PoPville T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Canada


“Edmonton’s River Valley–looking towards downtown–on an exceptionally warm day (29 F) in a pretty typical Canadian winter setting.”

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  • Now that’s an exotic location.

  • Love Canada – friendly people, super diverse, great social welfare system, culturally intelligent (except Rob Ford).
    But man, the weather really screws up everything else. I’d move to Canada in a hot second, if it wasn’t for the cold. Can’t handle it.

    • Super diverse? It’s about as ethnically diverse as Utah.

    • Super diverse? It’s about as ethnically diverse as Utah. And they actually do have their fair share of ignorant, conservative rednecks, but beyond those two points, I agree, Canada is pretty awesome. Too bad it’s pretty tough for an American citizen to immigrate to Canada and find permanent work.

      • Toronto and Vancouver are among the most diverse cities in the world. I believe Toronto is actually #1, ahead of London and NYC.

        • This is true. The majority of Toronto residents were not born in Canada. And this is a city with millions of people. There is no US or European city that is so diverse. London comes closest. NY is well behind. NY is diverse by skin color but not very diverse by nationality.

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