Gory Addition to Jeanne D’Arc in Meridian Hill Park on Statue’s 92 Birthday


Thanks to a reader for sending. Though I think I prefer the sweater addition from a couple of years ago. Also happy 92 birthday to the statue. You can see the full ceremony from Jan. 6th 1922 here.

“Ceremony of unveiling a statue of Jeanne d’Arc in Meridian Park. Crowd assembled for the ceremony. President and Mrs Warren G Harding arrive at ceremony. Officials speak at stand. Unveiling of Jeanne d’Arc statue. Flags on poles. Man places bouquet and flowers in front of the statue. Secretary of War, John W Weeks speaks. Side view of statue. Various officials speak at ceremony.”

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  • This is a beautiful photo. Wonderfully framed with sharp and precise shadows. The depth and complexity is reminiscent of many of the master iPhotographers throughout history. Well done.

  • Screw the sweater, this is better.

    However: need more blood.

  • The historical footage of the unveiling is very groovy!

  • This was certainly a different city, and country if the unveiling of a statue in a city park was reason enough to get the president and other dignitaries to attend.

    • definitely a different city. It was completely a federal city then. completely.
      and Meridian Hill park was pretty important.

  • Please STOP messing with statues.

    I was in the park when they were fixing it last year and they had to fix the ear, again, because of people climbing on the statue. They filled in scratches which would damage the statue if left exposed to the elements.

    Statues are not toys for you to decorate. Unless you own it, it isn’t yours to mess with. Please stay off the statues.

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