Preparing for the Snow?


@foodcraveblog tweets us around 3:45pm:

“The line to get into the parking garage at trader joes in foggy bottom.”

Capital Weather Gang explains how it can snow when it feels like spring right now:

“An arctic front in advancing south and east (coming through this evening), and temperatures will steadily drop to below freezing by dawn…enough cold air and enough moisture will arrive to overcome today’s warmth.”

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  • That’s 100% normal for Trader Joe’s on a weekend. Looks like everyone moved their shopping to Monday because of the holiday.

    • And when the TJs on U Street opens, the line to get into *that* parking garage is going to stretch all the way to Foggy Bottom. Mark my words.

      • I’m curious why it would be any longer. Isn’t the point of having a car that you can drive wherever?

        • “The point” of having a car is much more broad and multi-faceted than that.. Even still, just because you can doesn’t mean you will.

  • Topped off the bird feeder.

  • ah

    Saw picture and assumed people were just going to park their cars out of the snow.

    Which actually isn’t a bad idea . . .

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