pretty terrible. I hate carrying the conversation with a person who isn’t very talkative for whatever reason (e.g. lack of instant connection, shyness, nervousness, etc). Even if you’re an introvert, you need to open up and meet a person half-way on a first date.
          Answering questions with a few words ain’t gonna cut it.

        • But it was a 3rd date? Huh. The other 2 went ok? Strange that the 3rd was so bad.

        • I’ve clammed up on a date before. Every time I tried to say something, he felt the need to talk over me and one-up me. I finally stopped saying anything and it took him a while to notice. I knew there was no way I’d see him again, so I was all right letting him think I was rude when in fact it was him. No need to worry about hearing from him again.

        • “On top of all that, the date was projecting a ton!!”
          Just out of curiosity, what does this mean? I literally have no idea what this means.

    • We need details! Don’t tease us like this!

      Plus I want to make sure I wasn’t the bad date!

      (kidding on that last part- I promise).

  • Rave: Getting back to the gym. Hello muscles, it’s been awhile.
    Rant: Next day soreness

  • Rave: Great run on Saturday – last half was wet but was the best motivation to hurry up and get home. New running watch is keeping my pace even and fast!
    Rant: Got drunk and was a jerk to best friend Saturday night…bummed at myself
    Rave: Organized breakfast for the office to welcome new boss moving from acting to permanent boss – so much fun and we are now going to do them quarterly!

    • My friend (and roommate) did the same thing to me Friday night. As long as you apologize sincerely there’s not much else you can do…it happens to the best of us!

    • hispanicandproud

      Rave: Your best friend is forgiving. Just learn from mistakes and move on. Work on being a better person to him and work on being patient with him.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I’m not the Pablo photographer who was arrested
    Rave: getting photography inquiries as the year begins.
    Rant: I finally got a cold.
    Rave: Such cold it’s almost gone and didn’t last long.

  • Sad rave: we are starting our nanny-share today. We found an amazing family with an even more amazing nanny. I spent a few hours with her this morning and am out running errands this morning to get myself used to being away from the little nugget. I miss him already, but am happy to have a little more freedom. Work doesn’t start back until next week, so we have a good bit of transition time. I can’t believ how fast these 4 months flew by. Holy crap!!!
    Rave: thanks to everyone who has given advice for this week, I’ve really taken it to heart and its helping!!
    Question: anyone have a home treadmill? Looking to get one in the next week or so and could use some recommendation. Trying to keep it under $1000 and needs to fold.

    • I loved our nanny share. Terrific nanny, and even better, we stayed friends with the other family. It’s been five years since the little ones went off to school, and we all still get together pretty frequently. The kids (each one an only) feel like they have a sibling, but better, since they don’t actually have to share anything. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Day 3 – or is it 4? – of lousy headache. Seriously, I can’t remember Friday. This weather sucks.
    Rave: listening to the rain fall while lying in bed in newly renovated house. I love my house.

  • Rave: Holiday themed pet toys are something like 60% off at Petco. My dog is loving her new reindeer toy. (If by “loving” you mean tearing it apart to get the squeaker and tear all of the stuffing out.)

    • Sometimes I think dogs are under the impression that the squeaker itself is the toy, and all that cute stuffed animal around it is just the wrapping preventing them from getting to the toy.

      • Mine always destroys the squeaker before she can enjoy the toy. I’m party expecting to find stufing all over the house when I get home tonight.

  • Rant: day 7 of no water in my apartment, with no end in sight. I am standing in solidarity of the people of west virginia!
    Rant: pet store out of my cat’s normal food. he’s such a picky eater that I know he’s going to give me guilty stares when I get home with this new stuff today.
    Rave: perfect weather! I’m avoiding being home as much as possible (see rant #1), which is a lot easier when it’s so nice outside. I can’t believe it’s January!
    Rave: friends visiting from out of town this weekend who I haven’t seen in years. It was so good to catch up and remember how easy it is to talk to old friends who knew you when you had braces and a perm. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Costco

    Rant: People who let their kids run unsupervised around Costco stores. I’ll never again shop there on a Sunday afternoon. I Couldn’t move three feet yesterday without having some kid(s) run in front of my cart!

  • Rave: 2 lbs down! Whaddya know, this whole eat better, be more active thing actually works!
    Rant: Monday. Work drahms. Determined not to let one person have that much power over my mood.

