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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: I am so blessed! Happy New Year to everyone in Popville.

    • “Blessed” implies the favor of a deity or other spiritual factor. By which you’re implying that God likes YOU better than most other people. Which is pretty insulting if you think about it. Why can’t you just say “fortunate”?

      • God does like me more. So it’s accurate.

      • I’m guessing you’re just joking around, but if not, you should know that you’ve made a serious logical error in your second sentence, so if you feel insulted it’s due to your own mistake.

      • What are your thoughts on the expression “have a blessed day” that everyone around here seems to use?

        • “Everyone”? I don’t think it’s anywhere near that prevalent.
          I’m neither of the original Anonymouses, but I have to say that “Have a blessed day” — while presumably well-intentioned — comes across as cloying. Why can’t people just say “Have a good day”?

          • Religion plays a very large part in the lives of many DC residents.

          • You have a point– it’s mostly only the women that say it. But it’s definitely more prevalent here than in other parts of the country. I grew up just 2 1/2 hours north of DC and never heard the expression, but here it’s multiple times a day.

          • I do tend to hear that expression more down here in DC, although I did get it occasionally in New York, mostly from older ladies who I knew were somewhat religious (and more often than not, had deep family roots in the South, even if they’d been up north for a long time). While I’m not at all religious, and being “blessed” holds no special meaning for me, it held meaning for them–and it was basically their version of saying “have a nice day”–so it never felt like a big deal to me to just take the comment in the spirit in which it was given.

        • It’s a bit creepy, but really not a big deal or worth getting your undergarments in a bunch over.

          • I don’t think it’s creepy, but it certainly has a smugness to it that “fortunate” does not.

          • That’s interesting. I feel that “fortunate” has a smugness that “blessed” does not. To my ears, “blessed’

          • Sorry for the half-post. To my ears, “fortunate” is one of those words that people use smugly when they contrast themselves with the “less fortunate”, where “blessed” means what a secular person would describe as “lucky”.

          • Blessed implies that someone (or something) is blessing you. Lucky and fortunate don’t imply that someone is luckying or fortunating you.
            I’ve also never heard anyone use “less fortunate” as an insult.

          • I have frequently heard “less fortunate” used to describe people who are Not Like Us Dear. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

      • Do you get upset when people say “Bless you” to somebody that sneezed?

    • OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGGG… so the poster feels blessed. Whatever. Let it go. Good for him/her for having a good rave and sending well wishes to the popville community for the new year.

      • +1. Seriously.

      • Seriously. Bless her heart.

      • I concur. Being thankful for one’s blessings seems like about the least offensive thing you could say. I really don’t get the argument that if someone believes in god and expresses those believes in some benign way that it is somehow offensive to those that don’t believe in god. It is called tolerance people, look into it.

        • I agree. I’m a completely secular person, but if someone tells me they feel blessed or “have a blessed day” I don’t find that offensive at all. Sure I would not choose those words when describing my own feelings, but why should I care if someone else does?

  • Rave: Daughter’s pink eye is gone, meaning she can go back to school and I can go back to work.
    Rant: My mom had to go in for a biopsy on New Years Eve. Thankfully, her doctor got her in quickly. Now it’s just the waiting game for Pathology to report back. With the holiday, it could be this Friday, but likely next week.

  • Rant – First day back at work after Christmas break always sucks. I’m tired, cold, and can’t concentration on anything.
    Rave – At least the commute was easy and there was no lines at my coffee spot this morning.
    Rant – Rang in the New Year sick in bed 🙁 I always get sick after spending time with my nieces and nephews (niblings?) I don’t get to see them often so I have no immunity to their little kid germs!
    Rave – Feeling better today

  • binntp

    Rave?: Decided to stay in for NYE and ended up falling asleep at 10:30.
    Rave: Grocery shopping the next day at 8 am and there was no one in the store!
    Rant: Keep feeling like it’s Monday today.
    Rave: It’s not Monday!

    • That’s funny because I did the exact same thing, including grocery shopping at 8am the next day. Definitely think it’s a rave 🙂

  • Rave: Fresh and probably naive optimism for the new year
    Rant: The Coupe yesterday for brunch. Even though our whole meal got comped after waiting for 2 hours for food to get plated, never going back again. Unless it’s a popville HH there lol.
    Rave: Can’t wait to get my Public bike next week.

    • The Coupe is just downright terrible with service and food. We went there for New Years 2013 brunch, and after we suffered through undercooked eggs and a vanishing waiter, we vowed never to go back.

