Props to the Cops – MPD Arrests Two Armed Suspects for Robbing a Man of his shoes, coat, money and phone at 6:45pm Friday Night


From MPD:

“On today’s date [Friday], at approximately 6:45 pm two armed suspects robbed an adult victim in the 2100 block of Georgia Avenue, NW. for his shoes, coat, money and phone. Officers from the 3rd District’s VICE Unit had been in the area and witnessed the crime in progress. The VICE Officers took immediate action and apprehended both suspects and recovered a weapon. The victim was unharmed.”

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  • wow, what utter nincompoops!

  • Off of this subject….A young woman was viciously attacked by two assailants (two women) at approximately 11pm last night in the 100 block of T Street NW (150 yards from T NW and 1st NW intersection). I am not sure if it was a robbery or a knockout game, but it was bad. Hope the cops will find them and they will be put away for at least 10 years–no sympathy there. My heart really goes out to the gal that was attacked. Hope she recovers quickly and will stay strong.

  • this is terrible and everything… but it reminds me of that scene in the halloween party episode of London Irish (

  • Jeez, they didn’t try and take his shirt or pants? Props, for arresting the perps…hopefully more VICE units continue to work the GA corridor

  • Helly Hansen?

  • Seems like the neighborhood has had a serious bump in robberies in the last few months. I’m not sure if that’s just that I’ve heard about more of the robberies or they are actually going up in number. Lots of incidents on 1st and 2nd st. north of Rhode Island.

    • Didn’t the government cut down on food stamp benefits recently? I wonder if there isn’t a correlation there.

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