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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: pipes thawed and water is flowing. No visible Le leaks.
    Rant: those who weren’t so lucky.
    Revel: weekend warm up

  • Rant: Snow/Ice events that aren’t significant enough to warrant a day off… Boo.

    Rant: Lazy web developers that take shortcuts that prevent upgrades. People resistant to learning new job skills or listening to full sentences.

    Rave: Just bought a baby parrot! I should not have spent that much money, but I’m pretty sure this will improve my happiness in life big time.

    Found my best friend a great house in Petworth, and negotiated a great deal 30k under ask in this market. Maybe I should have been a realtor instead of a web developer… oh well.

    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Rant: Awful toothache isn’t responding to any over the counter remedies. Can anyone recommend a good (non scary) dentist?

    • Walter Grace on 17th and I. He’s SO nice and can usually get you in quickly. Nurse Bea is a total sweetheart and held my hand during a root canal.

    • I go to Shelia Samaddar at Capitol Smile Center. She is one of the nicest people ever.

    • Also consider whether you’ve been sick recently. What feels like a toothache can actually be sinus pain – especially with the weather we’ve been having recently. I’ve been to the dentist more than once with what I though was a tooth needing a root canal, and been told to take some sudafed for a week. My big signal – if it throbs more when you walk (i.e. if you can feel your footsteps in your mouth) — it’s probably your sinuses.

      • I actually have been sick all week, and I initially thought it was related to that. It’s just lingered longer than the worst part of the cold symptoms and it really hurts. More sharp than throbbing. Maybe I’ll also take some sudafed and see if that helps.

        • And Afrin. I had a sinus infection a few months ago that I was ready to go to an ER for… the most intense sinus pain (in my teeth) ever. Afrin stands a chance of relieving the pressure, but you’ll likely still need antibiotics. A little self-diagnosis trick: tap on your cheekbone. If it’s agonizing, it’s sinus.

      • oil of oregano!! mix about 2-3 drops with face lotion and apply directly to your face. i had a killer sinus infection last week and tried this, I was feeling better by the evening. you smell like pizza and it tingles a bit, but it’s a miracle cure.

    • Modern Dentistry on Wisconsin. Found them on yelp and Dr. A is the best dentist I have ever been too. In fact, ran into a friend who found him independently of me and he raves about him too!

  • Rant: Furnace broke yesterday and we have no heat. Fingers crossed it will be fixed today.
    Rave: Heat managed to stay on during the polar vortex.
    Rave: Space heaters
    Rant: Freezing rain is the worst kind of weather

  • valentina

    Rant: Having a hard time finding a good dentist/oral surgeon to remove my remaining wisdom teeth. I have two taken out a few years ago, paid $1500; I can’t afford that this time around. Anyone have suggestions?

    Rant: Surprise rent increase outside of my lease. I didn’t think landlords could do that.

    Rant: At a precipice of destruction in my life where I want to just say eff it all. I’m extremely unhappy and have been for a great while.

    • If you’re talking about suicide or something almost as self-destructive, don’t do it. It can and will get better.

      • + a million

      • valentina

        I really just don’t see how. Physically, emotionally, financially, and socially, my life is going down the drain. Pretending to be okay, so I can hide what I’m really feeling and thinking is draining. I’ve been sitting here for the most part staring at the computer screen all morning pondering telling everyone I am sick so I can get back in bed. I’ve called in once already this week and once last week because I just couldn’t get out of bed.

        • You need to see a therapist and start considering medication ASAP.
          Perhaps even stay over at a friend’s house (or have them stay with you) so you can be motivated in the mornings (often the most difficult part of the day for folks with depression).
          Please see a doctor and get help today.

        • I have been there. Quite frankly, I’m still there… but I’m trying to improve my outlook on life just a day at a time. I have no vacation time left because I did last summer what you are doing now: not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to be at work, when I’m at work I am just blanking out. I effectively did zero work for three straight months. It’s still a struggle but I’m slowly crawling out of a deep deep hole of depression.

          I also thought about the way out and how suicide would just make it easy on me. Don’t do it. If you are at that point or anywhere near it, please call me or txt or email me. If you’re open to that, I’ll get you my contact info somehow.