  • Tentative rave: After a very confusing month of unexpected job offers, I have accepted my current employer’s counter offer. It comes with a nice raise immediately, and a big promotion that’s contingent on a proposal win (good lord I hope we win that proposal) that will give me control over a new program area – as Deputy to start, but shifting into the Director role within a couple of years. Exciting stuff! Fingers crossed that it all works out.

  • Rave: going on vacation to Cancun next week!
    Another rave: finally got a positive pregnancy test after nine months of trying!
    Rant, sorta: I was really looking forward to seven days of mixed drinks…

  • Great photo!

  • Rant: Depression has come back with a vengeance. Don’t know why. Sadness plus having all of these anger thoughts. Thought of seeing someone but after last disastorous relationship with a therapist, I’m real hesitant.

    • Remember to breathe, it will be ok. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right therapist, which is the worst thing when we really need one, but keep trying, it could make all the difference.

    • The relationship with a therapist is such a keenly personal one. I know it’s a hassle, but don’t stop trying to find someone to help you out because things didn’t go well last time. Hang in there. Wishing you the best.

  • I feel like a bad friend. This woman I’ve known for years is, frankly, boring. She used to be less boring, but as time has gone by and both our interests have changed in different directions, we no longer have anything to say to each other. Not that that slows her down. She’ll go on and on and on and on about her boring job, loser boyfriend, love of dogs, new diet, etc… none of which interests me in the slightest. And when I try to talk about things we formerly had in common, or that are of interest to me, the conversation fizzles. We spent half of the two hours of our last get-together looking at each other with vague smiles and nothing to say. (The time before that, she got sloppy drunk and sobbed for a disturbingly long time. In public. We’re too old for that.)
    Problem is, she’s not getting it. She keeps contacting me, on average once a month, to get together. I know from her long monologues about her life that she is not happy, that she feels lonely and not where she had hoped to be by now. (She does see a therapist, but I think it just makes her self-centered. “I need to focus on ME”.) I’d feel really guilty cutting her off. But on the other hand, I have family in the area that I like, and plenty of friends with whom I have things in common, and hobbies and and full time job, so it galls me a little every time I have to give up an evening for this poor woman.
    I don’t suppose there’s a right answer here. Or is there?

    • jim_ed

      To be honest with you, you come off as a *terrible* friend. “Oh, this friend of mine is in a real rut right now dealing with depression and (yawn) HOW BORING. Why can’t we talk about thing more interesting than your terribly uninteresting personal problems?” It sounds like this person looks at you as a friend she can rely on to vent and to offer comfort in a time of need. Do with that as you see fit.

    • I think this depends on the context you met this person. How did you become friends? Has this been the dominant pattern in your relationship? I agree that you sound like kind of a crappy friend but if you only ever had a relationship on the surface then maybe you have every right to be. I definitely have some girlfriends that used to unload all of their drama on me (because supposedly I am a good listener) and I understand how this can get old after awhile. If you want to keep this person as a friend then have a frank conversation with her about how you’re experience thing time you spend together and maybe she’ll reflect and adjust accordingly. Let us know how it turns out!

    • I don’t think you are a terrible friend at all – perhaps just a hard, but open and honest conversation about your friendship. It sounds like an emotionally draining friendship. Perhaps switching up activities and doing something outdoors during the day rather than sit across from each other or drinking (to avoid the crying and sloppy drunky time). Might help her depression and your friendship. I’m in the midst of trying out non-drinking activities with two friends I used to party with but they are a jekyll and hyde when they get drunk – it got too much to wrangle them during their depression/drunk tirades and alcohol, of course does not help depression because the anxiety etc gets so much worse the day – so it was two days of counsel on my end and no fun. If all else fails, I’ll have to move to on until shit changes. Good luck. Sometimes you gotta do you.

    • I think you are being a “bad friend” if you expect her to “get it” — that after a friendship of many years, you are now bored with her depressing life — so she should clearly recognize this, and stop calling you once a month to get together. You don’t say what your common interests used to be, so I’m left with the impression that you feel you’ve outgrown your friend, you have no wish to be supportive of her, and you expect her to magically know this — without your having to make the effort to have a respectful conversation about these changes, your expectations, and your own self-centeredness. Yeah, it happens, but a decent friend would at least have the courtesy to discuss these concerns instead of waiting for her friend to “get it”. From my perspective, the right answer would be to decide that you’re not capable of being a friend to your friend, and discussing this in as kind and direct way as you can manage.