      For New Years 2014 brunch, we went to Scion and it was outstanding! A free mimosa with an entree purchase, excellent food, varied beer list, and an attentive waitress. Can’t wait to go back!

      • To be fair, our waiter was excellent. However as an operation, it was a hot mess. I don’t care that it’s New Year’s Day… that day is like freaking Christmas to restaurants/bars in this town so you better be prepared to be “full” and have the kitchen organized accordingly. I related such to the manager in a very nice way that was not demeaning nor condescending. You would think it’s only in their (and the wait staff’s) best interest to turn tables over as quickly as possible. So I didn’t lose my shit or go hail mary on the manager… maybe she appreciated that because she did comp our entire meal for 5 people. Still, 2 hour wait for essentially eggs is quite unacceptable.

    • Which one are you getting? I tried out the M8i at the Bike Shop but it doesn’t fit – the S/M is too small and M/L is too large. : (

      • Getting a black V7 large sized one. I bought it direct as it’s on a big sale right now. Luckily I’ve sized myself on one and large is just right for me (6’1″). I thought about getting the V7i but decided I didn’t really need an internal hub.

    • I’ve officially given up on the Coupe. I went there a couple of weeks ago, and it was a disaster. I said “light on the jalepenos,” and was served extra jalepenos plus an additional bowl of extra jalepenos on the side. My “poached” egg looked like it had exploded, with half the yoke smeared on the side of the bowl, and it tasted like glue. Just awful. I really wanted this place to improve, but I’ve given it so many chances and I just can’t anymore.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Hanging out with my nearest and dearest friend andy2 on New Year’s Eve. Great way to start a great year with a great person.

  • Rave: Got my New Year’s gift from the District this week, in the form of a nice 10-foot tree planted in my treebox. They beat their 311 “estimated resolution time” on my request by about six months!

    Rave: Just me in the office.

    Rant: Smells like kitty litter in here after being unoccupied for two weeks.

    Rave: Cranking through the workload and leaving whenever the hell I want, today AND tomorrow. 😀

    • Quick question on the tree – the tree in our tree box is very, very dead. Did you just call 311 and ask them to replant? I wasn’t sure what I could do to resolve the situation. Thanks for your advice!

      • I filled out the request online. “Request a tree” is one of the service request options on the 311 website. It put the resolution time at something like 15 months out, but it only took seven! (Which makes sense, because I requested in the spring, and trees are best planted when dormant.)

  • Sad rant: Just read on FB that Pulp is closing! This neighborhood institution will truly be missed!

  • skj84

    Rant: working in a restaurant in January. My hours are being reduced because it’s projected to be slow.

    Rave: Extra day off can be used to do something productive.

  • I wandered into (PoP advertiser) Modern Mobler on Georgia Ave a few days ago, and oh my. So many lovely things worth saving up for.

  • Rant: I’m lonely.
    Rave: This almost feels irrational to say because I have a great group of friends and family that I socialize with regularly.
    Rant: But what I really want is a significant other to share things with.

    • Good luck. You’ll find someone! Just don’t settle!

    • I’m in the exact same boat. Great group of friends, who I’m closer with than my own family, but there are nights I feel very lonely as well.

    • I’m with you on this one. I just saw the movie Her yesterday and it just reminds me how lonely and isolated I feel at times. I don’t quite have the benefit of having a solid group of friends or family here and I can’t help feeling a bit jealous of those I see on FB with their New Year’s party photos and such. I’m hoping 2014 will be a bit better in that regard and with an SO.

      • Just want to tell you that you are not alone in your loneliness. I wish I had a solid group of friends or close-knit family to help take my mind off my lack of a love life. I hope 2014 is better for both of us.

      • I definitely know this feeling, as well. I have a few close friends, but not a tight-knit group. So, like lulu, I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in your loneliness!

  • Rave: baby finally somewhat interactive. He laughs and smiles so it makes the misery of not sleeping a tiny bit tolerable.
    Rant: still can’t put him down for any length of time for a break without him screaming. I’ve been told to enjoy this period. Lol.
    Rant: even so, not looking forward to returning to work. Not work itself, but my job. My coworkers never even acknowledged by leaving to have a baby. So much for ‘we are a family!’ Soooo not excited to go back.

    Question: anyone go to the gym at the jcc? I was a WSC member but with the baby I am looking for a place I can walk to if possible. Vida is the closest but soooo expensive. I find it hard to believe it’s worth it. Thought the jcc might be a good in between….reviews?

  • Rave: New year, new opportunities!!

    Rant: NYE always makes me reflective and in the worst way this year. I’m at my 5 year anniversary in DC and am in exactly the same place as 2009. Everyone else’s lives are moving forward: getting married, buying houses and having kids.