        • Valentina, pretending to be okay IS draining. It’s very important for you to have a safe environment/relationship where you don’t have to pretend. This is just one of the things that talk therapy — either individual or group — can offer you. Taking that first step is daunting, but you and your well-being are worth the effort. Please also consult a psychiatrist (not just your PCP) re: medication, which can help with depression.
          A first step would be to call your PCP now — for an immediate appointment for support, an assessment, intervention and referrals, unless you already have a psychiatrist or other mental health practitioner that you can call. Another possibility would be to go to an urgent care center. Still another would be to go to a hospital ER. I don’t know how Sibley handles mental heath concerns, but I have found the nurses and doctors there to be kind and competent, and the waiting times to be short.
          I hope the responses from us anonymous folk can provide you with some support. Our caring responses to you are real, but no substitute for face to face professional intervention. Things really can get better for you! And once you feel better and have a bit more energy, you’ll be in a better position to deal with your financial concerns and stresses such as your surprise rent increase. I, too, don’t think that landlords can legally do that if you’re still bound by a lease, so that’s definitely worth questioning — big time.

    • What crazy timing. I just asked the same question above. If I may ask, was the $1,500 the portion your insurance wouldn’t cover?

      • Also, I’m an idiot and replied without even reading the second part of your post. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling really down. I know it’s hard to believe, but things really will get better. If it would help, we could always organize another unofficial PoP happy hour.

        • I also hope Valentina is feeling better soon. But I must admit, I laughed out loud when I read the first reply from Anonymous at 10:28 am and then your response. They were so incongruent and for whatever reason, hilarious to me.

    • My dentist gave me a referral to an oral surgeon in college park– she says he is very good and takes insurance. I’ve been putting off getting my wisdom teeth removed for years, and have lost his information, but I’m going to ask her for it again when I have my routine checkup next week. If I remember I’ll come back here and give you the name/number.

    • I have been spending some time thinking about this since I also need to get a wisdom tooth out. Haven’t done a lot of research yet, but I did see that Dr. Emery at 23rd and M got great reviews. I haven’t looked into the pricing yet, but was more worried about finding a professional since I’m a bit nervous to do this.

      • Where do you go for reviews?

      • My dentist also recommends someone at 23rd and M (James Ryan) as an alternative for patients that don’t have a car.

        • I just looked and Ryan and Emery are part of the same practice. I just did internet searches and read reviews and some articles about oral surgeons. It’s not exactly the most rigorous research, but there are reviews on Yelp and similar web sites about dentists and oral surgeons so you can get a feel for a doctor or practice. I was looking specifically for the “best oral surgeons in DC” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sorry to hear things are not going well right now.

      My oral surgeon: Drs. Rothman and Rothman. Kind of far out there (where Seminary Rd. and 395 meet, more or less), but they were great. My surgeon called me that Friday night after surgery, around 8pm, to check on me. That was super kind. I paid $1500 on the spot, but I guess my insurance covered more that expected so the dr’s office reimbursed me $996 in less than 1 month after the surgery. I think the total cost was $2,400 (insurance covered all but $504) for all 4 wisdom teeth removed.

      • +1. I used them over the summer to get all four wisdom teeth out at the same time. Paid around $800, insurance covered the rest. Definitely recommend them, the staff is great. Also took extra x-rays without charging me and saw me on very short notice when I had a terrible tooth infection.

    • I’ve heard the Howard Dental School is affordable and good. Obviously takes longer for students to get the practice, but . . . you are doing a service and getting a service. And as my mother once said when I was despairing and had dental problems too, they make you feel so exposed!

    • Had all four of mine out at WHC at $400 a pop.

    • I’ve seen how unhappy you’ve been in your previous posts. Please, please talk to someone. I know it’s hard to get moving in that direction, but you’re worth it. Take care of yourself.

    • Valentina, get help. If your friend or lover or family or pet was suffering in the same manner that you are, you would help them in a heartbeat, without hesitation. Because you love them. That love you feel for them, pick it up, hold on to it and then give it to yourself, and know that you deserve love and help.
      Rob Delaney is a genius and states it much more elegantly than I ever could: http://robdelaney.tumblr.com/post/414007899/on-depression-getting-help

    • Jeez. And the next couple of months are going to be tough, I hope you can ride it out.
      The song has nothing to do with what you’re going through, or what I went through last winter, but the refrain of “I’m Going to Make it Through This Year if it Kills Me,” by The Mountain Goats resonated and served as a grimly/humorously ironic motto for some time. Music always seems to help.

