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  • That looks awesome. Only thing the pictures is missing is the reclining seats like they have at the Courthouse theater. Might have to extend my lease to stay in Shaw a few more years ๐Ÿ™‚

    • +1 Couldn’t agree more. RECLINING SEATS PLZ.

    • Totally agree! That would be amazing! There’s a theatre out in Reston that has those. They are awesome. I mean…..so i’ve heard….. (POPville, pls don’t judge me for liking something outside of the District ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      Seriously though, the plans for the cinema look great. I love E Street, and I think this is a great development for Shaw.

  • The renderings beautifully capture the awful tininess of the urban screen. This makes less and less sense in my opinion. We have big tvs at home – no way will I pay to watch a movie on a slightly larger screen. With all these theaters coming in, I will go to the one that offers a fundamentally different experience from home viewing. In a way, we should be returning to the golden era of theaters – give us a grand night out. Go with 2 or 3 (or 1!) screens and pick good movies. I have 6 choices at home.

    • Dang….you’ve got a TV that’s only slightly smaller than a cinema screen? And if you’ve got the house in DC to fit it, I prob. wouldn’t leave home too much either.

    • what would the grand night out entail?

      • basically take a smaller version of the uptown, with reclining seats and the bar from above, and you’re good to go. i’ll find my own dinner.

    • I understand where you’re coming from in terms of designing a throwback to another century, but I don’t think that this is the part of DC best suited to supporting a small, art house-style theater.

      If this new theater shows movies that overlap with Chinatown I have a feeling that it’s going to wind up the opposite of a date night locale. Take some of the middle/high school crowd that tends to make Gallery Place dicey, and drop them here. The idea of it being an uptown E Street will be thrown out the window.

      • I doubt this place would attract the teens/preteens that make Chinatown movie watching so annoying. That, or they could simply say 21+ for entry, seeing how there’s a bar in the actual “theater”.


    • So I guess we won’t be seeing you there?

    • I do think this poster makes a good point. As a movie fan and a parent, I wish I could just watch new releases at home on my 42 inch HDTV. It’s tough to justify using a precious date night to sit in a theater to see a new release, when I could watch a movie at home after baby goes to bed. Only issue of course is the timing of new releases. I’d gladly pay up to $25 (or same amount as two theater tickets) to watch Wolf of Wall Street or Her or American Hustle at home now. If I do go out to the movies, I like the idea of it being more of an experience… The motion picture industry would be smart to consider this. They could profit by allowing new releases to be available for purchase at home, while theaters would need to really up they game to draw people in.

    • justinbc

      I tend to agree with this. With a 64″ top of the line plasma at home the only thing that actually gets me out to the theaters are the big budget blockbusters like Avengers and whatnot. Things with huge graphical appeal that just seem “bigger” on the big screen and with sound systems. I can pretty much replicate dramas, comedy, and all the other genres at home no problem. Give me one big ass screen, a decent priced cocktail, fancy hot dog or something, and a chair that reclines and I’ll fork over whatever you’re asking to enjoy it in your new theater experience.

  • Great idea, but I bet this theater is going to turn into what the Union Station theater became very very soon.

  • I like the smaller screen movie houses, it makes me feel like I’m in a screening room.

  • Is this good or bad for the neighborhood?

    • well, it’s going to bring a lot of crime and noise, so definitely bad! bring back the drugs and the hookers!

    • Having a movie theater in the neighborhood showing independent films sounds like a plus to me. I don’t see the negatives, but I’m sure someone could fill me in on how local development is a bad thing.

      • One scenario: The independents don’t quite make the amount of money they need to keep this place afloat, and they start showing more mainstream films, drawing more young people from outside the neighborhood. The same demographic that has dramatically changed the atmosphere around Gallery Place.

  • Looks nice. I’m OK with smaller theaters, as long as they’re comfortable and laid out sensibly.

  • lovefifteen

    I saw a movie at E Street this weekend. I’d love to have an E Street-style theater just a few blocks from my house. I’d definitely go to the movies a lot more. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Same here. I love E Street. Would absolutely LOVE to be able to walk to a theatre like this!

    • austindc

      Ditto. I love theaters where I can have a beer (and if they serve food, even better). I don’t care about the size of the screen–I never seem to notice how big the screen is when I am actually watching the movie. I also like that I can walk to this place, so I can just go to a movie whenever the mood strikes me.

  • I have seen most of my 2014 Academy Award nominated movies at E Street Cinema (Landmark) and very much look forward to having Landmark’s theaters in my neighborhood U Street/Shaw.

    NOTE TO LANDMARK: Please do bring the Stadium style theater seats so that we no longer have to go to Virginia or Maryland to enjoy these amenities.

    • At E Street, the bigger screens have stadium-style seating — it’s just the smaller screens that don’t. (Though they do have decent floor pitch and (in the back) slightly “terraced” rows.)

      • Some of the smaller screens at E Street are REALLY small, though. Theater 8 (the tiny one all the way at the end of the long hallway) is terrible — there are only two decent seats in the house. (Everything else is too close to the screen and/or too far to the left/right.) When I’m planning to see a film that appears to be on its way out, I’ll often call ahead to make sure that it’s NOT in Theater 8.

        • I just saw Dallas Buyers Club in theater 8. Agree that it is small and there are some less than desirable seats, but I didn’t think it was bad. I was more annoyed at the people sitting dead center who assumed their coats were entitled to the seats beside them.

          • I hate sitting close to the front, so for me the only tolerable seats in Theater 8 are the pair at the very back, dead center (one of three pairs with lots of space on either side of the pair to accommodate patrons in wheelchairs).

    • How have you seen the 2014 Academy Award nominated movies there? The nominations haven’t even happened yet. I call bullsh*t.

  • Oh, and after seeing Dallas Buyers Club, I heard one of the employees talking to a patron about the new theaters and it sounded like the new Landmark theaters would have more maintstream movies and E Street would continue to be the go to theater for independent movies in their portfolio. Granted, this was just an employee who may know nothing, but thought I’d mention it.

    • That’s not surprising. Maybe the independents wouldn’t quite make the amount of money they need to keep this place afloat. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a mini Union Station or Gallery Place.

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