    • Are you really in the exact same place as 2009? I am in the same apartment as I was when I moved here at the end of ’09 and single but:

      1. Have been in 3 relationships and gone on many more dates than I did the previous 5 years.
      2. Started running (which I hated when I was younger)
      3. Learned a hell of a lot at work. Moved from a job with an awful office environment to a great one (but sadly duller work).
      4. Spent this NYE with a group of friends I did not have when I moved here (many of whom I’ve known 2 years or less)
      5. Steadily paying off those student loans.

      So sure, I haven’t married yet, don’t have kids, and still rent, but my life definitely has changed in the past few years. I’m sure there are some things in your life that have changed for the better in the past 5 years.

    • I was in your same boat 2 years ago. Had been in DC for 5 years, still renting, dating a great guy but not sure where it was headed, bored out of my mind with my job, and feeling like i was in a neverending loop of work, happy hour, home, sleep, work happy hour, home sleep… Flash forward to 2 years later – and 2013 blew me out of the water (got married to said great boyfriend, had a baby, bought a house, started a new position at work, and am feeling so full). So you never know what is lying right around the corner – I choose to believe that good things are always on the way. Living your life grateful for what you already have leaves the door open for more good things to enter. Happiness is a choice. Life is now!

      • Re. “Happiness is a choice”… there is significant power in positive thinking/outlook, but it’s not as easy as “Snap your fingers and be happy!”
        I suspect Anonymous 12:29’s response will be a lot more helpful to the OP, who has likely “moved forward” in ways he/she hadn’t been counting.
        OP, you might also want to reconsider your linking of “moving forward” with milestones like marriage, homeownership, and kids. If these are things you want in your life, all power to you… but keep in mind that all three can be hard work and less fun than they might seem from outside. This is not a situation of “S/he who reaches _______ first wins.”

        • I have to agree completely. Besides, who says marriage, kids and home ownership are the only three important life changes one can experience?

          • “who says marriage, kids and home ownership are the only three important life changes one can experience?”
            Mitt Romney. Of course, increasing one’s net worth is also on the list.

        • I’m fairly certain that as reasonable adults we all understand that the only thing you’ll get out of snapping your fingers is a clicking sound. Marriage, kids, and home ownership aren’t the only 3 things in the world that make you happy. I rejected those things for years because I wasn’t in a place for them to make me happy. But at some point in time, those are the things that make quite a few folks (not everyone!) happy. And it’s ok to want those things. And it’s also ok to want other things as well, just as long as you are being true to yourself.
          My point here is that, yes, happiness is a choice. It’s something that you decide to do everyday – be happy in-spite of (insert whatever obstacle you may be trying to overcome). Just like being fit or getting healthy, you have to decide to do it everyday for it to become a reality in your life. Appreciating the good things that are already in your life is an excellent way to attract more good things.

          • I didn’t think you were trying to be glib, and of course it’s not as easy as just “deciding” to be happy, but I think I know what you mean, and I feel the same way a lot of the time. Maybe another way to put it is that being happy sometimes takes work–sounds weird probably, but I think happiness can often be a lot like relationships. We’re all sold this idea that it’s *supposed* to be breezy and effortless, and happiness, love, a great relationship, etc. will just bubble up organically and carry us along on a cloud of perpetual euphoria and bliss. But in reality, sometimes it takes a teeth-gritting effort to try and will yourself toward positive thinking. Like a lot of people, I have some issues with depression, so willing myself to be happy doesn’t always work, by any means. But I keep plugging away at it. (That’s positive thinking in the general sense. Not it the literal sense like The Secret, or something.)

          • Exactly. Life is work. Friendships take work. Relationships take work. Kids are work. Homes take work to keep up. And then you have to go to work to pay for it all. Great opportunities always come in the form of work – that’s why so many people miss out on them, because they don’t recognize the package in which they are delivered. Happiness takes a bit of work at first too, but then it becomes second nature!
            I wish opportunities for great happiness for everyone on this blog who is dealing with depression, loneliness, or just feeling a little lost.

        • I don’t even want kids, you’ve misunderstood the point entirely.

    • I think you’re me. Except for getting a dog, my life doesn’t seem any different from 2009 and I’ve lost my closest friends to moves and marriages. Spent NYE alone b/c my friends were either with their significant others or now live far away. It sucks but I’m trying to work on being more positive about the things I have like health, a great dog, and a decent job.

      • anon too, we are one and the same–down to the dog!

