Props to the Cops – Sergeant Lashay Makal and the Crime Suppression Team’s Recovery of a Loaded Semi-automatic Pistol

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“On Jan. 25th, during the early morning hours of 03:30 am, members of the Third District “Crime Suppression Team”, led by Sergeant Lashay Makal, had been conducting pro-active patrols in the area surrounding the neighborhood known as Columbia Heights. Members of the CST observed subjects acting suspiciously, conducted a traffic stop of their vehicle and ultimately recovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol from within said vehicle. Both adult occupants were arrested and charged with illegally “Carrying a Pistol”. The arrest occurred at the intersection of 13th & Fairmont Streets, NW.

The “Crime Suppression Team” is a dedicated and select group of officers from the Third District that focus on street level crime such as, but not limited to; Robbery, Theft From Auto’s, Drug and Weapon Offenses. These officers typically work during the late night, early morning hours and are focused on the mission of making your neighborhoods safer places to live and prosper.

Anyone with information during the late night hours is encouraged to contact the 3D Crime Suppression Sergeant, Lashay Makal at (lashay.makal(at)”

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  • I did have to giggle at the “neighborhood known as Columbia Heights”, but thanks to the organization known as MPD!

    • austindc

      I loved that too! I also liked “during the early morning hours of 03:30 am.” I would have just said “Around 3:30 am in the Columbia Heights neighborhood,” but I don’t mind a little window-dressing. Anyway, thank you MPD for the great work!

  • Thank You Councilman Graham and MPD. I am one of the first to criticize the police on their sometimes lackadaisical and solely reactive operations, but this seems like good police work. This is a prime example of how we must combat crime in the area. Too often our cops stay in their car or see suspicious characters and do nothing. We must be proactive if we hope to succeed against these criminals. Please continue to do this type of work. Your community appreciates it. Thank You!

  • This is a good PRO ACTIVE program. Hopefully he’s actively monitoring email, I’d rather have a phone number

  • “Crime Suppression Team” sounds like something led by Michael Chiklis on The Shield.

  • This is great news and great policing! We need more of this. Now, if we can just get the Pre-Crime unit on board…

  • Yes, great work! Please continue. If you are reading these posts, please check out Johnny’s on 14th St and Meridian…lots of shaddy characters hangout in and around this carryout.

  • So the only “crime” they were charged with was possessing a firearm, which is legal in almost every state and is protected by the 2nd Amendment? And people here are cheering this on? Yeah, the Democrat Party is not here to take your guns away lol.

    • Oh boy. Let me see if I can try to get you to understand beyond your NRA talking points.
      They weren’t charged with “possessing a firearm.” They were charged with ILLEGALLY possessing a firearm. You can own guns in DC – I own four (and I’m one of those members of the Democrat(ic) Party). But you know what I did that was crazy? I followed DC law and took my guns down to the police station and registered them. When I do transport them, by law they have to be in a locked case. So now, when people don’t follow the law and keep an unregistered, loaded handgun in their car, the police get to arrest them. No violation of the Second Amendment at all. The Second Amendment, like the First, is not absolute. You don’t get to yell fire in a crowded theater that’s not on fire, and you don’t get to carry your loaded handgun wherever you want.

      • @anon 1:11 pm –> Were those long-barrel guns or handguns that you registered? I was under the impression that it was still EXTREMELY onerous to get a handgun registered in DC.

        • They were long guns, but most handguns can also be registered in the same way. I thought the police did a ballistics test on handguns when you registered them, but I don’t see that requirement on the website anymore:
          They do make you take an extremely easy written test, and show proof that you’ve completed a safety course (I was exempt because I was in the Army).

    • Yes because every resident of DC needs a semi-automatic pistol. I’m sure it was just for hunting deer. I get the 1st Amendment issue, but come on. The safety of our family and kids needs to come first.

    • I’m guessing you a conservative, so how about you take your friends’ advice: this is America, speak English. It’s the Democratic Party.

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