    • Are you on any medication? It’s worth seeing if a change in meds would be useful. I’ve had long standing depression and recently switched from wellbutrin to viibryd. The difference is remarkable.

    • I posted at 10:28… I’ve been struggling with my depressing for a year now. If you ever want to talk, let me know. Talking period helps gets recovery started. But do find a professional to work with, if you haven’t already. I’m rooting for you.

    • The Army was kind enough to remove three of my wisdom teeth for free. Of course, they insisted on doing it because they were sending me to the Middle East, but it is an inexpensive option.

    • valentina

      Thank you all. I have been fighting with depression for a very long time. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to beat it, but then these feelings come back even stronger and I have no idea what to do. I’ve tried everything, therapy, meds, nothing works. My life is in shambles and I don’t know how to fix it and I’m tired of trying.

      • So sorry. Some advice I got when I was in a similar state was not to try to fix my entire life (as much as it needed it!), but to focus on one or two aspects.

      • Here’s a quote from Rob Delaney’s post:

        But after having been through depression and having had the wonderful good fortune to help a couple of people whoโ€™ve been through it, I will say that as hard as it is, IT CAN BE SURVIVED. And after the stabilization process, which can be and often is fucking terrifying, a HAPPY PRODUCTIVE LIFE is possible and statistically likely. Get help. Donโ€™t think. Get help.

        Valentina find someone you can talk to and get some “professional” help. It WILL get better.

      • You also have to consider that the weather has been utter sh#t, the cold days keep us cooped up inside, and the days are short.
        Don’t be so hard on yourself – lots of people struggle at this time of the year. I don’t suffer from depression and I’ve been in the dumps the last few weeks. It’s happening to all of us. You might need to head somewhere sunny, warm, and cheap (Florida) for a weekend to get some Vitamin D and recharge your batteries ๐Ÿ™‚

      • At least for me, depression is never “beaten”. Rather. it’s something one (me, in this case) continues to live with. All that one can do is keep track of what needs to get done and do it. Which means force yourself to do what needs to get done. Therapists, medications can help, but no matter what you do, the reality is that nothing removes the need to meet obligations. And that is not a bad thing.

        Good luck.

      • my sister is a psychologist and some Dr’s offer a sliding scale for payment based on financial situations. Sometimes it takes awhile to shop around for a psychologist and a psychiatrist (having both would be helpful). Obtaining the right medication can be hit or miss and requires some work and def frustration to find what works – getting blood tests, taking the necessary time to see what does and doesnt work. Giving up anytime substance abuse is necessary (if you drink or whatever), your medication doesnt work w alcohol etc.

        Also, getting a small manageable pet does work for a lot of folks – something to take care, something where comfort goes both ways.

        I wish the best for you and hope that you gain strength to be able to seek the assistance you need.

  • Rant: this week in weather – i hate going there but this was one of the worst i can remember in a long time. Polar vortexed two days, rain, just awful commutes.

    Revel: Good weather this weekend, trying to get out and play basketball on sunday. Going to a friends house party tonight which should be a good time. Saturday i have a dinner and movie date with a girl iv been seeing for a few weeks now!

    Random: I feel like i really like this girl and i know she likes me a lot too, i am not sure how to progress the relationship though. We have already gone to dinner a few times, she has stayed over. I guess i am not sure if this will just fizzle out or if there is a way to make this into a ‘real’ relationship. Anyone get what i am saying?!

  • Is someone’s rant that they lost their keys this morning? If so, I found them on Buchanan between Illinois and 7th NW around 9 am this morning. I dropped them off at the 4th district substation on Park Rd. The Officer I spoke to mentioned that they’ll bring the keys to the main station at 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW, so I’d try calling both stations. I hope they’re reunited with their owners!

    • Yes, I lost my keys last night, but unfortunately nowhere near where you found them. Ugh! Hope the keys that you found make it to the owner!