        Solidarity with everyone feeling lonely and left behind. There seems to be a good number of us; I don’t wish unhappiness on anyone, but it’s sort of comforting to know I’m not the only one. Positive vibes to you all!

      • I’ve been feeling the same way lately; it’s good to know I’m not alone. It’s actually prompted me to move out of DC in about a month, which I have mixed feelings about. Of course, this isn’t the solution for everyone or even most people, but, for me, I needed to make a big change and it just felt like the right move for me right now. I hope you can stop feeling that way soon!

        • Where are you moving, if you don’t mind me asking. I am more than ready to move away from DC as well but it’s so tough finding a job somewhere you don’t already reside (or even if you DO reside there!). I’d love to know how you went about making your plan happen.

          • I’m headed to Chicago. Maybe moving to Chicago in the middle of winter isn’t the best move, but I picked it in large part because I know a lot of people there. I was able to reach out to some people I know from college and eventually found a job through a friend of a friend of a friend. It did take a while and I put feelers out several months ahead of time, Skyped/e-mailed with a lot of people about general opportunities and eventually went out there a couple of times for informational meetings and interviews. I am going to be taking a bit of a pay cut, but I’m hoping the slightly lower cost of living and the fact that I will (hopefully) be much happier with a fresh start there will make up for it. But yes, finding a job in a lot of areas of the country is so difficult! I had initially considered moving back to Ohio to be closer to family and, even knowing a decent number of people in the area, I just couldn’t find any jobs there.

          • Good for you. I’ve been seriously considering Chicago as well! Gotta make this happen somehow. I hope it all goes smoothly for you! If you happen to work in data analysis/economics/market intelligence let me know. 🙂

      • Thanks, yunkstahn and KMB. I agree, knowing I’m not alone in loneliness (sorry, couldn’t help myself) does make me feel better. Maybe I should go to one of the PoP happy hours to meet some of the great people posting on this blog. Have a great rest of your day.

    • KSB

      This makes me think back to 2009… the year in which my life exploded and I got married, had a kid AND bought a house all in the same year! So much for gradual milestones. Keep the faith, Anonymous. You seriously never know when it’ll all hit.

    • People who are married with kids and have the nice house are happy……………….until they get divorced. Which happens to 50% of people. And then they’re miserable and in financial dire straits.
      So yeah, the grass is always greener. It’s worse to be married and miserable, than single and free to live life on your own terms. Trust me.

  • RAVE: I have the best baby in the world. He just turned 3 months old and is the happiest guy. He’s in his swing playing with his feet right now and everytime I look over at him, he flashes a huge grin and gives me a big giggle. Such a happy guy. Even his hiccups aren’t getting him down. This is LOVE!!!!!

  • Rave: Pineapple terriyaki tuna kebabs turned out very good…
    Rant: Except for the handful of spots that were so fishy they made me gag. What causes that?

  • As a woman, I am highly offended by Madam’s Organ staff using the insult “Cunstantine” to refer to its Tryst’s owner. A Facebook post is essentially a public communication these days; that level open misogyny is disgusting and informative.

    • Maybe post this sentiment on their FB page? I highly doubt they will fish it out of here.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t read it that way. I thought that was either a typo or poor spelling abilities.

    • I read it as extremely juvenile and immature- sounds like something a middle schooler would come up with. It would definitely make me think twice about ever going there (not that I frequent anywhere in Adams Morgan these days).

    • I assumed he was going for cum stain, not that other c-word since he was referring to a dude. Still not classy and very juvenille, but not misogynistic either (i think?).

    • Are you *ACTUALLY* offended? If so, can you explain why? I never understand people who claim to be offended by things not directed at them that don’t impact them at all.

      • saf

        I can explain, because I find it offensive. That sort of misogynistic language is offensive no matter who it is directed at.

        Also, impact is not a verb.

        • dictonary.com and merriam-webster disagree with you. It is most definitely a verb. Examples from the latter website include:

          No one is sure how these changes will impact our relations with other countries.
          Both events negatively impacted her life.

          • saf

            Yes, those dictionaries are both descriptive – misuse it long enough and they will accept it.
            Is ok, I suppose. I just see it as part of the decline of the English language.

          • Decline? It’s the second most popular language in the world next to Mandarin. I’m not aware of a definition of “decline” that can refer to a language that’s in no danger of losing speakers. Maybe you were looking for the English word “corruption”? Of course, if you want to expand the meaning of the word “decline”…

        • Ok. Got it. Carry on. I’ll continue to be offended by things that actually matter. I bet you think you’re enlightened for faking hurt feelings over the existence of a word.

  • Rave: Got a Costco membership!

    Rant: Spending too much money at Costco!

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