    • “She used to be less boring” — so are you saying she’s always been boring?? If so, why did you become friends in the first place?
      I feel kind of sorry for your friend (and I sure hope she doesn’t read this blog). It’s a good sign that she’s working with a therapist on her issues, and your statement that you think therapy just makes her self-centered sounds odd. Maybe she is in fact self-centered, but I’d be very surprised if therapy was making her more so.
      If you don’t want to meet up with her, then don’t. But it does sound like she’s pretty unhappy, and it’s hard for unhappy people to see very far outside themselves. If you want to confront her about this, be gentle. Otherwise it’ll probably become just one more thing for her to beat herself up about.

    • Tell her how you feel. Be open. See what happens.

    • Smilla

      I feel for you. Breaking up with a friend is harder than breaking up with a lover.

      Ignore the overly harsh comments from some people. People change and so do friendships.

  • Rant: after years of nagging my girlfriend to not leave stuff in my car, it finally got broken into.
    Rave: she must have forgotten to lock the car as well, so no smashed windows.
    Rave: her phone, which was in plain sight all night and presumably what lured the thief in, was still there, as were the dollar bills she always insists on keeping in the change holder. Only thing stolen was a 7-year-old gps that I hardly I ever use anymore.
    Rant: I’d like to think she learned a lesson here, but probably not. She’s just too absent-minded.

      • Whoa, harsh.

      • Agreed. OP almost sounds disappointed that his girlfriend’s stuff wasn’t stolen because now he doesn’t even get the chance to say “I told you so.” “I’d like to think she learned a lesson here” sounds mean and condescending. If you really don’t like your girlfriend that much, just break up with her and save her the trouble of being in a relationship with someone who thinks she’s an idiot.

    • Not saying it’s a good idea to leave stuff in the car, but it took years for someone to break in and steal something. Not a bad track record. My car gets broken into with nothing to steal in the open or anywhere else.

      • I know, we’ve been extremely lucky! She leaves something the car at least once a week and we live on a street that gets lots of foot traffic. I don’t know how it hasn’t happened already, to be honest.

    • I’ve become convinced that car theives have a way of bypassing the lock without smashing windows. Too many people on my block have woken up to their car doors open (not just unlocked, but ajar) and stuff either missing or gone through and would swear they always lock their car or actually remember locking it the night before. It happened to about 10 people on my block in about a 2 month period last year. I just really doubt that many people happened to forget to lock their cars. Luckily when it happened to me, there was nothing in there to steal.

      • Maybe that’s what happened to my iPod. I swear I dropped it into the front pocket of my purse, which was on my passenger seat. I can’t find it anywhere, I was thinking maybe I missed and it was on the seat and someone took it, but my windows are all intact. I wouldn’t know if my doors had been unlocked, I hit unlock on the fob before I get to it.
        Rant: I love the built in clip on the previous generation iPod nano. Apple doesn’t even sell refurbs of those anymore πŸ™

        • That stinks! Did you check under the car seats? As for the nano, I know how you feel. I ran out of storage capacity on my old iPod (the square one without a touch screen – can’t remember the name) and they didn’t make it anymore. I hate the new ones and now I basically never use it πŸ™

      • It’s not unusual for my girlfriend to leave the car unlocked, so I think in our case that’s what happened. I’m starting to wonder if someone was simply canvassing the neighborhood for unlocked cars and didn’t see the phone in the cup holder.

        • I have seen a person walk down a dark street and try every door handle, more than once.
          (And no, I didn’t call the cops. Didn’t see the point in tying up a 911 operator with the inevitable and useless Age? can’t see. Clothing? can’t see. Race? can’t see. conversation.)
          Maybe I should get an air horn, and if I see it happen again, blast it out a window… scare off the (probable) thief and alert the neighbors… hmmm.

          • If you had a new-ish car out front, you could’ve sounded your alarm perhaps? Not likely to deter in the long-term, but at least gets them off your block?

          • Couldn’t you just yell “hey!” Or something? If you need to, hide somewhere so he doesn’t know where the sound came from, but I’m guessing he’d flee rather than attack you anyway.
            Regarding calling the cops, this seems like it would be worth calling in. Even without identifying info they should be able to catch the guy since he’s moving slowly.

          • gotryit

            The reason to call 911 is so that the police get out there and either catch the person red handed, or at minimum, let the person know that they’re being watched and reported.

      • I’m so with you on this. That happened to me a few months ago — quarters gone from the center console, door slightly closed. I always lock it. Side note: I’m always delighted when I go to my car and find that it’s 1. still there and 2. not smashed.

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