  • Rant: the ammount of times i almost busted my ass this morning walking to my car… freezing rain, brick sidewalks, and hard bottom dress shoes do not mix lol

    • Ugh…same here except I was wearing snow boots! I still almost ate bricks a few times though.

      • I was wearing ballet flats to walk my dogs, who are very excitable and like to yank on the leashes. Good thing my balance is so good!

  • Shooting in Eckington yesterday afternoon apparently at my intersection. My mother always said nothing good ever happens at 3:30. I thought she meant 3:30 in the morning.

  • rant: maryland drivers blowing red lights

  • Rant: the sold the last unit in my condo building so I need to find somewhere to park. Going thru the listings on Craigslist is the pits.
    Rave: my old supervisor decided to retire. So happy for him– he’s a great guy.

  • Question for PoPville, since we’re crowd sourcing today: I really want a dog, I have for years. I’ve lived in dog friendly buildings and my new place is too, but I’ve still been hesitant to pull the trigger because I know it’s a huge commitment in terms of time, lifestyle choices, and money. Is starting by fostering a dog a good idea? Or should I either commit fully or not at all?
    I had a dog when I was growing up and I loved her dearly, even though a Brittany was a terrible breed choice for us (I was 7 when we got her, so I get to dodge responsibility for that decision). But, now I live on my own, sometimes spend nights at my bf’s house, and have a long-ish commute. I’m sure that having a dog would make me really happy and I used to be soooo impatient about it, but now I think I’ve gotten pretty risk averse about it.

    • Sounds like now is not the right time, unless your bf is willing to have the dogs spend the night with you when you visit. Even then, the long-ish commute gives me pause. I’m only at work 8 hours a day and live a mile away, but even that is often too long and my dogs have accidents in the house.

    • Maybe a better solution would be offering to dog-sit during times that you know you’re available.

    • Fostering is a great way to start! It is tough to give the pup up once they’re adopted, but you feel great knowing you helped save that dog’s life. Or, as in my case, you fall in love and keep him/her for yourself!
      I adopted my first dog from the Humane Society and was seriously thinking about getting a second, but wanted to be sure that dog would be the right fit. I fostered three dogs till I found the one I couldn’t bare to part with. After that I couldn’t foster anymore because three dogs would have been a bit much in my place, but I’m very happy to have had the experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat the next time I have space in my home.
      As far as the time commitment, if you’re regularly gone for more then 8 hours a day, you would really need to hire a dog walker because that isn’t very fair. My dogs are older now and are alone roughly 8 hours on the weekdays and are fine. Any more than that, I’d feel bad. When you stay at your BF’s place, would you be able to bring the dog with you? If not, that is a huge consideration. It’s not fair to leave the dog alone overnight regularly. You also have to consider how much you travel because that does make it a bit harder.

      • Oh, and I’d add if you go for an older dog (2+ years) you’re not going to have to worry as much about round the clock care and leaving the dog unsupervised for longer periods of time. Puppies are an immense amount of time and energy. Having adopted one of my dogs at 7 months, I probably would not go that route again. I think I’d look for a dog between 3-5 years old next time.

    • I also really want a dog. I would think about getting an older one from a shelter/rescue (at least 2 years old). Puppies are a ton work. So are dogs in general, but puppies require a lot more time and attention to training and since you have a long commute and may not be home a lot, maybe a puppy isn’t the best option. I’d also consider hiring a dog walker to come in during the afternoon since you live alone. Also think about your finances, can you afford the monthly expenses of a pet, plus have additional money in case of a vet emergency or for boarding expenses if you travel? Are you willing to walk and exercise the dog every day (even in the freezing rain or during a polar vortex? At least these are the questions that go through my mind when I think about getting a dog. It’s a big responsibility, especially if you live alone you have to do 100% of the work. But, I still think it’s worth it! Dogs are the best.

