New Crossfit Gym Coming to Long Vacant Space by Adams Morgan’s Harris Teeter

1681 Kalorama Road, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about this long vacant space at 17th and Kalorama Rd, NW. Crossfit Hierarchy’s website says:

“Buildout is complete! Our massive Rogue equipment order will arrive this weekend and we’ll be opening our doors for the official inaugural WOD on Saturday, January 11 at 11:00am.

Save the date! Our official launch party is February 1 at 11:00am! Help us celebrate our grand opening and get to know our awesome community with a workout + BBQ. Everyone is invited, so bring family and friends–the more the merrier! No RSVP necessary, but if you let us know you’re coming we’ll make sure we don’t run out of booze…”


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  • workout+BBQ? sounds like my kind of gym

  • Another day, another crossfit gym opens

  • Great space for a CF gym. What took so long? Not sure I like the name, but if the coaches and programming are good, they should do well.

  • Barbecue, booze, and… Crossfit? Which one of these is not like the others?

  • I’m so happy to see new gyms opening within a few blocks of U Street. Vida has been price gouging customers long enough. I’m glad more choices are now available.

    • Agreed Vida and the Y are expensive, but CrossFit makes Vida look reasonably priced — I was shocked to see those prices. 🙁

      • I was going to say. Worried about prices? You’re clearly not familiar with CrossFit.

      • That is some serious $$$ for what is essentially this generation’s Jazzercise.

      • People are paying to stay in the company of others with money. Make no mistake, Crossfit is a class thing.

        • Also wrong. It’s a “people who want a good workout” thing.

          • There’s a bazillion ways to get a good workout that won’t cost me $200/month.
            CrossFit is good if you have absolutely no discipline. You’re essentially paying for your own character flaw and thus need the equivalent of a drill sergeant to motivate you. CF also places you into a community of other people without motivation, so you can all keep each other encouraged, eating well, etc. It’s infectious and you “don’t want to let the group down.”
            Overall, CF is a good thing, IMHO. Evidence show that it’s better for your health to work out than play videos games or watch TV. I do think CF is cultish, overpriced, and the workouts can be dangerous. But a lot of people don’t have the discipline or motivation to do it themselves. So they pay the big $$$.

    • More competition will drive prices lower. Just look at what is happening in the cell phone industry.

      • Unlikely. Although they don’t specifically collude on prices, there’s a general understanding among CF boxes that this is an expensive, “premium” activity. No box is going to open up shop and start charging $80/month, thereby undercutting everyone else. That’s not in anyone’s interest and I think the CF parent company keeps the affiliates in line.
        Boxes compete on amenities and location, not prices.

  • This is great but Im still waiting for crossfit on GA in Petworth…

  • First rule of Crossfit… NEVER SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT CROSSFIT.

  • thats a shame….why does there need to be another gym? Who are all these people who are ‘working out’? I mean theres a vida, YMCA, theres a small gym right across the street from teeter called HARD, one in columbia heights, i think its completely oversaturated and i am still paying 75$ to go to the YMCA….id say thats expensive as hell. Shame we could get a brunch place or a small sports bar type place, i dunno.

    • Yep, there are definitely not enough brunch places and sports bars in Columbia Heights/Adams Morgan. It seems like no one ever eats and binge drinks in this town.

    • Can’t have either.

      The Reed-Cooke area is restricted from any establishment to serve alcohol. Sell it, yes, serve it no.

      Interesting if they got a waiver to serve booze at their opening.

  • Great. Might as well be a dry cleaners or a bank.

  • Seems like a good fit for this space, and I’ve been meaning to try out Crossfit… but the name makes it sound like they subscribe to the intensely competitive, push-past-your-limits culture that has led Crossfitters to get rhabdo. (Obviously I can’t know this for sure since they haven’t even opened yet, that’s just my first impression based on the name.)

    • XO – Our name comes from our commitment to elite fitness–something that is achieved over time by focusing on skill development emphasizing technique. We introduce our new athletes to technique and work closely with you to perfect your mechanics, THEN increase intensity. We will teach you basic skills that progressively become more technical as you become comfortable with the movements. Come by any Saturday for a free intro class and find out for yourself! 🙂

  • Crossfit is going to be charging $200+/month! When will an affordable gym option open in this area? I live just north of the WSC/Target and refuse to pay $80/month for a WSC membership, why would I pay more to work out with a bunch of know-it-all workout snobs?

  • No doubt about it, CrossFit is way more expensive than most gyms but it seems like the program delivers the sort of results people are looking for. Perhaps the expense also encourages people to use the service.

    I’m glad something is going in there. Someone likened it to a bank or dry cleaner but I disagree, I think it’s a much better use of space in an area that can be kinda rough around the edges at night.

  • I like CF, but I wish there was a place to do it with a nice group of people who aren’t constantly trying to sell me on the “lifestyle.” I’m not going on the Paleo Diet, ever. It’s gross. I’m not wearing the t-shirt. And no, I don’t want to “get swole.” I just want to work out. Perhaps with more places opening, the gospel will get a bit diluted.

    • Have you tried out a few places in DC? I currently go to CrossfitDC on 14th, and they don’t push the lifestyle at all, it’s very laid back. I was told this is intentional so that everyone feels welcome, and have heard a few vegetarians/vegans have taken refuge there from the paleo pushers at other boxes.

  • The trainers there are bad ass!!! True story!

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