Panda Cub Bao Bao Checks Out the Snow, Sorta

Photo via National Zoo

From the National Zoo’s Facebook page:

“Keepers took advantage of the snow at the Zoo this morning and did some special enrichment with Bao Bao. Since she’s not quite ready to go outside and play in the snow yet, they brought the snow to her! Her reaction was “lukewarm to the cold snow.” She put her paws and nose in the bucket of snow keepers brought inside the panda house for her, but after a few minutes she moved on to explore other things – which isn’t unexpected since everything is new to her right now.”

Ed. Note: Bao Bao will be shown to the public starting Jan. 18th.

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  • this is sad… the fake back ground, the bucket of snow…

    • She looks like she is visiting a loved one’s grave, though she is probably just looking down.

    • To be fair, if Bao Bao was born in the wild, she probably would have died very quickly. Pandas have a high infant mortality rate and any small change in their natural environment can lead to death for whole packs of pandas. From a Darwinian standpoint, pandas are quite weak and not adaptable to change. The only reason they are alive is because humans have gone to great lengths to breed them in captivity.

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