    • I volunteer for City Dogs Rescue and think fostering is a great idea, esp. if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a dog or have never had one while living on your own. I fostered a wonderful pup last year and was reminded how awesome having a dog is AND how much work. Although I didn’t keep her (so many tears), many fosters do keep their foster dogs. And if you don’t, you’ve learned a lot about what you’re looking for in a dog and how a dog will fit into your life. Plus, you’ve given your foster dog a fresh new start and helped get them ready for a new home (e.g., housetraining). There are also foster-to-adopt arrangements, where you foster with the intent to adopt, but have a trial period to see if it’s a good fit. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for all of the feedback, I knew the dog owning or non-owning but still loving PoPville community would be full of good advice. I forgot to include that I would definitely get at least a 2 year old dog if I were to give it a go. I think I’m once bitten, twice shy after having a loving, but totally spastic dog as my only previous experience. I would like to know more about the personality before adopting and I don’t feel the need to adopt a puppy. Not that I begrudge people who do,it’s just different strokes.

      • Even without fostering, a lot of shelters and rescues will work with you to make sure you know the personality of the dog you’re interested in and whether that’s a good fit for you. Then again, once dogs get comfortable in their new homes, there are often some interesting surprises. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It is a commitment but also a wonderful thing (although all dogs are different). My last three dogs had no medical issues.

    • I love owning a dog. It’s a big commitment, but one– with proper budgeting– that I haven’t regretted. I’d suggest fostering as a way to get a “dog fix” in without making a full commitment. Be prepared, though. Several of my friends have become “failed fosters” (aka, they fell in love and adopted their foster dogs). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dilemma: Power watch final six episodes of Breaking Bad (before G/f travels and then I travel), or meet old friend from out of town and then celebrate second old friend’s 50th? On-demand video is destroying humanity!

  • Rant: slipped and slided my way to work this morning. it was slushy and icy out there! for some reason i thought it would be warmer in the district, and the rain wasn’t actually going to freeze. would have ridden my bike with knobbies, if i had realized how icy it actually was. those road slicks are…slick!
    Rave: the other 3 bike commuters out there. nice to see that DC isn’t only full of fair weather cyclists! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rant: plumber can’t make it to my house until sometime next week to fix my pipes, so continuing to ninja poop in grocery stores all over NW
    Rave: lots of fun plans for the weekend, which all involve going places where there is actually functioning plumbing!

    • the phrase “ninja poop” made my day. I’m such a child.

    • “Ninja poop” made my day. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • We thought we were going to have that situation as well, but luckily someone could fix our pipe yesterday. I remember heading home being really excited to poop and be able to flush.

    • Hotel lobby bathrooms make fine ninja-pooping locations, as well. A little more luxurious than the Harris Teeter!

      • thanks! i will work on expanding my guest bathroom experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚ The bathroom at the new Giant on O is pretty nice — and private. No stalls, so I can sing while I poop if I want to!

        • “Dear PoPville: I went to the new Giant on O Street. While there, I needed to use the facilities. Not only was the bathroom locked, the occupant was SINGING! What gives??”

          • “…..a nice lookin’ lady walked out, but one whiff of that air and I held off on relieving myself. My god, the horror. The horror.”

        • Serious question – why do you sing in the bathroom? Is it paranoia about someone hearing you “use” the bathroom? I have a friend who turns on the water faucet AND the radio on while in the bathroom. I never understood it. Everyone poops.

          • ha! i’m totally NOT bathroom shy. try living in w. africa and having explosive dysentery strike you at particularly inopportune moments, and that will cure you of any aversion to #2 shyness. i sing because I enjoy it. sometimes i power poop, and am in and out in under 30 seconds, and sometimes i take my time and enjoy my alone time on the can. one of the joys of living alone is that i can do all the weird things i want, make really loud farty noises, and sing offkey and no one is around to judge! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • binntp

            +1 jerseygirl. I do those things as well, though sometimes apologize to the cat for particularly loud wind ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And don’t forget department store and mall bathrooms if you are in the right neighborhood and want to spread out your ninja-pooping.

  • Rant: Several bikes out of my building’s bike storage room, including mine, were stolen by someone with key fab access. They ripped up the bike racks, cut locks, and left a mess of junk food and tobacco in their wake.
    Rave: The police and a rep from the management company showed up (together!) and were so helpful. Management is doing lots of detective work and already has a few leads.

    • Was this at the Flats130. I lived there last year and someone stole mine and about 3 other bikes from a locked storage area, in a 3 sub-level garage with secure access….annoying. But yay for renter’s insurance! If you have it check and they most likely will give you $$$$$

      • Nah, the New Quin. I filed a claim with my renter’s insurance, but I paid for the bike in cash from a friend, so I’m not sure I’ll get anything for it.

  • Rave: It’s Friday
    Rant: Somehow managed to lose my keys last night. Think I left them in the door after I unlocked and rushed in to pee. Was so worried that someone grabbed them out of the lock with plans to come back later in the night to steal all my stuff. Hardly got any sleep last night.
    Rave: No one broke in to steal my stuff, and maintenance was able to replace my locks and give me new keys first thing this morning!
    Rant: Car keys were also on that ring, so now I have to have a locksmith come make me a new one (assuming someone didn’t find my car, which is parked pretty damn close to my building, and steal it). Ugh.

  • Careful, y’all: Courts have allowed Yelp user identities to be revealed in a lawsuit. There is no anonymous…

    • I’m fine with this decision. The whole point of the case was to ensure that the reviewers actually were patrons of the business. If they were just random trolls (or, more likely, competitors or Yelp shake-down staff), then damages are owed to the proprietor.
      This is a big win for small business. It’s terrible for Yelp and it’s ability to hold small businesses hostage with bad reviews of dubious origins. I’m ok with that.

  • Seriously crapola week. I don’t know if it was the first day back or the yucky weather or what, but it sucked. Keeping things in perspective, it’s not like anyone’s sick or died or I lost my job, but just a whole series of minor annoying stuff that all added up.

    Rave: Today is payday. Tomorrow is Saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: My visit with a new doctor, new health care providers, a new center, and new insurance went well. And a health issue that I was concerned about is fine. Whew. I hate the wait for test results, but overall, I’m relieved and pleased.
    Rave: Two of my tech issues got resolved quite easily. And I’m clear about how to resolve the other ones — it’s just a matter of determining that the solutions are worth the expense. I’m, now, loving my new toys!
    Rave: Plans with friends/family for tonight. Warm fuzzies all around. Life is good!

  • houseintherear

    Rave: Got a new watch I really liked, but it was too big, and it turned out that $10 and 5 minutes at Kim’s repair shop on 18th St fixed the problem. City living is so damn convenient sometimes!

    • My girlfriend’s boss gave her a Cartier watch for Christmas, and she insisted on going out to Tyson’s (where he’d purchased it) to get it resized. For some reason I agreed to come with her. What would have been in 15-minute errand in DC ended up taking 4 hours (just getting into the mall parking lot took over an hour). And I got a stress migraine and had to cancel my plans for the rest of the day. It was the opposite of convenient!

      • WOW! i got a card from my admin assistant (who is the nicest, sweetest person ever and sent everyone in our department cards), and nothing from my boss! i didn’t think people got holiday presents from employers anymore!

        • Yeah, I don’t get anything from anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her company seems to be old-fashioned in a lot of ways.

      • Like a $5000 Cartier watch? Where does she work?

        • More like $3000, but yeah. Crazy, huh?

          • You sure she’s just his employee? That’s a sugar baby gift.

          • not only crazy, but weird and inappropriate in my opinion. Did others get 3k dollar watches too? a 3k dollar cash bonus to the staff would have been better appreciated/appropriate. How does the boss spend 3k dollars on a watch that she may or may not like.

  • Rant: Dated a guy for a little over a month, things seemed to be going great. Met all his friends, went on a road trip, talked about future activities, never fought, he was super sweet and a gentleman, we had deep conversations…then he suddenly ends it over a text saying he “Doesn’t know if he should be seeing anyone right now.” humpf.
    Rave: It’s Friday and the world is my oyster!

    • WTF? Either he’s got some big personal issues or was seeing someone else. Clearly lacks in manners in at least one way…

    • Definitely a case of it’s him, not you. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but you really dodged a bullet here. A mature guy doesn’t break up by text.

      • Thanks, guys! I think you are right. The past couple days I’ve tried to think of what I could’ve done but really…it doesn’t matter. If he was a decent guy he wouldn’t have ended it like that, no matter what.

        • You didn’t do anything. Dude has issues and consider it good luck that you dodged major heartbreak before it got anymore serious.
          Sometimes people are weird and self-centered.

    • He is a coward – you don’t need this type of guy. Man up!

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